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  1. I can see that you're *all* /miserable/ without my presence being around~ I don't forgive that easily. If you want my forgiveness, every single one of you has to do something for me. ;)

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    2. Shadow the Hedgehog

      Shadow the Hedgehog

      I see you're back with a vengeance. May as well get the ball rolling if I want an effective team still, What do I need to do?

    3. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      Does Locke need to do anything? He was very supportive to you?

      And... Um...

      *Quietly* What should I do

    4. sweet_lil_Eliza


      OHHH, I will sooo do it cause I'm like your slave right?

      Really, you're still mad for the icon thing? And do you really- ok calm girl, don't fight.

      I can't do anything, I'm sure I'm quite far away from you until you're in India.

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