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  1. It seems like majority us is busy preparing for the most awaited Christmas day. I find it hassle to visit the mall, so I just simply go all over the internet to find great deals. I have bought a few clothes for my niece and nephews, and some highly durable dog toys  for my pooch. I am still waiting for the other stuff to b e delivered so that I can start with the gift wrapping process.
  2. Lego Creations

    Pretty cool stuff you have there, my nephew also loves to play with Lego toys. 
  3. Off-Topic Thread

    They finally did something rights. Hands down, this looks like a good comic adaptation. 
  4. Games that you recently got

    Little Nightmares, this game reminds me of Tim Burton's creation. 
  5. Games that you are currently playing

    The Walking Dead: A New Frontier   Got to love zombies... 
  6. Off-Topic Thread

    You are not serious right?  Oh well it's not yet too late, you can check on the internet to watch other super hero movies.  
  7. Off-Topic Thread

    Oh my, I am looking forward to seeing this movie, the cast will definitely nail it.     
  8. Games that you recently finished

    Done playing Resident Evil: Biohazard, now I feel like I am one of the infected zombies. LOL