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  1. Make a terrible sonic fanfic!

    Greetings to all! So, I thought of some idea for a new funny game and a pal said that terrible fanfics are funny. (Which they are.) so, I decided this. I'll start a story and you, very casually, continue this as if you're a terrible fanfic writer. Rules:- 1) remember, don't be serious, just write casually. Something random and funny. 2) don't give TOO much importance to punctuation, spellings or anything, tbh. 3) I know you do, but act like you don't like sonic. 4) don't hate me. So, I'll start:- Sonic was staring at knuckles. Suddenly knuckles too a fishing net and threw it on sonic. Son was helpless! But then, a red charming hedgehog came- he grabbed and rescued sonic. When sonic said thanks he punched sonic and said he is the best. Then he flew because he was red and decided jump at knuckles TO BE CONTINUED BY THE NEXT USER.
  2. Sonic multiverse

    big house blues for poor scourge "probably cause I didn't use proper grammar on this stupid site."-scourge      Scourage's POV   I mind as well stay in this dang jail for the rest of my days. Things just aren't the same anymore. So what if I lost my temper and was about to go ape Poop on the rest of my crew? All's I wanted to do was get back at sonic and those Darn freedom fighters and now here I am, barely feeling like myself let alone an anti-sonic in jail without any of my other team mates. this straight up sucks!" I said punching my hand into the wall. When I did get here it was to look for sonic, but instead I found shadow. I didn't mind picking a fight with that dude, I'd figure I'd give him a run for his money, but even in my super form I lost, and it felt like it didn't take much either. "at least I don't get bullied around here..." I said to myself, sitting down and eating. To the jails credit nobody really messed with me, probably because I had no profile. At least in the old world I was known as Scourage the hedgehog, the anti-sonic. Now, here, I'm just a nobody. "The therapist would like to see you..." said one of the guards, letting me out. I just went along with things. No use trying to escape in a world I don't feel I belong in. "Scourage the hedgehog I presume?" said the therapist. The dude looked old and was a pig, wearing glasses with a suit. Just my luck, I get a pig for a therapist. "yes." "come, have a seat..." he said in a German like accent. "my name is doctor pork, I shall be you're therapist that you will talk to on a weekly basis to get better and get out into the real world." "hell no..." said scourage. "I have nothing out in the real world. My team is gone, I'm not even from this world! I have no place!" "nonsense, I'm sure you have a place in this world, you just need to get out of trouble that you've been in. speaking of which, why not tell me about yourself." "very well..." I said. I sat back and explain my whole story. Well, at least most of it...I eventually got up to when I was planning to get revenge on sonic. "so me and my gang weren't exactly having the best of luck at the time. We had everything but me and Fiona would get into arguments here and there." Scourage: what do you mean I'm selfish? Fiona: crossing arms we helped you out of jail, and you barely thank us, let alone treat us with some respect... "I started losing it when the portal that was supposed to take us to sonic's world wasn't working. I was about to flip out on everyone when suddenly a giant light flashed over us. Next thing I knew, I woke up, but something didn't feel right, the events before felt all like a dream. I then ran into shadow who I remembered from before and picked a fight with him." I told him the whole speal about how me and shadow fought and I lost, he wrote down notes and called my story interesting. "I also see we need to work on angry issues." "yeah, whatever..." "now, now Mr.scourage, I know it's hard but trust me, a little chatting will not hurt anyone. After all, didn't it feel great to get all that stuff off your chest?" "yeah...a bit..." "very good, see you next week." "if I even make it till then..." I thought.   behind the writing Scourage: oh well, I may be in jail, but at least there's no other alterative sonic's in this one, let alone that warehog. Fleetway super-sonic leans on scourages head while eating a carrot Super sonic: what's up doc... Scourage: you gotta be kidding me...
  3. NOTE: This fanfic will not follow the game's story as much as what would happen if my OC (Vivian The Hedgehog) would meet "Chara" for the first time after meeting Frisk first. Also I will call Frisk/Chara a "he" now I know they have no gender but I see them more as a boy so that's why. I wish you'll comment after reading this. Enjoy! My Friend: I couldn't believe it. I refused to believe what I had just witnessed. I sat there. On the corridors floor unable to move. My legs felt numb, my hands were shaking. This was all like.. A bad dream. I tried to speak but no words came out from my mouth. I could only watch the scene horrified. I saw blood dripping from Sans' chest. He was still able to move after taking a direct hit from the kid's knife. I saw him walking towards the door, before collapsing on the floor and disappearing completely.  "This can't be" I thought. "Frisk could never hurt Sans... or anyone else." That's what I wanted to believe. Yes. There was no way that the kid standing before me wielding a knife, clothes covered in blood and dirt could be Frisk. This was not the kid I was trying to protect. Not the one I had become friends with. Not the one who chose to be my friend. I couldn't put it in words but this kid here seemed like he had been possessed by something.. Something out of this world. "...F-..Frisk..?" I asked quietly. The kid turned to look at me. I stared into his soulless eyes. It was as if he didn't care about anything... or anyone. All the lives that he had taken. All the monsters he had hurt. None of it mattered to him. He took few steps closer to me and said: "Oh look. One monster still remains." He took a better hold of his knife. I tried to get up but I couldn't. I felt the knife cut through my flesh. I closed my eyes for a second only to open them and see I was still alive. "Did he miss?", "Was he only playing with me?", "Was he going to let me suffer first before cruelly killing me?" Those were the questions I wished would never get an answer. I noticed my right arm had a deep cut on it. It was bleeding badly. Then the pain hit me. I quickly got up and backed away from the kid. I held my arm in pain. "Why..? Why did you kill him?" I asked him. At first he didn't say anything but then I saw it. A cruel smile. "Why I did it?" He said now with a mocking voice unable to hold his laughter. "He was in my way! He was just another disgusting monster. Just. Like. YOU." He pointed at me with his knife. I immediately stopped where I was standing.  It was like my entire life was flashing right before my eyes. I remembered EVERYTHING. My first meeting with Frisk. How he reached out his hand with a kind smile on his face. That day, he had asked me to be his friend. Sure at first he thought I really was a monster... But his voice was much kinder than this kid's. There was no insult in his voice. Only kindness. "What? You want to be my friend?" I had asked him that day. He had simply nodded with a smile but that was more than enough for someone like me. I reached out my hand in turn for a handshake. "Sure! My name is Vivian. What about you kid?" He had spoken in such a silent voice it was as if he hadn't said anything at all, yet I had still understood him completely. "Frisk huh? That's a nice name! Say.. I was just trying to find my way out of these ruins too.. How about we go together? The more the merrier they say." He held onto my hoodie's sleeve as if trying to feel safe. I just smiled and pat his head and told him there was nothing to worry about. After that we met Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Napstablook, Alphys, Mettaton... We had so much fun... But now. In an instant it was all taken away from us. Like this nightmare world had replaced everything we had done. All we had met. All the happiness and joy replaced with sadness and grief. "... You are not him. You are NOT Frisk!" I yelled. I looked at the kid confidently hoping he wouldn't see through my act. I was terrified, I wanted to cry, I wanted to run away. But I knew. If I did that.. He'd kill Asgore too. I wanted to believe there was a way to return the things, the people that we had lost. No one had succeeded in stopping him. They all had tried and they all had lost.. and now. It was MY turn. I never liked fighting but for Asgore. No. For EVERYONE I had to fight! The kid swirled the knife in his hands, as if this was some kind of sick, twisted game to him. "YOU are going to stop ME? Someone as weak as you should have died long ago." He said. It hurt. Those words hurt much more than the wound he had given me. He wasn't Frisk. But that voice, the way he looked. He was EXACTLY like him. I held my hands up in the air as green aura began to glow around me, surrounding me. He looked surprised. "So.. You are still going to fight me? Great. So you're also DETERMINED?" He said while laughing. I then moved my hand in front of me preparing a powerful Chaos Beam. The kid ran towards me wielding the knife ready to stab me. He was close, almost in range. He was now only a meter away from me. I collected the energy and I released it. I fell on the ground because of the powerful shock wave. I prayed it was enough to take care of him. I looked around to see any signs of him. I sighed in relief. I walked slowly towards the door which would lead the throne room when I saw something at the corner of my eye. "No... You can't be.." He came out from behind a pillar. "I have to admit. That was close." He said chuckling. I saw that his sweater's sleeve was entirely gone and his right hand was covered in his own blood. He didn't seem to think much of it. I felt like crying. Like I couldn't breath. There was no way I could ready another attack as powerful as that. I had managed to break one of the pillars. If I could concentrate enough. I might be able to hit him with one of the pieces. "My turn." He said. He charged right at me with incredible speed. I could barely move after using that attack. I tried my best to concentrate in moving one piece of the pillar. When it rose up from the ground and moved towards him as I hoped I felt victorious. It was flying right at him. I should have been happy about it right? I should have been smiling. Yet... I was crying. Just as the piece was about to hit him, I held back. I felt the knife being stabbed into my stomach. I felt the hot blood dripping out, on the cold corridor floor. In the end I was too weak. I couldn't hurt him. He stared at me. He leaned down to say something. "I am Chara. The Frisk you knew is long dead. Just like everyone you loved and cared about." and then he smiled. I looked back at him. My vision was getting blurry. I could hardly see his figure anymore. Tears came to my eyes and they wouldn't stop falling. I held my stomach and I smiled to him. "I..I'm sorry Frisk." I said. I don't even understand it myself. I wrapped my arms around him with the last powers I had and I hugged him. "I'm sorry I couldn't save you this time..." I told him. I felt him pulling the knife out from my stomach as my legs wouldn't hold anymore. I hit the ground hard but I couldn't feel almost anything. It might have been just my imagination... but with the last look towards Chara.. Before everything went dark.. I swear.. I saw a tear falling down his cheek.
  4. My new Metal Sonic fanfic

    As a big fan of Metal I've decided I'll write a story about him. Please write your opinions about 1 chapter: MAXIMUM METAL: THE BEGINNING OF THE END After his First Defeat, Doctor Ivo Robotnik wanted to create mechanical Sonic of his own. First he created Silver Sonic for Rise of Death Egg, followed by Mecha Sonic during Invasion on Angel Island. Both machines were powerful but they lacked something special and soon they were easily defeated by Hero of Mobius. Robotnik saw that and he made metallic hedgehog for a third time. Soon his army of badniks began Conquest of Miracle Planet. They were lead by robot unlike any before him. Robotnik wanted him not only to have strength and speed to battle Sonic, but also mind with inner desire to defeat his flesh counterpart. He succeed. A huge explosion shaken Green Hill Zone. Blues streak came out of smoke, closely followed by another. "Missed again, scrap brain!' said Sonic, mockingly running backwards. Metal Sonic flew higher and once more shoot Plasma Pulse from his chest. Yellow laser was slowly closing on the hedgehog, but Sonic crawled into ball and burrowed himself under the ground. Before Metal could process what happened, Sonic came out right under him, hitting Metal with his iconic spin attack. Furious mechanical noises came out of robot's head. "Got ya faker" said Sonic gracefully landing on earth. "So, what now, Metal? Are you going to stay in the air or are you coming down to fight like a hedgehog with a hedgehog?" Metal Sonic quickly recovered and his eyes glowed with bloody red. Without hesitation he plunged down on our hero. "That's more like it. But first: catch me doofus." Sonic's legs turned into infinity symbol of his Super Peel Out, as he moved with speed worthy of Fastest Thing Alive. But Metal Sonic wasn't alive. His Valve Organ Fusion Engine lighted with energy as he pursued his target. "Power use at 70%. Energy level slowly falling, short break suggested" spoke voice in his head. Long time ago, Robotnik build into Metal Sonic LIPS AI ROBOTNIK Custom Chip (LARCC for short) to faster processes situations. Metal Sonic hated it as it always reminding him about his limitations. Sonic was still leading. In spite of what his computer said Metal turned his secondary engine, Tesla Power Coil. His feat touched ground, his speed increased. They were going up a hill and Sonic was closer and closer. "If I remembered correctly... there!" Sonic was at the top of the hill when he curled into a ball and dashed down. Metal showed up half second later to see Sonic bounce off the spring right into him. "Say cheeARGG!" right before the impact Metal activated Burst Shield and his body was surrounded with destructive energy field. Shock threw poor hedgehog back right next to the spring he bounced off before. "Power use at 90%, break required." Metal wasn't listening. It was his chance, Hedgehog was laying wounded. Full power went to the torso, beam of energy was fired. Another explosion shaken Green Hills, rocks launched into the air. For a moment Metal Sonic thought it happened. And then his sensors picked up source of heat. "IMPOSSIBLE." A blue streak jumped in the air. For one moment they were on same level and Metal Sonic looked right into his face. "You're pretty fast, but you know what? You're a lousy shooter" said Sonic with a smirk. "NO!" Metal's chest filled with energy, Sonic landed on one of still floating rocks and jumped off just in time to avoid getting blast. Metal kept shooting, but each blast was smaller and smaller. Suddenly Metal felt unable to move. "Power failure, engines overloaded. System reboot in ten second." Metal listened to this silently as Sonic bounced from another rock and turned into a ball, flying straight into his robo-duplicate. At moments like this Metal wondered why Eggman gave him ability to feel pain. First hit barely hurt, but Sonic kept bouncing of rocks and Metal, hitting harder and harder. His head got cracked, left feet got dis-attached from his body and flew away. After what felt like eternity Sonic finished his deadly attack with Axe Kick, sending Metal Sonic into the group. Rock previously launched into the air by explosion finally were reminded about gravity and felt with him, causing further damage. LARCC finally kicked in. "System rebooted. Power levels rising." Metal slowly stood up. ""However, system is heavily damage and secondary is off-line. Auto repairs are not responding in, retreat suggested." Metal Sonic didn't care. Hedgehog was standing in front of his with a smirk. Always with that smug smirk. "Are we done for now, scrap brain? I'm kinda hungry." "NEGATIVE. THIS UNIT WILL NEVER REST UNTIL IT PROVES HIS SUPERIORITY." "Yeah, yeah, this whole 'better Sonic' thing. But next time could you challenge me to chili dog's eating contest or something? Be more creative man." Metal Sonic's eyes flashed with rage. He could still defeat Sonic. No matter the damage or power levels. There was nothing that could spot him from... "Metal Sonic!" His thinking processes came to the halt. Imperative voice called again. "Unit Metal Sonic respond." "... Unit Metal Sonic reports master Eggman." "New orders: return to base." "This unit has engaged priority one hedgehog." "Then disengage. Return to the base immediately." "... Orders acknowledged master Eggman." Communication was turned off. For five seconds Metal stood completely still, fighting his programming. Finally he turned his main engine and flied into the air. "Huh?" "THIS ISN'T OVER HEDGEHOG. THIS UNIT WILL BE BACK TO TERMINATE YOU." "Ow, you're going already? That's cool, we can finish it another time. Just send regards to old Ro-butt-nik from me." Metal stared with loathe at his organic counterpart, before his obedience programs kicked in and he fled back to base. The gates opened, Metal Sonic walked in into Eggman's lab. His body was already repaired, however that didn't improved his mood. "Boss, your seven o clock is here." said Orbot. "Ah, you finally showed up, Metal" Eggman was looking at giant computer screen and doing some calculations. Orbot and Cubot were next to him. "I expected you to be faster." "THIS UNIT SHOULD NOT BE CALLED BACK FROM A FIGHT. HEDGEHOG PRIORITY ONE WAS INJURED, CHANCES OF DEFEATING HIM..." "You would loose" interrupted him Eggman "You always does." Words sprang on Metal's mouth (metaphorically), but his obedience programs stopped him from telling them. "Oh, stop pouting and come over here" Robotnik continued writing something on computer. "I learn few very interesting things today." Metal Sonic moved closer. He was still angry, but also intrigued. It was really rare that doctor shared any discoveries with him, even when he wanted to gloat. He preferred smaller and weaker machines for that, closer to advanced toys than real badniks. "Did you know that machines can't really use Chaos Energy?" Eggman pressed button and recording of Silver Sonic and Mecha Sonic showed up on a screen. "Sure, I fueled both your predecessors with Chaos Energy, but they never reached the same potential as rodent, Shadow or any other organic creature. I still can't figure out why." Robotnik and turned to his creations. "So I've been thinking: I can't power my machines with Chaos Energy. What is the best substitute?" "Sol Emeralds?" guessed Orbot. "They are from another dimension, that makes them even less stable that Chaos Emeralds." "Those weird aliens we were capturing?" asked Cubot. "Not even close." Eggman looked at Metal Sonic. Metal started processing. The most logical option were Time Stones, but he knew that doctor was testing him. "Well? Do you know what I have in mind." asked Eggman with a smile. "ANALYSIS... SUPER EMERALDS?" "Ho ho ho, correct Metal! I knew you can figure it out!" Eggman patted his head "Truly you're creation of a genius." "LOGIC ERROR: SUPER EMERALD ARE NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE. THEY ARE ONLY A LEGEND." "Is that so? Well then..." Eggman snapped his fingers. "It's time to become legendary." Computer screen slided down, revealing a lot of machinery and two blue gem stones. First was a Chaos Emerald, however Metal was more surprised with second one. It was Time Stone. All machinery came to live. Metallic arms and claws surrounded both stones and start working. Giant laser gun was moved over them. Bulletproof glass was raised around everything "Initiate project FUSION!" Eggman smashed giant red button. "All systems: Go!" Laser gun was activated. A blinding white beam hit Chaos Emerald and Time Stone. Whole base began to shake. Orbot and Cubot changed into sphere and cube. Eggman remained completely still. Metal changed his sigh for heat vision, but it didn't helped. Whole beam was extremely hot and blinded him even more. Metal Sonic was about to try something different when even brighter spot appeared in lower part or the beam. Blue robot couldn't tell if it was one object or two. Suddenly center of heat exploded, shattering the glass. Metal Sonic activated his Black Shield, but shock wave still threw him away. He lost vision, but only for few seconds. And then he saw doctor Eggman standing over him. "This is how real science is done Metal. First you set rules how things work and learn what's possible." Doctor Ivo Robotnik raised his hand, holding Blue Super Emerald in it "Then, you go beyond."