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  1. Making an Effort

    Anyone know what the deal is there? Skye?
  2. Favorite Freedom Fighter Member

    I Generally agree with the above, though i kinda put Sally a bit above everyone but Nicole. FEAR THE SALLY FANBOY!!!
  3. You might, and i don't blame you, and that sounds petty, but this is Sega, and they did just do that, so you're justified in those feelings and it might actually be the case.
  4. Or they could go with Infinite being a possible future of your character, one of those you either became evil to stop evil; or simply grew out of control to become a twisted and distorted version of what you once were. Or something along those lines.
  5. Archie Sonic Online

    First off, major congrats Skye, i look forward to your work.  Second, the cover alone has my interest, this should be interesting, though Fionna could use a little bit of touch up in my opinion.
  6. It's over, isn't it?

    And better hire Flynn. This is what he does and he's awesome at it. And maybe then he could finish some stuff up. Not likely, but still we dream the dream.
  7. Discussion about true heroes

    The Lord of the Rings series, Sam. Frodo was the one to be chosen to deal with the ring, yet Sam volunteered to help his friend. Throughout the story, Frodo ditches the rest of the fellowship, and then tries ditching sam another 2 times, yet Sam always comes back, facing dangers well beyond what he should, and it was ultimately thanks to him and gloom that the day and world were saved. Thats my 2 bits.   *Please insert quarter for more*
  8. It's over, isn't it?

    That... that would be awesome. Unlikely, but awesome. And probably futile, but awesome. Probably  Lord Flynn.
  9. Sigh, feeling depressed about the lack of news for the comics. Gonna go watch a sparkle pyre die and it will actually be sad. Kudos if anyone can guess what I'm watching.

  10. It's over, isn't it?

    I think if that was the case they would have dropped us SOMETHING. Instead of canceling all the sonic comics, the release of a book that was 99.9% un-sue-able, and otherwise having no news one way or another for, what, 4 months now? The info points to them just moving on. (Dang, had to break the pattern there.)
  11. It's over, isn't it?

    So can we call it official now? The artists are looking for new work, writers likewise, but Archie won't say anything. The run is done. Isn't it over?  
  12. Games that you recently got

    Very nice. I hope you enjoy that it looks fun and awesome.
  13. Favorite obscure shows

    Fanboy away. Though I'm not sure about doctor who. NO offense, before the house caught fire, my mother had Episode one on VHS, taped off from the original American airing, so my own opinion on that may be skewed. I kinda grew up with both my parents being fans of the original Doctors.
  14. Favorite obscure shows

    Ah, probably not many of these around thanks to things like netflix, but i got thinking after some of the profile talks i've been seeing. Does anyone else have a favorite show that either did;t do to well, was tragically underlined, or simply doesn't have a rabid fanbase to defend it? I will openly admit to being a big fan of the 90's Mainframe shows. For those who don't now, Mainframe was the first company to try and make completely CGI cartoons in the 90's. They are also kinda infamous for making all those Barbie movie's in the 90's as well, which may explain why so many of their other works leveled into top[ics like the end of the world, genocide, and depression. Don't believe me? My favorite among all their works is the series Shadow Raiders (followed very closely by Reboot) Which is an entire series about the End of all Things, featuring an antagonistic force that cannot truly be defeat, led by a force of destruction that cannot be destroyed. it got 2 13 episode seasons, and was denied a third that would have let them delve into the antagonists back story, but they ended the series on a note that could be an ending or a continue, so there;s that. Any other thoughts?
  15. Your Favorite Digimon?

    Gigadramon and Megadramon. Nothing says love quite like 2 tons of flying-mecha-lizard with an attack called Genocide Barrage. Then its probably Gommamon's line.