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Top Ten/Favourite Characters

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So, I had been thinking about asking this for a while, but now that I've finally remembered to actually do it, I can now ask what's your favourite characters and why? It can be a top ten, or just any random number (I've actually got a top eleven :P ). I'd list mine here, long with reasons, but I'll do that when I've got more time on my hands.

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1-NMS, Neo Metal Sonic. The reason is that Metal Sonic was my favorite character until i found out that NMS is his other form that is NOT defeated by Sonic.

2-Shard. As a member of Metal Family and cool robot he is the second.

3-Mecha Sonic, The one in Sonic 3. As a member of Metal Family and cool robot he is the third. Losing to shard in coolness.

4-Scourge. He is cool. He has tried a lot times to beat Sonic just like Metal Sonic.

5-Sonic. As metal sonic's goal for living... and Egg's too.

6-Bean and Bark. The funniest Dou in comics.

I couldn't post the other Five because it's hard. I just post the other's when i have decided.

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1. Metal Sonic (well he is a robot and he is a complete badass without a voice. To bad, that Sonic had to smash him all the time...) aaand Shard of course too.

2. Dr. Eggman (...he is like me in the morning, when I had no coffee and I like his design of a bad genius)

3. Geoffrey St. John (It´s a character with no side. Every damm time I don´t know: Is he on the side of the Freedom Fighters or for Ixis Naugus.)

4. Grand Chief Lupe Wolf (she has a really good design and she is a verry good leader, but she makes mistakes, but she is strong but also protective)

5. Lien-Da (Dr. Eggmans right hand of the dark Egg Legion. She is loyal to Eggman, but for Dimitri she only wants the power and the leadership of the Dark Legion and with this straight way of thinking, she is my favourite character. Also she has a sexy outfit and a whip as a weapon :P)

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10.The super special sonic search and smash squad- They were the first line of robot henchmen to serve eggman.

9. Knuckles the echidna- Sonic's first rival and he can hold his own against sonic.

8.Orbot and Cubot- They are probably my favorite villain lackeys.

7.Metal Sonic- He's a menacing robotic doppelganger, can't get better than that.

6.Every member of the Chaotix- They are a good and interesting team.

5.Nack the Weasel- He's a dangerous bounty hunter, but he can get carried away.

4.Bean and Bark- The best duo around.

3.Sonic the hedgehog- Can't have a top list without hm.

2.Dr.Eggman- Boastful,angry,evil, what's not to like about him.

1.Scourge the hedgehog- He's sonic on a very bad day.

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I guess I can now show my top 11 characters. So in no particular order.

1. Shard. I love how Ian took a so obviously dead character and breathed new life into it. As much as you could say he's just a robot Sonic when judging his personality, but there always seems a little more to him then just that. I like how they give little differences, such as his claustrophobia and fear of public reaction toward him. It's not just his awesome gadgets and speed that make him so fun a character, it's his willingness for self-sacrifice. There's also something to like in his belief of redemption, when he tried to talk his "brother" Metal Sonic out of serving Eggman. Futile effort we all know, but it's the thought that he didn't just think "smash first, talk down enemy later" about it. I know he's only had a few appearances, but he's already made a real impact.

2. Dimitri. If there's one thing Penders got right, it was creating Dimitri. He may have had a shaky start, with his ego driven Enerjak self, which just seemed to show generic a power crazed villain, but later on you see how he can so easily flourish as a villain and later on as a hero. There's a sense of unknowing about him. You never really know what sort of side he wants to be apart of at some point, particularly during the Chaos Knuckles story. It's his redemption and drive to reconcile his family that highly appeal. No matter how handicapped he becomes, no matter how much loss he suffers, he still hangs in trying to-in the end- do what is right.

3. Bunnie. I don't know what makes me like her character so much. Maybe it's her emotional fragility, or her cool cybernetics, or even her voice (I'm a sucker for characters with southern accents :P ) I don't entirely know for sure. She has such a sweetness that you can't really find hate worthy. It's also her display of how much she knows her friends and keeps a level head in most danger. Perhaps it was her de-roboticizing that really opened her up a little more that proves she may seem tough and willing, but she too has feelings that can be brought up and down like others.

4. Chuck. I always liked Chuck. Even during his SatAM days I held a real liking for him. The reason I find him so likeable is that he sees his own flaws and constantly bashes himself for it. It sort of reminds me of how I can be like that. He also proves to be a helpful guy (though I admit his time on the Council quite frankly was just a waste of his character) to everyone, to try to reverse his the mistakes he made that caused all the problems he and his friends face.

5. Sonic. Well come on. No top ten Sonic characters would be complete without the very star of the show now would it? Sonic is everything a hero should be; Fun, free and fast. It's in the comic particularly where we see he's not entirely perfect. He has his flaws, which is important for a character (though turning him into a cry baby was not at all necessary as they did in earlier issues) he still tries to better himself to make a world that is better.

6. Mogul. Few can match the powers both physically and mentally of this guy. Mogul has a real sophistication about himself. You can see his mind is like a grandfather clock. Full of components with detail and depth. He has a certain charm and intelligence that always gets him one step ahead of others. I love how he doesn't need to fight in order to win. He can just either out live them, or outsmart them. His most fun aspect though, is his future self being so benevolent. It gives you some thought that though the present Mogul seems a merciless villain, he still has a chance to turn it around.

7. Bean. Quite simply, the Deadpool of Sonic comics and we know how popular that guy is! Craziness and cartoonish insanity are just small ways to describe Bean. Yet somehow he brings some gravity to the comic. He makes you realise this is more cartoon, then gritty reality. There is never a time where I felt unhappy with whatever Bean did or said. Although he is villainous in some ways, he's still got a heart in him, no matter what insane dribble that comes flying out of his beak like a radio playing random quotes.

8. Mighty. It's Mighty's sensitivity that comes off as his best positive. He maybe strong, he may have the power to tear down a mountain chain with his bare hands, but he still has a massive heart for others. His wanting of not to upset others only contributes to his soft nature. As much as the comic does away with his pacifist beliefs (can't say the same for him in the reboot though) he still shows plenty of care for his friends and family. Sonic Universe issue 49 only proves this further.

9. NICOLE. There's a depth to NICOLE that only ever really appeared when she first appeared in her lynx form in that sweet little story in issue 151. Her desire to be more like a real Mobian (which by the way sort of mirrors Pinocchio) brings about such great character development over time. Yet it was only until the Iron Dominion saga ended that we saw the real emotion NICOLE could feel. If there was one thing I liked about the King Naugus arc, it was the punishment unrightfully saw thrusted upon her like venom being spat at her. She may have only spent most of her life as a lynx within the confines of New Mobotropolis, but it was a wide enough space to show her character's strengths and weaknesses.

10. Blaze. She's probably the coolest cat this comic's got! Blaze has a determination and emotional shyness that's sort of a way to build her character more and more. She may have her temper and her slight inability to think first, but it's what makes her less perfect. And perfect isn't something I look for in a character.

11. A.D.A.M. His time as a real villain was short, but sweet. His calculating mind and insane desperation to please Eggman is what makes him such a delightfully evil being. I only wish he lived and we might have seen something of a real mastermind.

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1. knuckles( childhood favorite)

2 .sonic

3. shadow

4. mighty

5. espio

6. vector

7. charmy

8. shard

9. lara sue

10. silver

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HOW have I not done this yet!


Number one is Princess Elise and... *Gets beaten up by all the hate*

I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Here's the real list

10: Manic: Deciding this one is tough. But I liked Manic and I like Sonic Underground. My favourite character in that show...

9. Ray: As with a fair few in my list, I am basing it around the Archie version because I haven't played a game they were in. But anyway, I liked Ray. After the Chaotix Quest arc in Sonic Universe, he rightfully got his place in my top 10

8. Mighty: I can't have Ray on my list and not have Mighty. The big brother of him. The special bond between these two characters is just... amazing. Just amazing. He needed a place on here

7. Super Sonic (Fleetway): I do have a thing for dark transformations of characters. Yes. And what dark transformation is more OP than Fleetway's Super sonic. In my opinion, he is one of the toughest enemies of Sonic around. I mean... it's a lot harder to fight yourself than another person

6. Shard: A long dead character coming back with redesign and a cocky Sonic attitude... yeah. You just have to love Shard for all he is and feel sorry for him for all he's not and all he doesn't have. Am I making sense here? Probably not. But he still gets position 6

5. Tails: Out of all the characters in the Sonic Franchise TAILS is the one who's grown on me the most. I said I have a thing for dark transformations? I also have a soft spot for the cute characters. And Tails is one of these. But that's not all about him, he's smart. He's resourceful. And that character development... he can look after himself now! He no longer needs Sonic. But being the friends they are, he still sticks by. What would Sonic be without him?

4. Sonic (Werehog form): Dark transofrmation... yeah... First proper Sonic game I played was Sonic Unleashed. and it was awesome! I just loved the werehog when I first saw him. And he is definitely my favourite transformation and as a character, gets 4th position!

3. Espio: Ninjas are cool! Espio is no exception to this. He is one of those who wasn't originally in my top 10 but has made his way onto it. And he did pretty well at making it down to my number 3

2. Silver: I don't get why someone could not like Silver! He a young, naive hedgehog who can move stuff with his MIND! What's not cool about that! silver definitely gets the number 2 position in my list

1. Bean: This was going to be obvious for me, wasn't it? Favourite character has to be Bean. He ALWAYS makes me laugh. I would say I wish he appeared more, but after the Super Genesis Wave, his role is much bigger. So... MORE BEAN! YAY!

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Let's see..

1. Sonic

2. Tails

3. Knuckles - Gotta be my top 3 since I grew up in the Genesis Era. I've also always been more into the games then the comics.

4. Chao - ALL OF THEM! Does that count?

5. Shard - I've always liked all the different metal sonics... but give him a arm cannon and a sonic 'tude? Love it! I just hope we see him again...

6. Shadow - I actually enjoyed Shadow's game...

7. NICOLE - I really like what they've done with her over the years.

And a bunch more I can't think of at the moment! It's hard to find a character I don't like in the Sonic universes...

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I don't think I could narrow down all the characters I like to just 10, but Metal Sonic, Omega, Lara-Su, and Nicole are among my favorites.

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I can't really list top 10... there's too many characters I like... but I could say that Knuckles, Bean, Amy and Sally are pretty cool characters.

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1) Sonic - Honestly, the first game I ever played was the first Sonic game, and Underground was the first Sonic cartoon I ever watched. I fell in love with the character and the franchise, and the rest is history.

2) Sally Acorn - She's strong, smart and independent. I occasionally found myself howling with laughter because of the lines she was given. "I'm right and you're wrong... As usual". I think Sally has a great personality behind her character, as well. And honestly, I prefer Sal over Amy, but that's just me.

3) Dr. Robotnik (SatAM) - I have never seen a Sonic villain that's that intimidating! Every good hero needs a good villain, and Jim Cummings more than pleases, he was the perfect role as Robotnik.

4) Metal Sonic 2.0 - The perfect doppelganger to the perfect character. Matching Sonic perfectly in almost every way, Metal just beats Mecha Sonic mainly because of design. I think Metal was the doctor's greatest creation, and is the strongest, fastest and smartest of the Metal Sonic family. MOREL8R

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My top 10 would be;

1. Manic the Hedgehog
2. Shadow the Hedgehog
3. Silver the Hedgehog
4. Espio the Chameleon
5. Sonic the Hedgehog
6. Mina Mongoose
7. Scourge the Hedgehog
8. Knuckles the Echidna
9. Blaze the Cat
10. Sonia the Hedgehog

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My top 10 is:

1. Espio the Chameleon

2. Mighty the armadillo

3. Knuckles the Echidna

4.Shadow the Hedgehog

5. Mina the Mongoose

6. Cream the Rabbit

7.Honey the Cat

8. Bean the Dynamite Duck

9. Manic the Hedgehog

10. Sticks the Badger

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Hard one, lets see... these might change in order sooner or later

1. Tie between Manic the Hedgehog and Scourge the Hedgehog

2. Mighty the Armadillo

3. Sonic the Werehog

4. Knuckles the Echidna

5. Shadow the Hedgehog

6. Shard the Metal Sonic

7. Bean the Dynamite

8. Julie-Su the Echidna

9. Nicole the HoloLyx

10. Bunnie Rabbot




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Hmmmmmmm, this one is hard. I think I'll only do a top 7.

1. Eclipse (shape shifting is awesome!

2. Espio (oviously)

3. Dr Finitevus (The portals are way too awesome)

4. Shadow (He's just cool)

5. Werehog Sonic

6. Knuckles

7. Bean

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1 Sonic (Cool)

2 Amy Rose (She is Cute)

3 Honey the cat (Kawaii)

4 Cream the Rabbit

5 Knuckles the Echidna

6 Sticks the badger

7 Sonic the Werehog (too cool)

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1. sonic because hes funny and reckless and i love his disregard for rules

2. Knuckles hes the perfect stoic grump to sonics cheery carefeee

3.achie comic  Bean psycho 4th wall breaking sillyness its like dead pool if he was a talking duck that loved explosives

4. doctor finitevus he was probably one of the best villians iv seen in the sonic comics i love the charismaic personality as well as the pure psycho qualities he has also the warp ring attacks are just awesome.

5. archie comic shadow hes less depressing in this version and i love his horrible humor 

6. archie comic Omega a killer Robot and a cuddly friend to the crying children with a big soft spot that he does not like others finding out about.

8. Mina while she maybe a cry baby i like her for being able to still move on with life after all the stuff that happened to her

9. mamoth mogul for being the only villan to say i quit in the sonic series so far

10. Conquering storm mainly for her character design


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Am I too late to post on this? Gonna throw a twist on mine

Top ten characters I'm gonna miss. (Thanks to reboot)

10. Mina Mongoose: Gonna miss the Speedy songstress to be honest. I like the idea that not everyone can fight in the same way, and some of her arcs (especially where she was the foil) I found highly enjoyable.

9. The Zone cops: Honest on this one. The whole concept of the multiverse and someone trying to patrol it, to keep the zones safe from each other? That and the excuses it gave to put Sonic in a whole bunch of different locals and situations?

8. Scourge and the Destructix: Yes, I'm counting them as one group to A) save room, and B ) They endead as one rather fleshed out group. A villainous group of the day that more then half of their supposed "losses" were thrown fights, and bad enough dudes (and dudette) to fight the freedom fighters to a standstill? And Fiona was, well.... I agree about what Sonic said in A Journey to the East.

7 A.D.A.M.: Yeah, Phage has got her work cut out for her, because we are all gonna compare her to A.D.A.M Lets be honest. Psycho, sentient computer virus with a love of logic puzzles and major daddy issues. And they needed a fair amount of plot device to stop him. Will be missed till Flynn works his magic and somehow makes Phage better. Not sure how, but I have faith.

6. Dr. Finetivus: Because, yeah, Knuckles needed a personal demon, considering he inadvertently MADE Finitevus, a literal dark and destructive version of himself. And yes, warp rings. for both the portal-ly awesomeness, and plot convenience.

5. Dimitri: From being Enerjak, wishing to rule, to being a head in a jar, I think that few characters (even most of the main cast) are as fleshed out as Dimitri. And he gets one of my favorite scenes with Nicole, so even without a torso, he proves he still has a heart. A rollercoaster character that will be missed, and not even a horrible 3D model will lessen that.

4. Julie-Su: a.k.a. the only main god gal to use a gun (gun arms do not count, there is much less choice there). Knuckles love, proof that the dark legion had good in it, and badass heroine, she also go6t a lot of fun dialogue with Vector, I liked the perspective she brought, as well as a valued fighting member.

3. Mammoth Mogul: Smart, magical, patient, cunning, powerful, and Immortal, the full package of villainy. Probably one of my favorite Villains in the whole series, and yes his future form left me with so many questions. He was Archie's version of Dr. Doom.

2. Feist: This may shock some, but I LOVED the concept of Feist. I was looking forward to when the chaos emeralds did their whole dragon ball thing, they'd all end up back with him, drawn back to their forger. I feel we missed out on a Feist vs, team Hooligan story, having both him and Bean in the same room. That or the walkers vs him. So much fun too be had. What can I say? I love an unaligned nigh-all-powerful games master.

1. Elias and the secret freedom fighters: Elias alone makes number one, but his team practically pushes him to position -1. We don't know if we're getting a new Shard (and it is possible, I have thoughts on how to do it) but him, Larry, Silver being constructive, the lady wolves, Harvey who.... BEST TEAM. Elias had a lot of growing up throughout the whole story, Secret Freedom Fighters is still one of my favorite arcs, and I am overly depressed that we will get no new stories with these folks. Aw well. Thanks for reading.

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