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  1. Thire

    Working everyday as a fast food team member for people that will explode on you for the smallest, most insignificant details is not going okay anymore. I’m on the verge of mental breakdown because I’m doing the best I can to serve the public, but just because we forgot a packet of ketchup shouldn’t mean that you should start yelling and demanding managers to come and fire a mentally exhausted 17 year old when it wasn’t even their fault.


    Then again, walls of text and rants aren’t something that should be brought online to be the downer of the day so I’m sorry. I’m just tired of it all...

    1. Danny Felixe

      *Hugs* Sorry to hear. Yeah. Some people don't understand the amount of work people do in that field. And some are just nasty people

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    2. Jumala

      Yeah, most people in general don't really care much to think of the feelings of the people that work in the fast food industry.

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    3. ChaosKaiser

      Hope things get better, bro. You know, when I go to fast-food restaurants I always want to talk a little to the one person that is serving, just to cheer them up considering how stressful of a job it must be, but I never know what to say of if I even should do so. 

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