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As I've mentioned before, I've decided to perform an experiment testing one's skill in Mental Imagery, and from it, testing one's skill with music I suppose. I placed it here because it does technically have to do with character themselves, rather than story lines.

Music nowadays, Have an atmosphere to such a point where we can fantasize through it. It's the case with silent movies, where you only need to hear the music and watch it play out with nothing else. With so many different kinds of music and genres and quality, the Various atmospheres you can give to influence mental imagery is nearly limitless. It's why I'm good at Theme Song Finding.

That being said. I'd like to test your mental imagery through music, in this very simple way: Pretend your character is in a movie. Pretend this movie's main protagonist can be ANY of your characters. I want you to list off your character's journey, scene by scene, through music. You don't need to give an explanation or explain the scene in your way if you don't wish to. Sometimes the Music is all one needs to make an impression on the mind.

That being said, the Scenes and what they mean are fixed. It's more how your character would react in them. However, I am allowing slight changes in scenes, like, maybe two or three scenes. But other than that, they're fixed.

Think of it this way. Pretend you're the director, the guy producing the soundtrack to your movie, the movie involving your character is sick, or got in an accident, or is just ditching. So if you want something done right, do it yourself. So you decide to pick a song that you feel fits the scene at hand.

It can be either Vocal or Instrumental, Music you hear in a band, or music you hear in an actual movie. Basically, whatever song you pick is allowed, and up to you.

Now with that said: Here's the list of scenes, I too will be making my own soundtrack for this.

Character Name-


Waking up/Going to School:

Rival Battle/Rival's Theme:

School Meyhem:

A talk with the boy/girl of your dreams:

The Chase/Rival strikes again:

Search for Truth/A talk with your Parent/Guardian:


The Journey:

First act of Heroism:

The aftermath/Thank you:

Finding a Mentor:

A tale of ancient gods:

The Introduction of a Mentor:

The Training:

Returning Home:


Going too far/Out of Control Hero:

"I've created a Monster!":

Hindsight of damage done:

Resolution and Redemption:

One last battle with the Rival:

The Final Battle:

Aftermath/Funeral for the those loss in the disaster:


The Ending Message/The rise of a true hero:


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Ooooh, this is what you want. Well then, time to get to work.

I had either theme songs, or single scene music, but not an entire movie with multiple songs for one character.

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Having pondered this for a while I finally have a character in mind. (Given the musics I listen too is predominantly female vocalists I felt a female protagonist would be apt, and then chose one that would best suit the given framework. Oh yeah, and the characters here won't be Mobian-esk.)

However, I do have a few questions.

1) Can we shift the order of scenes around? I have two scenes I'd like to shift. First, the 'Meeting boy of dreams' to before 'School Mayhem', and possibly before 'Rival Song' as well. Second, move 'Final Fight With Rival' to just after 'Out of Control Hero' (i.e. The Rival stops the Hero going completely over the edge). Are those okay?

2) Obviously we can't take away scenes, but can we ADD them? I would like to have a 'Villain Reveal' Scene, and have the fight against the villain in two halves, the first being a 'Rival team up' and then followed by 'Final Battle'. Oh, and maybe a stinger scene after the credits! :P Which would take the total songs to a nice round 30. Would those additions be okay?

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Yes, you can add, switch, or even replace scenes. I recognize that not all of these scenes fit for most people, but it must be a small amount like two or three scenes can be added in.

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So just so I understand this, can we even remove some of those or no?

Edit: You said replace yeah but not remove

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Yes, but again, only a few.

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Well, here we are. My little film’s soundtrack is all ready. Now, those of you in AWPM might recognise the main protagonists name, but that’s because I was lazy and stole it from another of my characters. This version is closer to the original (though, not identical. Different backgrounds, and this one won’t be turned into a gorram Mary Sue by my GM!) And as I mention before, she’s not a Mobian, though it’s obvious that there is some influence there!

So, this is one of those ‘Monster Hunter’ stories. You know the ones. Most of humanity thinks there is nothing supernatural in the world. But supernatural creatures live amongst them, hidden by a Masquerade, while a few humans who know try to keep them in check or hunt them down, depending on how fanatical the hunter is and how evil the monster is. But with a few minor twist. For starters, our main character is one of those monsters!

Character Name: Kimiko ‘Kimi’ Fox

Kimi is a Kitsune. A multi-tailed fox capable of creating illusions and shifting into a human form. Though Kimi only has one tail because she’s young, and also happens to be half human. She is unaware of the Masquerade, that there are other supernatural creatures or even hunters out there. (The audience will discover this at the same time she does.) And she is being raised by her Aunt.

1. Opening: My Masquerade, Delain https://www.youtube....h?v=DwqbfsX24A8

So as the opening credits roll we see Kimi’s mother (a five-tailed Kitsune), mostly in human form, and her father, a normal but fairly kickass human, in a montage of getting into adventures, before at the end passing their new-born child onto Kimi’s father’s sister.

I chose this song mainly for the title (it fit) and because I like it.

2. Waking up/Going to School: Evacuating London, Chronicles of Narnia

So we begin the film proper being introduce to a little sleeping fox, who then gets ready for the day. Having breakfast, saying good morning to her aunt, morphing into a human, leaving the house for school. As the vocals start the camera pulls back to show a lovely picturesque city with lots of green spaces, until 2:10 at which point the camera pulls past the reinforced transparent dome to reveal this city is aboard a space station orbiting Earth. Yep, we’re adding sci-fi into this mix too!

I wanted a song that would have the right feel for the ‘in space reveal’ at the right moment, but have a slight twinge of sadness to it. I hope this one fits that.

3. A talk with the boy of your dreams: Balled of the Wind Fish [Remake] by Fox Amoore, Link’s Awakening

Or more accurately, being paired with the boy (Alex) you have a secret crush on for a science project and turning out he’s really nice.

If you have played Link’s Awakening, you will know this song. I will say no more, as anything else would be spoilers.

4. Rival's Theme: Alien Conflict, Perfect Dark

“By the way, have you met my friend?” Introducing Glitch, Alex’s friend and, although he doesn’t know it, she’s a hunter. Or will be, once she undertakes her first hunt. Glitch is a ‘gadgeteer genius’ ( http://tvtropes.org/...GadgeteerGenius ), who’s parents were both killed by monsters back on Earth. Now she lives in… what is essentially the Junk Yard of the space station, though she doesn’t tell her friends that. She suspects Kimi is a monster, she just needs to prove it. Oh, and NO, there is NO love triangle here. She and Alex are just friends.

The rest of the Rival’s songs all have a leitmotif running through them, so I wanted an electronic theme that was vaguely sinister that sounded like it had the leitmotif. Frankly, I failed, and this was as close as I could get. I still like this tune though! Oh, and the tune repeats itself about half way through, so no need to listen to the whole thing!

5. School Mayhem: Chekov’s Run, Star Trek 4 https://www.youtube....h?v=rhSrrIDTOAA

So, Kimi is somewhat highly emotional after talking with Alex, and as such is having difficulty holding onto her human form. A few choice phrases from Glitch and, uh oh, there’s a fox loose in the school. Think that count as mayhem. Of course, Kimi find it hilarious, until Glitch reappears and things get darker…

It’s a fun little tune! Nothing else to say here!

6. The Chase: Pipeline, The World is not Enough https://www.youtube....h?v=dcKYxMot17I

And the chase is one, well, after Glitch makes her intentions clear allowing Kimi to start running. So it’s gadeteer verse illusionist, as Glitch makes comments about Hunters and Monster allowing Kimi to learn there is more out there than she thought.

This is where I started with Glitch and this tune as her leitmotif. With Glitch dominating this chase, her music is predominant.

7. A talk with the Aunt: Who Am I?, Doctor Who

So, turns out the Aunt knows about Monsters and Hunters and was keeping it quiet to try and keep Kimi safe. And, her parents disappeared down on Earth. After the big reveal, it gets a little whimsy at 1:49 as the Aunt shows Kimi a picture of her parents, then the scene flashes between Kimi and Glitch as both their backgrounds, are revealed. At least, as much as is known to you lot right now!

Originally it was going to end at 1:49, but this version of the soundtrack vid kept on going, so the scene was extended.

8. Revelations: The Fall of Icarus (Icarus Piano Cover), Deus Ex: Human Revoultion https://www.youtube....feature=related

Now Kimi learns that her parents were not necessarily killed, but were being tracked by a powerful orginisation of monsters. Who were planning on capturing them. So, time to get ready for a journey down to Earth and see if she can track them down. The Aunt tries to protest, but in the end helps arrange the journey.

This was a last minute change, as my original choice, which would have been a flashback to the parents, wasn’t on youtube.

9. Journey to Earth/The Realm of the Hunters: River of Souls, Turok 2

So its mini-montage time as Kimi travels to Earth and then to the city where her parents were. Trying to dodge the occasional hunter on the way. There are more hunters on Earth because Hunters mostly believe that Monster take their strength from the Earth, and cannot exist off-world. Opps.

I once had this track start playing in the car when giving my friends a lift, and they said it sounded like ‘travel montage’ music, so here it is.

10. First encounter with the Hunters: The Daleks, Doctor Who

At least, first time in an actual fight. Helping to protect another monster who the pair are chasing down. As it’s the future, they’ve probably got mechs! Kimi can’t do much against them directly, but when they start preparing their final missile barrage at 2:24 she uses her illusion power to fool the hunters so when they fire at 2:46 they think they’ve blown the two up, but it’s just an illusion and the two are safe.

Latin-esk chanting! Perfect for two fanatical, and possibly religious zealot Hunters.

11. The aftermath/Thank you: Broken-Karted, Wreak-it Ralph

So, Kimi gets a nice thank you for saving the monster. Then is told of some of the horrible things they do. Seeing some results first hand when the monster tries to return to its family. At least the monster has extended family it can stay with. And can show Kimi the ancestral Kitsune home. Or what’s left of it…

Happy tune goes to sad tune! It works!

12. Exploring the ruins: Overcome, Within Temptation

Nothing left but ancient ruins. But the sight of these, and what the hunters have done, creates a new resolve in Kimi. Not just to find her parents, but help save the monsters.

Not much to say here, cept I found the tune by accident looking for another track later on.

13. A tale of So-called Gods: Forsaken, Within Temptation

And Kimi will get a vision of what happened. The Monsters were in control in ancient times, until the humans got to numerous and revolted.

This was the first song I picked!

14. The Mentoring Tome: Nayru’s Song (NaiTortus) Vocal Cover, Oracle of Time

Rather than a normal Mentor, Kimi discovers a book in the ruins, which may or may not be sentient. It certainly always opens on the necessary page. And sometimes Kimi is sure the text was differnet the last time she looked at that page.

Erm, well, this so is in purely because I like it!

15. The Training: Transmissions, My World https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm9ZJFEZLIE&feature=related

Training Montage. Plus when Kimi learns Fox Fire, and illusion of blue fire so really the target believes they are actually burning, and their body makes it real! http://tvtropes.org/.../Main/FauxFlame And by the end of it Kimi’s fox form probably has a second tail.

This was another late change. The original was an instrumental orchestral version of the Revelation song I had to replace. This one now adds a slightly sinister edge to the training.

16. Returning Home: Wishing on a Star, Miriam Stockley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCB7s1Uadj8

Having learned that the monsters that captured her parents are now on the Space Station, Kimi retunes to her home.

A lovely short song, which works for as quick rocket trip scene.

17. Vigilantism: What You Want, Evanescence https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNFx8WehWmk

Time for Kimi to start doing some monster hunting of her own. Given these monsters are more powerful, Kimi has to rely on guile, cunning and traps. Despite her intention of helping save them, she’s more interested in finding her parents. Then she discovers they were actually killed….

The original Kimi song.

18. Unable to Stop: It’s the Fear, Within Temptation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCvGwTWROJc

So Kimi starts becoming more overt in her approach. So much so it threatens the Masquerade. At least she realises that she starting to slip over the edge.

A song I’ve used many times!

19. Rival Interjection: Injection, M:I-2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x11NURuaPwQ

Kimi may have grown more powerful, but so has Glitch. And she needs to stop Kimi because breaking the Masquerade would hurt the Human’s too. Time for round two! Though at the end Glitch can’t bring herself to deliver the fatal blow and Kimi escapes.

I like this kind of slow, sorrowful music for fight scenes, and as both characters are in the wrong without realising it, it seems apt. This time, Kimi has the upper hand, so her music style dominates.

20. "I've created a Monster!”: Icarus, Die Another Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kh7Hlhuz4I

Remember those two hunter back on Earth? Well they’re on the space station now, following the rumours of Monsters. *slow clap* well done Kimi. The have a new type of tech. Using nanites, they can grant a person the ability to drain the magic out of a monster with their touch, destroying them. So the hunters prepare the operation on one of them, injecting the nanites. For a second it seems to go horribly wrong, then all settles down, an all is well….

Yeah, I know the film was rubbish, but I liked the music!

21. Hindsight of damage done: Inner Universe, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIVgSuuUTwQ

Kimi escaped so now it’s time o think about what she’s done. Cue the rain and batman brooding pose. Yes, you can have rain in a space station. Condensation building at the top of the dome! Oh, and she see someone in trouble, so goes to help. And manages to succeed despite being demoralised.

I’ve never seen the show, but I love this song!

22. Villain Reveal: The Dark and Endless Dalek Night, Murray Gold https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeWQr3scW-s

The, the nanite procedure did go wrong. Turns out all human’s have a little magic, and now the hunter needs to drain magic to survive. Oops. And those who have their magic drained become lifeless shells under his control. No, they are NOT zombies. Stop looking at me like that. Yeah, and the nanites are probably warping his body too, most likely into some horrific semi-angelic form. And all that drained magic is making him more powerful, so the regular forces can’t stop him. At least he is drain towards the magic of monsters first. What’s this? You’re drawn towards glitch? Turns out she’s a monster to? Hmm, have fun with that revelation girl!

23. Resolution and Redemption: Death of Moon, Die Another Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFSxn6ej46g

So Kimi is suffering self-doubt, and Glitch has learned she’s the very thing she hated. And meanwhile a former hunter is tearing up the station city. Glitch decides to take the hunter on as he beings to home in on the unaware Kimi. But to make matters worse, Alex is also trying to find Kimi and Glitch. He does, but the hunter finds him. And at 4:56 it’s rather obvious what happens.

This song was actually part of the next on the CD, and so I had combined the scenes together. However, on youtube they were separate which was great, I could keep the scenes separate. Anyway, this one contains built-up, Glitch’s leitmotif, and the hunter’s latin-esk chanting! As does the following part.

24. Rival Team Up: Gustav Graves Gravitational Grand Exit, Die Another Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pngiCu1M5DU

Now with motivation, the two girls work together to take down the hunter.

Part two of the song from the scene above. Erm, pretend the last few moments are NOT the bond theme!

25. The Final Battle: What I’m Made Of, Spirit of the Wind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnyLxdi5AgY

The fight is now in space, one on one between Kimi and the now monster/angel looking hunter. The plan being to starve him of magic without victims, while Kimi attacks him, using the tricks she’d learned in her earlier verses monsters fights, and Glitch uses the stations defences against him. And while the final blow kills the hunter, it seems to be fatal for Kimi as well as she falls towards Earth…

I got this far without using a Sonic Song! See my comments on scene 19 for slow songs for epic fights. Note: I dunno how Kimi survives in space yet!

26. Aftermath: Song for Ten (Reprise) Doctor Who https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMAljnqRf40

…Only to be saved by Glitch coming out in a shuttle. Probable saying something like ‘This doesn’t mean I like you’. Despite, of course, they will be friends now. But it’s time to count the cost.

The new Doctor Who is good for finding sad music or scene setting music.

27. Reconstruction: Boe, Doctor Who https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvJIkMyeUeo

And time to watch the rebuilding. So the day is saved, but the Masquerade has been severely weakened thanks to the hunter.


28. The Ending Message/The rise of a true hero: We Are The Others (New Version), Delain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4cr6hA0Rts

And time for the two new friends to walk off into the sunset, pondering their futures.

While the lyrics don’t match perfectly, the song does fit the feel of the scene very well.

29. Credits: After the Fall, Two Steps From Hell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSH-_ScN6G0

And the end credits roll.

To a nice piece of music.

30. Stinger: Borg Engaged, Star Trek: The Next Generation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrZ7E2WC3RI

But we’re not finished quite yet. That organisation of monsters did seem to go down rather easily to a single young Kitsune. Yeah, turns out they were just decoys. The real organisation is plotting their next true move. Oh, and who’s that at the head of the organisation at 0:54? That wouldn’t be Kimi’s mother would it…

One of the most Epic tracks made for the Star Trek series. Shame the Borg didn’t keep this as their theme music.

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Please note that I am unaware of how to delete posts.

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