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  1. Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)

    thank you!!!!!!!! <3
  2. Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)

    its been a while!!!!!!!!! less me making a totally new oc, more me tryin to see how some of my regular ocs would look as sonic characters, and you know what im happy with my answer. her name is pico! ill draw her all the way sometime
  3. General Art Thread

    thank you!!!!!!! I usually use firealpaca, Its like a really basic version of all of the art tools available in photoshop and its FREE which is the best part
  4. General Art Thread

    More!! Heres an amy for you guys. I might just start an art thread for myself
  5. Introduction Thread

    hey guys!!! nice to meet you!!!!!!!!
  6. Introduction Thread

    Ah!!! I shoulda known there was an introductions thread Anyways, Hi!!! I'm Kat! I joined as soon as I saw that you had all of the comics, I've been dying to read them since I've been a fan of the games for a good chunk of my life. Anyways though, I like drawing and cosplaying!! I actually did a very casual shadow the hedgehog cosplay with my friend as sonic to the 25th anniversary party at comic con for my 21st birthday, and right now im working on the ultimate joke cosplay: elise >:3 Nice to meet everyone!!!!!!!!!
  7. General Art Thread

    Ive been on a 20 year journey to figure out how to draw sonic characters right and im still not there but hey ill post doodles like this every now and then here  
  8. Comic Reading Guide (Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Series)

    I know you might not see this but oh my god, thank you for this. I've wanted to get into the comics forever and then I found this website and was still just like. Ah....where do I start what is the BEST WAY AND NOW HERE YOU ARE thanks buddy!!