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  1. jm0364ALT added a post in a topic Sonic Universe (Comic Series)   

    Hey guys SU #83 is out. 
    Download links are also out for the site, but enough of that.
    The issue is a pretty good setup for the arc. I won't spoil too much as I want everyone to read it for themselves to figure out what's going on. I'll just say that following the preview pages, I think that this is going to be a great Eggman arc for the new universe.
    Okay I will share ONE panel from the issue. My favorite panel to be honest. :3
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  2. jm0364ALT added a post in a topic General Trash   

    So. Any idea when the recent FCBD special that explains the Genesis portals is supposed to show up on this site?
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  3. jm0364ALT added a topic in Comics   

    Sonic Super Special/Digest Exclusives?
    Kinda wondering. Is it possible to put in the Sonic Dash/ Sonic Jump and/or any of the exclusive stuff available in the Magazines and Digest?

    I've only seen 3 issues of the magazine and the 3rd had the exclusive Sonic 4 story so why can't we have the other exclusives?
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  4. jm0364ALT added a post in a topic General Trash   

    KInda Curious. Where's SU 58 and when is It going to show up in the site. /:(
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