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  1. Ishurna added a post in a topic General Trash   

    If only #260 came on here.
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  2. Ishurna added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    (I'm back from embarrassing myself... sorry...)
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  3. Ishurna added a post in a topic Sonic Universe (Comic Series)   

    Glimpse at the new off-panel.
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  4. Ishurna added a post in a topic Sonic in the Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS   

    Over a month that a new post was posted? Wow.
    Anyways, I am glad to see him back too, but my only gripe is that they kept virtually the same moveset for him as in Brawl. Not saying it is a bad thing, but I think only the Homing Attack was changed (arch instead of line).
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  5. Ishurna added a post in a topic The Sonic '06 thread   

    Hilariously, he had no will to do it. A peck on the nose would have been fine (I do it to my dog sometimes), but no long kiss scenes with lights.

    and I think some of us get it, but some of us might disrespect that rule. I'll report them if they do.
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  6. Ishurna added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    Those Covers are quite nice. Also, I see a #231 reference on the "the return of Princess Sally" variant cover, which is quite great.
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  7. Ishurna added a topic in Multiverses of Sonic the Hedgehog   

    The Sonic '06 thread
    A.K.A: "How to make Sonic '06 better" ideas/"Discussion of that one game" thread, or the "Oh god what am I doing" thread, or "what the hell, Sonic Team?!" thread.
    Remember, this is your opinions on how to make this game better, not "this game sucks already so why bother changing it?"
    Of course, this is all about '06, so who cares?

    SONIC THE HEDGEHOG/Sonic Next-Gen/Sonic '06 is one of my favorite games in the series as it contributed to why I'm here in the Sonic fandom today, but I agree it is a bit too lackluster. And I also played worse games distributed by Nintendo (STARES AT HANNAH MONTANA'S GAMES), so how do we make it better?

    My Ideas are this:
    Remove the missions. They are pretty hard with the broken controls
    Make the engine more of the Hedgehog Engine, or at least have Dimps help. The Adventure Engine doesn't work on these types of games anymore.
    Make Elise so she's not a Mary Sue and do not let Sonic love her automatically. I'd say that it would make the game tons better
    Pillars should not fall like sticks with a simple nudge, even if they are ancient.
    Do not have that one scene.

    Those are just some that I have in my mind.

    In my opinion, this is kind of another Sonic Adventure game. I mean, this is the last time a canon Sonic Game before Sonic Lost World for the Wii U had more than one playable character (if you don't count the Sonic Storybook Series as canon or the Werehog or Classic Sonic as another playable character), it has many thing that contribute to a theory that this is the lost "Sonic Adventure 3" (or, at least I think it does), and the cutscenes and music are great. However, I got to admit that some parts of the game are pretty frustrating (I know this from the Silver story). In all, I don't really care for this game much. I mean, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is much worse.

    You guys can rage at this game if you want, but remember that this thread is pretty much to talk about this one game.
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  8. Ishurna added a post in a topic Sonic Lost World   

    Meh, you do what you want.
    I like this game, but it's between Sonic Generations/Black Knight/Unleashed (favorite games) and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (#7). I like the music, but the parkour is painful to master. I also don't like how you jump from rails because it reminds me of Adventure 2/Heroes/06 rail jumping, which is not my favorite kinds of rail jumps. If they made the B button the run trigger and the LRs the Side Step/Rail Jump, this game would have been my favorite of the series. But meh.
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  9. Ishurna added a post in a topic Mega Man (Comic Series)   

    Did he really?
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  10. Ishurna added a post in a topic Sonic X (Comic Series)   

    didn't Shadow say that this is for discussion for the Sonic X comics?

    One of my favorite comics of the Sonic X series was when Sonic and Eggman swapped minds. That was great.
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  11. Ishurna added a post in a topic (Idea) Sonic the Retro (A Super Mario Bros. hack idea)   

    Racing games can be handled on an NES. Sonic is, in a sense, a racing game. If someone can somehow hack Mario's speed and physics and change his sprites to Sonic's, then we get Sonic the Hedgehog in the Mushroom Kingdom.
    Unfortunately, I do not know a single hacking tool that can change Mario's coding.
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  12. Ishurna added a post in a topic Sonic Universe (Comic Series)   

    Well. That's good to know.

    I‛ve been reading the scans here.
    #25's last part is terrifying.
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  13. Ishurna added a post in a topic Sonic Boom (Cartoon)   

    Well, Yardley as the animation director would be nice, but remember that some of the shows the director of The Buzz on Maggie and My Little Pony had worked on was vector. It would be nice to see them in Sonic X (with more accuracy) or the Sonic Channel Style. Those were pretty good arts.
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  14. Ishurna added a topic in Sonic Fan Works   

    (Idea) Sonic the Retro (A Super Mario Bros. hack idea)
    So, I had this going on in my head for a while: Why not hack Super Mario Bros. into a Sonic game? It would have a mix of both of the Sonic 1 games into it, but as an added bonus, Spindash to be an optional thing (to turn it off in the options if anyone can replace 2P with options) and Super Form is in it (and Super Form can be unlocked after the final boss).

    Of course, if this does happen and get approved, I need coders and musicians, and the game and progress would be put on the Sonic Retro along with here.
    Would the idea be approved here?
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  15. Ishurna added a post in a topic Third Nintendo-Exclusive Title This Year?   

    I can see this new game being the end of the Sonic Storybook Series Trilogy.
    However, instead of Pirates, it would either be Greco-Roman Mythology or the Grimm Brothers.

    Sonic Adventure 3 is a problematic rumor because Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic '06) was adventure-esque (despite all its glitches), and Sonic Unleashed is quite possibly the true Sonic Adventure 3, because it's japanese name is Sonic World Adventure.

    Sonic Unleashed 2, I can quite possibly see. However, we all know the Wii port sucks.

    A Sonic Chronicles 2 would not cut it. We all know that game sucks even more than Shadow's own game (or in many cases, Sonic 2006).

    The Riders Series have already ended with Free Riders. Sorry guys.

    Sonic Rush was not meant to be a Trilogy, but I can see this. However, it would be stuck to perma-2D.

    STH4E3 is not a bad prediction, actually. I have only played demos of the first two. I like them.

    Sorry if I crushed fan dreams of a Sonic Pirates Storybook Series.
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