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  1. Sonic Universe (Comic Series)

    I though that look like Boom Knuckles who came to the main universe to get rid of the "Smart, Intelligence" Knuckles so he'll look less stupid by comparison 
  2. Comic release dates

    These issues is the mighty no.9 of comics if you know what I mean.
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    I saw that at Sonic Sanctuary I'll give it a read when it comes out.
  4. If the Archie Sonic series ends

    That depends Sonic the comics is continuing unofficially for years and nobody sue them yet because Sega just couldn't be bothered enough with a comic book series that not benefiting them or hurting them.
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    Ken Penders is about to sue Sega over him and many other writers not getting paid for the reprints. So I think pretty soon Sega about to cut this comic off if Penders win and Sega doesn't have a lot of money because of Sonic Boom so they better hope they have a good lawyer or shut the comic down.
  6. Eggrobo    You fight them in Sonic's Sky Sanctuary zone and was a minor boss you fight as Knuckles into you found out it was Mecha Sonic behind everything. He's also unlockable in Sonic R and Sonic Adventure 2 Kart race as an alternate skin for Dr. Eggman.
  7. Sonic R is in the same position as Sonic the fighters and Knuckles Chatiox. Sega acknowledge his existence for it's not worth re-releasing them outside of a Mega or Gem Collection, Sonic the fighters must of got a support by a fan or something because that game wasn't release on any system except the GameCube and Playstation 2 in Europe via the Gems Collection. Also like everyone else said Sonic R is a pretty mediocre game I mean I like it but everyone else not so much the only thing people remember from that game is the creepypasta Tails Doll and the out of place music and Super Sonic Racing which was remix in Sonic Generations with a few voice clip from two Sega Saturn commercial. 
  8. This is kinda hard since I like a lot of the music the classic series with Sonic CD being the best. So I guess every theme except Tidal Tempest (JPN) present from Sonic CD.
  9. If the Archie Sonic series ends

    Me and a lot of people at the megaman forum at Capcom Unity thinking it's going on hiatus to fit in with the new megaman cartoon's timeline so basically the series is getting rebooted just like Sonic but for different reason.
  10. Two different animals breed, anybody finds that weird?

    In the Sonic Universe not really since nobody really treat Sonic & co like animals. People will say it's weird they are doing stuff that their species isn't really known for in Sonic X Chris though it was weird that Hedgehogs couldn't swim or like cat food. So interspecies breeding isn't a huge problem and like everyone else said Skye and Melody are as far as the hybrid system will go. It's more normal then Pokemon that series is weird when it come to breeding.
  11. Sonic series reboot

    Sonic and reboots don't mix. They try that with 06 that fail, they try it with Boom that fail, they try it with the comics and well (forgive me) that fail too.
  12. 3D Sonic games

    The 3d games are not bad I'm tired of people saying the 3d games were crap and the 2d ones were superior last I check both sides had flaws no style is better than the other in my honest opinion.
  13. How long will Sonic the hedgehog comic last?

    Archie Sonic is the Pokemon and Simpson of comic books it will never have an ending unless it gets canceled or Flynn come up with an ending.
  14. New Sonic Riders?

    To answer everyone question about the Babylon team in the Olympics I have this to said only Wave and Jet will be in it sadly Storm is the missing link. I would love a new game if it plays like Zero Gravity. Character wise the only SatAM characters I would like to see is Sally but instead of her being one of Sonic's friends she actually a mystery racer that challenges Sonic and Jet in Speed and Skill her role in the story is up for debate. Bring back all the old Sega guest characters like Night and Ulala, keep Metal Sonic, but please no more Eggrobos other give us interesting robot characters are just leave it at Metal Sonic and that be the end of that. Control wise - I want it just like the first two I rather have a good time with a controller in hand than have a miserable time with bs motion control that don't even work right half the time.
  15. Before getting started these are just a rumor that had not been confirm by Sega. But basically the beta testers who leak out those Sonic Runners rumor had said that the 2 new games are Sonic Adventure 3 & Sonic Genesis: Origin of Chaos. Sega is really trying to win their fans back and this might be the thing that'll do it. (Apologize to any mod if things like this are not allow)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JElwonxT8aY