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  1. Lino Blythe

    Awhile ago I used to say this to myself and had it as a Skype message and it seemed to have helped some friends out "Don't stop, keep going, and always move forward" Dunno why I feel like letting you guys know but just letting it out there~

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    2. Lino Blythe

      Well that's basically what me and Captain said but being blunt can work too XD

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    3. Lino Blythe

      Nah just saying you were being straight-forward. In some movies there are cases where saying what you said can make an intense and awesome speech or great for lifting moral. I love those crazy things

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    4. Lino Blythe

      Yeah, sometimes you do need to just be straightforward with people. Otherwise they'll just never get it. I can definitely respect you and how you are not afraid to speak your mind

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