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  1. Regarding the Comics

    Well this will be my last message,    I just want to say that you should have people given a notice before a few days before pulling the plug on the comic section, some comics are really hard to come by. then to suddenly say oh well gonna remove the comic section and people can **** themselfes.   Kinda selfish.
  2. Regarding the Comics

    Well that is kinda blunt, suddenly removing everything.   Well have to search for other sources then.
  3. Buggy forums

    I know its to early to tell , but hope what the problems are. that not all the comics are gone
  4. Buggy forums

    well ok, its been 2 days now so/
  5. Buggy forums

    okay seems the website, is having problems that explains the comic section being removed for the time being
  6. What Happened to the Comics Page

    well maybe thats the case, But I am just wondering why the  owner of the site hasn`t said anything yet.   This is really one of the best sites to get the comics to read for people who live outside the USA.
  7. Sonic mega drive

    Sonic mega drive   It really is a nice comic to the old games, The characters are so cute,      I am wondering if someone got a file for the second part
  8. What Happened to the Comics Page

    ok well just in case http://readcomiconline.to/Comic/Sonic-Universe/ it doesn`t contain the newest mega drive comic yet.
  9. What Happened to the Comics Page

    Nah, just wondering who made it , since it takes alot of effort to manage a site like this, I hope the problem is solved soon,   If people still want to read the comics maybe link back to a other site, I know 1 that also has the recent issues of the sonic comics.
  10. What Happened to the Comics Page

    ok so if you are the mods who is the owner or owners of this site then?
  11. What Happened to the Comics Page

    ok i would suggest lock these treads then
  12. What Happened to the Comics Page

    the way you are saying my gues the site is dealing with a huge bug. or server issues.
  13. What Happened to the Comics Page

    I am thinking the archie comic discoverd the website and everthing has to be removed
  14. sonic 289 to 300

    sonic 289 to 300   i am wondering they are gonna release any artwork for those soon   seems a bit late.
  15. Sonic Reboot past lives

    Don`t know if this already has been discussed, do the characters stil remember their old lives, from the pre reboot, or have they forgotten everything?