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  1. okay but look how lazy i actually am when it comes to inking: http://amymist.tumblr.com/image/101840024731

  2. General Art Thread

    I feel the need to tell you that that is wicked cute. edit so i dont double post: My favorite way to procrastinate is by doodling fanart. Sometimes putting effort into things is hard. (theres also megaman in there because im a sucker for robots)
  3. GamerGate

    I totally get where you're coming from, and that's part of the reason that the original options didn't work for me- I know quite well that not everyone supporting the movement is trying to be exclusionary! I don't want to make it sound like I've got something against everyone supporting it because I really don't. But every time say, a female artist on Twitter comes out as pro-GG, you get a bunch of people saying "See, she knows her place!" and I really, really do not want to deal with that. That said, there are a lot of people who say stuff like "I don't consider myself a femist because I don't want to associate with the hateful ones" and I think this is essentially the same thing. I'm not mad at the people who say that, because they have a totally valid position.
  4. GamerGate

    Basically just that the people supporting it who are sexist use any traction it gains for their own awful motives. I'm not comfortable supporting it until it becomes more distanced from it's gross roots.
  5. GamerGate

    I am anti-GG... but not for the reasons listed!
  6. Let Amy doodle you a draw (request thread)

    Thank you both!
  7. Games that you recently finished

    I haven't been doing much gaming-wise right now, but a few months ago I played through Kentucky Route Zero, and man I love it! You want a game that feels like a campfire story, that's the one you should go to. Although, I am about to start Chrono Trigger (I know- I'm all about game design, it makes no sense that I haven't played this one.) and I hope to be able to focus on it enough to get through fairly quickly.
  8. Sonic Boom (Comic Series)

    Just read the first one and... Man. I really like the designs, but I'm actually kind of disappointed. I don't like how dumb Knuckles seems to be, or the fact that Amy is kind of mean to him about it. They're two of my favorite characters too... Someone please tell me it gets better. :'o
  9. Let Amy doodle you a draw (request thread)

    I can absolutely do more complex scenes! I'll probably skim on details of the actual imagery- Like if I have a city in the background there's a good chance the windows will just be really rough rectangles.
  10. The Sonic '06 thread

    Video games are an important topic to my heart, okay? I think discussions like this are neat, because some of the most engaging conversations about game design come from ones that got it wrong! I kind of want to talk about the first half hour of the game, because it's easier to talk about specific improvements when we narrow our focus a bit! So my first complaint is how long the game takes to start! There's a long period where you don't get any real gameplay, and the first time you actually do get put in control, you're dropped into a kind of boring area with the core gameplay blocked off by your need to get a kind of arbitrary item. And there is no excuse for this! The opening cutscene features several segments that would be a really really great introduction to Sonic's gameplay! Starting with when he first appears, we get to see Sonic doing cool stuff that the player should be doing. You could even use the first appearance of the robots as a combat tutorial. But the developers sacrificed this for the sake of a cutscene that they could use to advertise the game. From there, you find yourself in Soleanna with a clear path to continue... Only to find out you can't actually use it. The game immediately destroys the tension the opening had built up. "There goes the Egg Carrier! You have to act fast! But uh, let us tell you about sidequests and shopping first." This isn't helped by how many points there are where the game has to stop and load in quick succession. It's not really necessary to make you walk up to Tails to watch a cutscene, and that's really only used to show the player about talking to people to get information... and even that falls through, as he's not exactly hard to find without them. I don't have much to say about the minigame you're forced to do to continue, it's just more padding before you can move on with the game. About 15 minutes in, you finally get to experience the core gameplay. The finicky controls and unnatural movement are pretty well known, so I'm not going to talk about it much. Beyond control issues and glitches, there's honestly not much to complain about here! Basically all the problems with this level boil down to those two things. The level design is a bit weird and hard to follow at first, and it still feels kind of weak after the opening, but it's an acceptable first level. It could be used as a stronger introduction to the mechanics, but it feels like they at least tried to achieve that. With a little more polish, this would be a really fun level to get used to the feel of Sonic and Tails' gameplay. I've heard people complain that it's too similar to Emerald Coast, but tbh I don't mind that terribly- Emerald Coast was a pretty good stage. Then... Then we get a type of segment that I hate. It's no secret that the 3D Sonic games struggle with capturing the feeling of "gotta go fast" that the 2D games usually pull off so well, and MAN is this no exception. The sensitive controls hurt the game more in these running segments than perhaps anywhere else. This first one isn't so bad, but you can probably tell right then that they are going to get much, much worse. There's a quick cutscene, and then you move on to what, in my opinion would have been a much better place to introduce information gathering! Now you have a goal that follows the progression of the plot nicely, rather then "Well, we have to make him meet up with Tails somehow." Course, they had to go and pad this out longer than necessary as well, by once again making you do a sidequest and get an item. I'd feel a bit better about that if it went by a little faster. I do like the slide mechanic though, it's a good way to let you fight without losing much momentum. To close out the first half hour, we get a cool cutscene showing off some of Elise's flaws as a character. Yeah. We get a very basic 'damsel in distress' who immediately latches onto Sonic, and just kind of stands around when things happen. This is followed with a boss fight that is fine, if bland and carrying the same control/glitch problems that define the game. I like its design, at least. The camera isn't great when you climb on the boss, but it's not offensively bad either. From there the game pretty much settles into that rhythm. And despite me being able to complain about it for ages, I do kind of like this game! I think that's part of why I can complain about it easily, haha. Games I really hate are hard for me to talk about, because I don't like taking the time to investigate them. Sonic '06 is a game that I feel could be better- it's not something with no redeeming value by any means!
  11. Sonic Boom (Cartoon)

    And remember kids, pirating is wrong! (But worth it, a lot of the time.) Sonic is p popular, and if what happened with MLP is any indication, the episodes will probably be up on YouTube within 48 hours after they air. So that'll be nice!
  12. Hey, none of you cats know who I am, right? Sweet. In that case, I'm taking requests! You won't be getting anything fancy, mostly experimental stuff like the pic up in the top of this post there. I'll do any character, including humans, robots, and fancharacters! There's a catch, though... You have to request a scenario, not just a character! For example, if you just say "Can you draw Silver?" I won't do it. Something like "How about Silver saving people from a rockslide?" will work though! Also, I won't draw anything that exceeds a G rating! No dirty jokes or gore, sorry!