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  1. Introduction Thread

    welcome to the site.
  2. Ban the above poster

    Banned for being named Thire!
  3. Count to Infinity

  4. Count to Infinity

    13 dead biebers.
  5. Ban the above poster

    Banned for eating my sandwich! 
  6. Introduction Thread

    @Frost777 Yes i am a fan and its a very powerful universe.
  7. Corrupt a Wish

    Wish granted but Liquidator dies...... I wish to have no infinite power!
  8. Ban the above poster

    Banned for not makin me a sandwich?
  9. Ban the above poster

    Banned because i said guilty!
  10. Count to Infinity

  11. Corrupt a Wish

    Wish granted! But it lasts for a nanosecond. I wish justin bieber will live!
  12. Ban the above poster

    I judge and ban @Skye Prower for noticing the use of Third person!
  13. Count to Infinity

  14. Ban the above poster

    Enerjak bans @Thire for being nice!
  15. Introduction Thread

    Thank you Thire!