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  1. // Oh, hi. This is the Admin of Rouge the Bat speaking and I don't want to sound as rude as I can possibly sound but... was there a specific reason of why my "NSFW" icon got taken down? Honestly, there wasn't any nudity shown if her breasts were covered. Why does age matter so much if your breasts are still growing? I'm sorry, but this is truly unacceptable. Better yet, one of the five admins here could of notified me instead of knocking down. Seriously. Grow up.

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    2. sweet_lil_Eliza


      I respect Locke's and Rouge's bold mindset, but then again, there are people who are not very mature and bold with these things, even at an elder age. For once, try to understand that there are some people who are disturbed by these, and if they don't want such pictures, fine, they're not killing someone.

    3. Delicious echidna

      Delicious echidna

      Boobs are just balls of milk . Period . Now if some people are being mad because of this , they should stop women from feeding their child in public as well . I'd love to just see them try.

    4. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      I'd like to ask what is wrong with what I said. You see them as one thing. Other's see it as something else. You cannot force your views onto people. Accept that people have different views on this rather than trying to change it. We're arguing over something pointless here. The admin are not going to change their mind on this this matter and to be fair I don't see any of your arguments having any impact