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  1. Frostryu added a post in a topic Making an Effort   

    Anyone know what the deal is there? Skye?
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  2. Frostryu added a post in a topic Favorite Freedom Fighter Member   

    I Generally agree with the above, though i kinda put Sally a bit above everyone but Nicole. FEAR THE SALLY FANBOY!!!
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  3. Frostryu added a post in a topic Sonic Forces (Xbox One, PS4, PC & Nintendo Switch)   

    You might, and i don't blame you, and that sounds petty, but this is Sega, and they did just do that, so you're justified in those feelings and it might actually be the case.
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  4. Frostryu added a post in a topic Sonic Forces (Xbox One, PS4, PC & Nintendo Switch)   

    Or they could go with Infinite being a possible future of your character, one of those you either became evil to stop evil; or simply grew out of control to become a twisted and distorted version of what you once were. Or something along those lines.
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  5. Frostryu added a post in a topic Archie Sonic Online   

    First off, major congrats Skye, i look forward to your work. 
    Second, the cover alone has my interest, this should be interesting, though Fionna could use a little bit of touch up in my opinion.
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  6. Frostryu added a post in a topic It's over, isn't it?   

    And better hire Flynn. This is what he does and he's awesome at it. And maybe then he could finish some stuff up. Not likely, but still we dream the dream.
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  7. Frostryu added a post in a topic Discussion about true heroes   

    The Lord of the Rings series, Sam.
    Frodo was the one to be chosen to deal with the ring, yet Sam volunteered to help his friend. Throughout the story, Frodo ditches the rest of the fellowship, and then tries ditching sam another 2 times, yet Sam always comes back, facing dangers well beyond what he should, and it was ultimately thanks to him and gloom that the day and world were saved. Thats my 2 bits.
    *Please insert quarter for more*
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  8. Frostryu added a post in a topic It's over, isn't it?   

    That... that would be awesome. Unlikely, but awesome. And probably futile, but awesome. Probably  Lord Flynn.
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  9. Frostryu added a post in a topic It's over, isn't it?   

    I think if that was the case they would have dropped us SOMETHING. Instead of canceling all the sonic comics, the release of a book that was 99.9% un-sue-able, and otherwise having no news one way or another for, what, 4 months now? The info points to them just moving on.
    (Dang, had to break the pattern there.)
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  10. Frostryu added a topic in Comics   

    It's over, isn't it?
    So can we call it official now? The artists are looking for new work, writers likewise, but Archie won't say anything. The run is done. Isn't it over?
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  11. Frostryu added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    Very nice. I hope you enjoy that it looks fun and awesome.
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  12. Frostryu added a post in a topic Favorite obscure shows   

    Fanboy away. Though I'm not sure about doctor who. NO offense, before the house caught fire, my mother had Episode one on VHS, taped off from the original American airing, so my own opinion on that may be skewed. I kinda grew up with both my parents being fans of the original Doctors.
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  13. Frostryu added a topic in Off-topic   

    Favorite obscure shows
    Ah, probably not many of these around thanks to things like netflix, but i got thinking after some of the profile talks i've been seeing. Does anyone else have a favorite show that either did;t do to well, was tragically underlined, or simply doesn't have a rabid fanbase to defend it?
    I will openly admit to being a big fan of the 90's Mainframe shows. For those who don't now, Mainframe was the first company to try and make completely CGI cartoons in the 90's. They are also kinda infamous for making all those Barbie movie's in the 90's as well, which may explain why so many of their other works leveled into top[ics like the end of the world, genocide, and depression. Don't believe me? My favorite among all their works is the series Shadow Raiders (followed very closely by Reboot) Which is an entire series about the End of all Things, featuring an antagonistic force that cannot truly be defeat, led by a force of destruction that cannot be destroyed. it got 2 13 episode seasons, and was denied a third that would have let them delve into the antagonists back story, but they ended the series on a note that could be an ending or a continue, so there;s that.
    Any other thoughts?
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  14. Frostryu added a post in a topic Your Favorite Digimon?   

    Gigadramon and Megadramon. Nothing says love quite like 2 tons of flying-mecha-lizard with an attack called Genocide Barrage. Then its probably Gommamon's line.
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  15. Frostryu added a post in a topic Games that you recently got   

    Spiderweb will be realizing the new format for Avernum 3 shortly (hopefully). Soon i can go back to being emotional scared by slimes and roaches. Seriously, in those games the lesser evils can be scarier, maybe not to your  crew, then the drake lords and demons.
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  16. Frostryu added a post in a topic Sonic Forces (Xbox One, PS4, PC & Nintendo Switch)   

    So for cat, will it be Blaze style? can we make modded versions of Big? How much variety in body type?
    Sorry i must know. Some part of me wants to re-enact the story "Kill Big" from the STC online.
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  17. Frostryu added a post in a topic What makes Sonic 'Sonic'   

    Especially after Lord Flynn took over, i think one of the best things about sonic in the comics is his relationship with Tails, as brothers. This is especially true in the House of cards arc, as well as several smaller parts of other arcs, like Champions in the reboot. The games make Tails and Sonic's relationship more of worshiper and Idol, and i much prefer the brotherly trust between them in the comics. They fight, disagree, and clash, but they're always there when the other really needs them. Just before the reboot, Sonic is willing to trust tails on not pressing too hard about elias and Shard, despite his own wish to prob farther.
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  18. Frostryu added a post in a topic Archie App No New Sonic Comics   

    Can i get in on that?
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  19. Frostryu added a post in a topic Sonic Forces (Xbox One, PS4, PC & Nintendo Switch)   

    Not really. Though as gaming companies go, i have more faith in cap com and Spiderweb Software then i do in Sega. I really wish they'd almost follow the Marvel model...  watch this if you wanna know what i mean,
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  20. Frostryu added a post in a topic Sonic Forces (Xbox One, PS4, PC & Nintendo Switch)   

    Very well, stealth comment withdrawn. Still hopeful we might get Mighty.
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  21. Frostryu added a post in a topic Sonic Forces (Xbox One, PS4, PC & Nintendo Switch)   

    It's not the numbers thing, because sega has WAY more then seven characters in some of their games, most unplayable but still. I wish they'd take the Paper Mario route some days, and make a separate continuity and see how it goes. Heck, the trailer is practically poking fun at my point of view, selling the whole package minus the Freedom fighters. They wouldn't need to be playable (although a stealth section as Sally and Nicole could be fun), they could just be supporting cast. They already said only three characters will be playable this time, being Sonic, other Sonic, and probably a third Sonic, but that Amy, Knux, and the Chaotix will be there solely for supporting cast. Thats 8 characters right there (technically) so the number isn't the problem.
    ... maybe they could at least bring Mighty back to the chaotix? Him and Ray did have an interesting Easter egg in generations, and having them show up here could be a fun twist.
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  22. Frostryu added a post in a topic Sonic Forces (Xbox One, PS4, PC & Nintendo Switch)   

    .....ehem, sorry. get like this when they decide that they don't want to use the Freedom fighters. I get they don't technically own them, but if they were gonna bleed the budget on Boom, couldn't they bleed a little bit to get the rights to use the Freedom fighters? Is it a principle thing at this point, or what?
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  23. Frostryu added a post in a topic Archie App No New Sonic Comics   

    .... There's another trial? Why? 
    ... *sigh* could someone please fill me in?
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  24. Frostryu added a topic in Comics   

    Character Discussion: Antoine
    Because i like seeing activity and this seems like an easy way to get a conversation going.
    *Ahem* Well, lets talk characters! Likes, dislikes, what makes them click or fail to do so with us. And lets Start with Antoine.
    I'm probably misspelling his name aren't I? Anyway, my start in the fandom was back when SATAM first started airing on Saturday mornings, and Antoine got my attention for being the stock craven coward for the team. What, we're going up against a bad guy who conquered the world 10 years ago, has had time to build up his army, and has no need for little meatballs like us? Heck ya i'ld be scared too. He's seems to be almost reasonable from that point of view. But it's where he goes from there that draws our attention.
    Antoine has stuck with us for a long time, and courage is not an easy thing to come by. Bit by bit we have seen him rise to bigger and bigger challenges, and find things worth fighting for more then hisself. From his loyalty to the House of Acorn, protecting his friends, and his eventual marriage to Bunny, he has managed to push his fear out of the way to do what needs to be done. I personally found part of the reboot, where they are in Nephthys lair, and he even admits he's still scared. To quote, "Courage is not acting without fear, but rather in spite of it."
    P.S. can someone tell me where that's from? I know it's not Shakespeare but thats about it...
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  25. Frostryu added a post in a topic My thoughts about the comics.   

    Well, we welcome you to the discussions anyways, not-quite-a-fan, and to our messed up continuity. Now a lot of us can agree that 160 was a general upswing for the series, but were there any points before then you enjoyed? Just curious. And have you ever looked up the British fleetway comic?
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