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  1. Silvori's requests

    That would be the dream.  
  2. Silvori's requests

    Thank you @ChaosKaiser, there are parts of each Sonic design that I really like. I wanted this one to fit somewhere in the middle. As for the hair style, Yes I wanted to have it always going to the side. When I was working on the design I was thinking about if Sonic were in an RPG like Dragon Quest or something similar. I used the sonic head silhouette as inspiration. I was like what if his quills went to the side? Then this happened.  
  3. Silvori's requests

    Challenge accepted! I will be back in a month or so. this will definitely take time to complete..
  4. Silvori's requests

    Hello, I have now finished the request for @ChaosKaiser . Here is how I would redesign Sonic. This also made me realize that I want another Sonic rpg game. I actually drew more redesigns, but of two sonic characters that may have been forgotten (Erazor and Shahra). I'll probably post them here after I finish them. Working on the redesign of Sonic sparked so many story ideas in my mind. If you have anymore suggestions then feel free to comment them here.
  5. Silvori's requests

    Thank you. Sometimes I use the request to test out some different things with shading and even line art. I think choosing to do it as a comic page would be the easier way to show reactions.
  6. Silvori's requests

    Alright here is that request for @Geoffrey St John Now the redesign of Sonic is up next. @ChaosKaiser if any more request come feel free to comment here. 
  7. Silvori's requests

    That's an interesting request I'll see what i can come up with. Oh i think it was because i removed the original file. I put them all into one image. I just never put it up here. Here are the other requests I did before.
  8. Silvori's requests

    Thank you Yes, it may take me sometime to work on, but if there is something you would be interested in seeing, I'm still willing to take requests.
  9. Silvori's requests

    Wow it has been sometime since I came back here. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I'm still taking simple drawing requests/suggestions. If there is sonic character (It could be your sonic character and/or an official character (mobian, human, robot. other.), from any of the series, you would like to see me draw feel free to let me know. I'd like to share more art in the future. Also I still need to finish that request for @Geoffrey St John .    
  10. Silvori's requests

    Thank you!  
  11. Silvori's requests

    Here is the request for Geoffrey St John and Skye Prower, in that order.  
  12. Silvori's requests

    I'll work on getting these requests done by Saturday. If any thin else comes to you my then feel free to comment and I'll draw it for the next batch.  
  13. Silvori's requests

    here are a whole lot of drawings I was suggested a while back. Geoffrey St John suggested metal Eclipse and mecha Antoine. - I realize now that I didn't draw metal Eclipse but rather mecha Eclipse. Maybe I can try drawing him as a Metal form for the next time. Thire suggested Shard in his “Chillin’ “ pose, and Nicole hacking an Eggman terminal. The rest are suggested by people who follow me on youtube.
  14. Silvori's requests

    Hello it has been a while since I've come on here. I've been a little busy with other things and life, but i'm currently working on drawing a pile of request pictures that you guys and gals suggested. I'm still taking suggestions.  If there is a sonic character (It could be your sonic character and/or an official character), from any of the series, you would like to see me draw feel free to let me know. I'd like to share more art in the future. Please make sure to keep your suggestion simple when you describe it. I will possible be posting some drawings today or tomorrow depending of when I get them done.
  15. General Art Thread

    I did a lot of drawings of Nack/Fang the weasel. ihave to say he is becoming one of my favorite characters.