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  1. My Favorite game is sonic and samurai showdown. I like Sonic games. As I was in 1990's Sonic was most popular game 
    What is your Favorite game?
  2. The rules will be simple!
    Do not skip ahead
    Do not use word form of numbers
    Do not double post
    If any of these occurs it will reset back to one!
    Ill start it off!
  3. No where not talking about the comic this time. There's a rumor on the street that says we may be seeing the sonic series go though a reboot. If this rumor became true, what would be your reaction, and what would you like to see come from it. For me, one thing I'd like to see is the original cast staying mostly the same, and the SATAM crew finally becoming cannon to the video game world, add in other characters we don't normally see like Bean and Bark, and you get what i want out of this reboot, IF it happens...
  4. Well I the original reason I posted this topic will be known after I say the game that impacted me the most

    The game that had an impact on me has to do with when I was a little kid. The game was Klonoa~
    This game is under rated by far and never got much attention or was popular at all. Please don't bring up the wii remake either because in my opinion the PS1 version is a lot prettier and well... Honestly I don't like his outfit XD;;
    No spoilers but the game even made me cry too. It's the only one that has achieved that as well and that's saying something.

    That being said... Someone play Starbound with me ;w;
    *Starbound game rotting away cuz no one to play with*
  5. I was curious regarding which sonic games YOU think are the best. I'd like three because Sonic is too awesome to have one best game ^^ (Spinoffs are included)

    I'll start~
    >Sonic 3 and Knuckles
    >Sonic Unleashed and
    >Sonic Adventure 2

    Yeah, go on.