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  1. Apologize for breaking the one status rule, but in lighter news I'm working on a light novel right now at the moment, and a short story book that I plan to publish on Amazon Kindle 

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      Awesome, looking forward to it.

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      Skye Prower

      Best of luck!

  2. It's been a while since I've been on here...never the less, I'd like to stay but I don't feel very welcomed anymore due to a certain group that's also found this forum. If anyone wants any of my other contacts such as twitter or Da I'll give them to you via the DM's. 

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      Danny Felixe

      Those are things that have happened at ASO. And the way I see it what happens at ASO stays at ASO. I don't really understand what happened over there and I don't care too much. Don't worry about people from over at ASO because whatever happened over there really doesn't matter to here unless similar things happen. If you do end up having issues from anyone here because of ASO or for any other reason please let myself or one of the other staff know and we will try to sort it out as best we can

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      thank you Dylan 

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      Geoffrey St John

      TR I know I have never really said much to you in the past but after reading this status I have decided to change that so let us talk. Shoot me a pm when you see this reply.

  3. What if the comics continued?

    While I'm not the biggest fan of the reboot, I do like the concept of the new world that was made. Don't get me wrong, I miss the old Archie characters, but sometimes more is less. With that said, what are some things that you would have liked to see if the comic still continued.  Right off the bat I feel having the comic go to 1 story per issue instead of 2 would have drawn me back in, as having 2 stories felt distracting and like too much was going on. Story wise I would like to see Tails and Sonar (the green fox) interact with each other. Shipping aside I feel the two would just have good "work together" chemistry, and I'd like to see her be a part of Tails sky force team.
  4. two princesses

    Every story, as two sides, but which side do you take. Who's right, who's wrong? More importantly, which side isn't going to cost you your life?  https://teamrandom21.deviantart.com/art/two-princesses-708970481 
  5. Paintbrush, by TR21

    Painting, it's not a bad hobby, and even if you aren't a good painter, you can always learn how to. Now the question is, what if a painting you drew, decide to come off the canvas...   act 1: https://teamrandom21.deviantart.com/art/paintbrush-act-1-705113039 act 2: https://teamrandom21.deviantart.com/art/paintbrush-act-2-705849045 act 3: https://teamrandom21.deviantart.com/art/paintbrush-act-3-706496339 
  6. Team random 21's poems

    I know this is out of the blue, but I want to start sharing some of my other works with you guys on here, original one's of course... It took me a while, but I finally was able to get out of my comfort zone and make my own stories without already made characters in video game or TV shows.  Due to their content, I can't exactly post them here, but I can post the links.  https://teamrandom21.deviantart.com/gallery/62359143/poems
  7. To college's credit, it hasn't been to harsh on me yet. Kind of hope it stays that way for a while because I'm still having a hard time getting over the fact that I'm driving myself there, along with the whole "everything is on you" aspect. 

  8. Furball Adventures

    In the somewhat distant feature   Next Sunday A.T.T.A   There was a cat named Furball   Just you’re ordinary Alley cat   He roamed the alley ways, looking for food Just minding his own business, and trying to avoid dogs   But Dennis Falk’s wasn’t having it so he shot him into space   Furball: MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW   “I’ll send him my fan fics. (la la la)   The best ever made!”   Now keep in mind Furball can’t control when the stories begin or end   He’ll have to keep his sanity, with the help of these cameo’s   CAMEO ROLE CALL   Cambot   Gypsy   Tom Servo   Crooooooooooooow   If you’re wondering what the heck is going on, or what you’re reading (la la la)   Just say to yourself it’s just a fan fiction, I should really relax and give it a star   For Acme science theater 3000       (Crow and Tom Servo look around confused)   Tom: Hey crow?   Crow: yeah?   Tom: Something seems just a tad bit off…   Crow: Yeah?   Tom: Yeah…   Crow: Yeah.   Tom: YEAH!   Crow…yeah…   (A giant hose comes down and out plops furball)   Tom: and crow: AHHHHHHHHHHHH ALIEN!   (The two robots run around in circles screaming until Gypsy comes down)   Gypsy: Guys for Pete sakes that’s not an alien, that’s a cat!   (the two robots stop running around like idiots)   Tom: Oh…   Crow: A cat? What the heck is a cat doing up here?   Tom: Better question what should we name it?   (Furball points to his fur)   Tom: hmmmm….Fur…   (Furball picks up a baseball and tosses it up)   Crow: Fur-baseball?   (Furball shakes his head and picks up a rubber ball)   Tom: ball…furball   (Furball nods his head up and down)   Tom: FURBALL! THAT’S WHAT WILL NAME HIM!   Gypsy: Seriously? Furball? Why can’t we name him something else like blue ball…or mr.kitty cat.   (sirens go off)   Tom: OH JEEZ WE GOTTA GO COME ON KITTY IT’S MOVIE TIME! (the trio run off screen).       Monty Max sat in his chair in his mansion, in his very large room, reading the news. The Acme Acers elections were coming up, and dispute his age Monty knew that with the right price, he could run for anything.   “I need to win this election…I don’t care how old I am, I can just imagine all the stuff I can do once I run for Mayor of this dump!” Monty said to himself, rubbing his hands together.   -----------------------------------Monty’s daydream----------------------------------------------------------------   Monty stood at a speaker stand in front of a large audience of people. He wore his best black suit and shoes, and was about ready to give his speech.   “My fellow Acme Acers residents, we’re going to build a wall, and make Buster and Babs Bunny pay for it!”   The crowd roared in a big cheer. They all agreed with the idea, chanting Monty’s name and throwing him flowers.   -------------------------------------End of Monty’s Daydream--------------------------------------------------------   “Yes…it’s perfect. I just need to dig up some dirt on those two goons and they’ll be done for…”   Monty thought for a second.   “Now what dirt could I bring up on Buster and Babs bunny…real dirt…something that will make people turn on them…”   Just then Monty Max snapped his fingers. He quickly picked up his phone on his desk and dialed a number.   “Hello?” Elmyra said from the other side.   “Elmyra! Long time no see!” Monty said, trying to sound as nice as possible to the annoying red haired girl who had a crush on him.   “I’m not talking to you Monty! You’ve stood me up for the last time!”   “What are you talking about?”   “Don’t act like you didn’t see that invitation I sent you!” Flashback   (Monty Max leaves his house in his PJ’s, going to get his mail. He opens up his mailbox and looks at what he has)   Monty: junk mail, junk mail, junk mail, invitation-to-a-dinner-party-with-elmyra, junk mail, ah! Here it is! The latest issue of spoiled kids monthly!   End of flashback     “I have no idea what you’re talking about!”   “Sure you don’t!” Elmyra said in a sassy tone.   “I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!”   Monty reached his hand into the phone and pulled out Elmyra, still in her bus driver outfit and even holding the steering wheel. Monty then placed her on the chair in front of his desk. Monty then sat down in his chair on the other side and began to speak.   “Elmyra, I need your help.”   “With what? Have you decided to not be a greedy spoiled brat finally?”   “No! I need you to help me expose Buster and babs bunny!”   “Why?”   “Because I’m running for Mayor of this crummy town!”   “Why?”   “Cause why not? Don’t you see Elmyra? This town is corrupt!” Monty said, putting his arm in the air. He opened the window to look outside. Birds were flying, the sun was shining, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.   “Just look at all this…this…chaos! It sickens me!”   “Monty I think you need to go outside…” Elmyra said sounding somewhat concerned.   “No, no, I’m fine! Now if we could get to the part of making sure that I become Mayor of this town…”   “…just so you can get rid of the bunnies, yeah yeah…why are you so mean to them anyway?” Elmyra asked.   Monty thought for a second. He needed to give an answer; after all, this could be his chance to really get Elmyra on his side. Then, something came to his mind.   “Because…their mean to you.”   “What?”   Monty stepped off his chair and headed over to Elmyra, turning it around and showing her pictures of her trying to pet them, with the rabbits running away.   “You see this? There just running away from you because they’re teasing you! They don’t want your supposed grubby hands petting their “so nice fur”.   Monty then brought up a picture of the rabbits laughing.   “Wake up Elmyra! Their laughing at you! They’ve always been, so you know what we have to do now?”   “Put our face down in a pillow and cry?”   “No! We get revenge!”   Monty then let out an evil and long laugh.   “Now then…come Elmyra, we have much to do. We’re going to make Acme Acers great again!” he said shouting up to the sky.   “How?”   Monty face palmed.   “You have a lot to learn…”       Tom: What the-   Crow: what the heck was that? That wasn’t a complete story, that was rubbish!   Tom: come to think of it, all of this feels like rubbish. In fact, it feels like we’re in a fan fiction.   Crow: Yeah, and we didn’t get this feeling until-   (Tom and Crow look slowly over at Furball. They then quickly throw him into an escape pod and send him back to earth)   Tom: bye Furball.   Crow: yeah, that’s the spirit. High five!   Tom: no, no, don’t touch me!   Crow: what?   Tom: DON’T TOUCH ME I HAVE A SCREW DRIVER AND I’M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!   Crow: put…the…screwdriver…down…just put It down…   Tom: no, no, nononono, this doesn’t feel legit.   Crow: everything will be alright Tom we’re not in the fan fiction anymore…   Tom:OH YEAH   Crow: yeah…   Tom: oh…ok.(tom drops the screwdriver and walks  off screen.)   Crow: wow, that was very anticlimactic…   Tom: CHAINSAW!   Crow: OH GOD! (runs away from tom.)  
  9. Furball Adventures

    Episode 1:   So, here we are...a random house in the suburbs! Alright, I bet you’re wondering what we're doing here? Well, you may not know it, but there’s a certain famous blue haired person here…   “Who me?”   No...not you 2d. A certain blue haired animal.   “C is for-”   No! Oh for pete sakes. The answer is furball. Who you ask? Well, you know...the blue haired cat in the show that always had bad luck for some reason. Yes, he’s here...he’s...where the heck is he?   Excuse me...as I, the narrator of this story describe to what’s going on as I search for our blue haired main character. I will give his new owner credit though, he does have quite a nice home. Purple curtains, a big tv, some couches. Though no cat…   Strange...I could have sworn this was the right address. So now I’m taking out my address book here to see if I am at the right place.   “Hey buddy…” said a red bird with a bowtie on, in a bird cage of course.   “You looking for Furball?”   Why yes I am, I said to...uh…   “Names Gizmo.”   Uh...right, Gizmo the bird told me.   “He right over by the fireplace sleeping in his bed.”   Thanks. And now as I walk over I see indeed that is where our main character is. There he was, snuggled up in his bed. If my notes are correct this was the little guy’s new home, after living years and years on the streets of Acme acres.   His days on the streets weren’t anything special, just walking around looking for food, avoiding dogs, and Elmaria (who’s getting into this story over my dead body…), and well, doing what even cartoon cats know what to do best...sleep!   Just then his owner came in, carrying a bunch of fishing equipment. His owner wore a fishing hat and khaki shorts, getting ready to head out to the ocean to catch some fish.   “Furball, I’m going out fishing, I should be back by the end of the night. I expect Gizmo here to be safe and sound when I come back!” the owner said sternly, waking up Furball in the process, still sleepy from his nap.   “Understood?”   “Furball nodded his head.   “Good...also...WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!” his owner said to me.   Well sir, you see I am the narr-   “Get out!”   And so the owner picked me up by the collar and tossed me out-   Crash   The narrator dusting himself off a bit   Fine, be that way, I’ll just narrate form out here. And so jerky mcjerk pants got in his car with his boat right behind it and drove off. Not gonna lie, I hope he gets a ticket…   Back at the house, Furball had fallen back to sleep peacefully. While he was, the bird took a long look at the cat.   “Should I...or should I go to sleep?”   The bird looked once more to see that Furball was asleep, rolling over on his side , facing the other way from him.   “Alright, here goes nothing…”   So Gizmo closed his eyes and fell asleep. Little did he know as soon as he did, Furball woke up and looked over his shoulder. Once he saw the bird was asleep, he slowly walked over to the cage. The bird was still asleep, even with Furball jumping on the cage and using his claw to open it up. Just as he opened his mouth, the bird opened it’s eyes.   “Oh...we’re gonna do this now are we?”   The bird grabbed a stick of dynamite from his pocket and put it down furballs throat. The cat fell down the cage, licking it’s lips and rubbing his stomach.   “Hey buddy…” Gizmo said from up in the cage.   “That wasn’t me you ate…”   Furball cocked his head in confusion before he exploded right there and then, leaving a nasty mark on the carpet.   “Eh...any owner who trust their cat at home alone with a bird deserves it.” Gizmo said, shrugging the incident off.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Gizmo was once again asleep. Furball looked up at the bird cage, with the bird once again asleep. He quickly climbed up once more and opened the door to reach his hand in. Once in, he felt around for the bird, only to get a pain in his hand.   Letting out a cry of pain the cat once again fell down from the cage. Looking at his hand he found a mouse trap on it.   “Who said mouse traps were just good for mouses.” Gizmo laughed. Furball got the mouse trap off of his hand and quickly leaped up into the air. Gizmo moved right out of the way however, leaving Furball going right into the cage.   Once in Gizmo closed the door, trapping him inside.   “Not so fun being trapped in a cage now is it?”   The bird flew away towards a window, leaving a crammed furball trapped inside his cage.   “Now this is the life…” the bird said flying around the room.   “All this space and you stupid humans wonder why we complain about being trapped in the tiny cages you put us in!” he said, soaring through the living room and kitchen. As he landed on the kitchen window, he saw a big grey dog walking outside.   “Oh look, a big grey dog walking outside…sure would suck if someone decided to lie to the dog about something…”   With an evil grin, the bird called over the grey dog.   “Hey pal.” Gizmo said, getting the dog’s attention.   “There’s a blue cat in here who’s talking badly about dogs.”   “Oh he is, is he?” the dog said, climbing thru the window. Furball was about to go after the bird before he ran right into the dog, going coming face to face with him.   “So you like talking badly about dogs do you?”   Furball shook his head no, but the dog wasn’t having it. The dog started barking loudly and chasing after Furball, who ran away from him as fast as he could. As the dog chased Furball around, things in the living room got knocked down and broken.   Gizmo sat back and watched, chowing down on bird seeds as he watched Furball and the dog knock everything down.   “This is so better than anything on Cartoon Network right now.” Gizmo said.   As the two continued to run around the room, the owner of the house pulled up. He got out of his car looking a bit battered and bruised.   “Stupid fish and lake creatures…I just wanted to fish!” The owner said grumpily. “Oh well, at least I can come home to a house that’s all in-“   As the owner opened the door, he saw the mess that lay in front of him. Furniture turned upside down, fine plates being broken, and carpet torn up.   “WHO’S RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!!!” The owner shouted at the top of his lungs, catching attention of Furball and the dog. Both the dog and Gizmo pointed at Furball. Furball smiled nervously, but before he knew it, he was booted out of the house.   “AND STAY OUT!” the owner said.   “Hey!”   The owner looked to see that there was a group of angry animal right protesters on his lawn.   “Did you just kick that cat?”   “What? Who me? I would never-“ the owner took off running down the street.   “YOU’LL NEVER TELL MY BOSSES ABOUT THIS TO GET ME FIRED ALIVE!” he said before getting hit by a bus.   “I’m ok!” he said, as the bus drove off into the distance. And so, now with no home, Furball continued to walk back to his old stomping ground, his card board box…  
  10. Furball Adventures

    After the encounter with the dogs, things were a bit rough for Furball. He couldn’t go back to his old cardboard home as the dogs knew that was where he was at, and there really wasn’t anywhere else for him to go.   He would have to look around his back and hide at the sound of any dogs around him. It was for a good reason however, as back at their hideout, the dogs were seeking revenge.   “You two!” the grey dog pointed to the bulldog and beagle.   “I want you two to find that cat and bring him back to me understand?”   The two nodded their head.   “Good, and if you don’t (for any reason) have him…don’t bother coming back!”   “Y-y-yes sir…” the bulldog said.   “Good, now get going!”   The two went out the door and hurried on to look for the cat.     Dispute having to be on the lookout for dogs, Furball still needed to eat. He looked in his usual places such as dumpsters and back alley ways.   “Surly there has to be something around here…” he thought to himself.   As he investigated the alleyway to see where there could be food, the two dogs looking for him were right around the corner. The beagle’s eyes lit up as he spotted the cat, and just as he was about to shout and point at him, the bulldog covered his mouth and pulled him to the side.   Furball looked over to where the dogs were at, but nobody was there. He shrugged his shoulders and continued to look around.   “If we could try to sneak up on him without making it obvious that we are, that would be great…” the bulldog said.   The beagle nodded his head.   The two snuck behind furball, carefully tip towing their way towards the cat, who had no idea that they were behind him.   “Here kitty, kitty…” the beagle said carefully under his breath. Furball heard this however. He turned around slowly to see the two dogs.   “Our pal the grey dog (which we legit call him because the writer of this train wreak didn’t give him a name), would like to have a long and hard chat with you…” the bulldog said.   “Goodnight everybody!” Yakko said, popping out of the dumpster.   “Who the heck was that?” The beagle asked, looking at the bulldog in confusion.   “Beats-HEY, WHERE’D THE CAT GO?”   Furball dashed across the street and booked it down a sidewalk, running as fast as his 4 paws could carry him. He made his way past busy restaurants, pets stores, and a building that was getting panted on.   The painter was about to dip his white paint brush into the bucket when he unknowingly painted the back of Furball.    Furball stopped to catch his breath by a TV store. He looked behind him when he saw the white streak on his back.   “Oh no…” he thought.   Furball remembered the last time he had a white streak on his back, which caused Fifi la fume to chase after him. Looking around, Furball tried to see if Fifi was anywhere around. Luckily, she wasn’t, at least not yet…   Furball quickly headed to a fire hydrant to try and open it up and get the water off of him. It was no use however, and got him in even more trouble when the dogs saw this.   “You know it’s bad enough you have to insult our pal…” the bulldog said, crossing his arms. The beagle had his hands on his hips, standing next to the bulldog.   “Now…you have to try and destroy one of the best man kind inventions to us dogs…”   “I’ve seen enough…” the beagle said. Furball quickly ran out of there as the dogs chased him. Furball headed towards a lot with a broken down car in it, and quickly made his way into the trunk. The beagle was about to go in when the bulldog grabbed him and held him back.   “What? What is it?”   “Do you have any idea whose home that is?”   “What do you mean it just looks like a broken down car?”   “Well that broken down car is home to Fifi La fume…the skunk Fifi La fume!”   “Oh come on now, we’re not going to just run off because of a skunk are we?”   “Yes…yes we are…now let’s just pretend that Furball didn’t possibly go in here, and went somewhere else…”   The two dogs ran away from the lot. Furball peaked out of the trunk, looking around carefully. He got out of the trunk when the coast was clear, getting ready to leave when he suddenly heard the car door open.   “Hello cutie!”   Furball’s jaw dropped as he saw Fifi step out of the car. Fifi quickly wrapped her tail around Furball and started kissing him.   “You big hunk of skunk, where haz you been all my life?”   Furball was about to leave when he saw the two dogs watching from across the street. Furball didn’t want to, but he knew if he wanted to get those dogs off his back, he had to go along with Fifi. Furball hugged fifi back, trying to hold his nose.   “Come Romeo, let us stroll around town together!”   Fifi held Furball’s hand as the two walked around town.   “Well that’s just great…Furball’s decide to go out on a little date with Fifi to try and get away from us. Luckily, I’ve seen the Furball Follies episode of Tiny toons, so I know that the reason why Fifi is head over heels for Furball is because of the white streak on his back.”   “So what are we going to do?”   “We’re going to try and get that white streak off of him…”     Fifi and Furball sat together on the top of a hill, watching the sun set go down. Furball nervously had his arm around Fifi, trying to handle the skunk’s odder. Fifi had her tail wrapped around Furball tightly, looking over to him lovingly every now and then.   The two dogs snuck up behind the two.   “Come on, let’s get these stripes off before the shippers go crazy…” the bulldog said.   “You sure it’s wise to break the 4th wall this much?”   “Oh come on, it’s not like it’s going to actually brea-“   The two dogs looked up as a giant brick wall came down on them.   “Well…shoot.” The bulldog said from under the wall.     Fifi and Furball walked back to her home.   “Oh my lover…how zhis night was so amazing with you.” FIfi said kissing furball even more. Just as she was, it started raining, whipping the white stripe right off of Furball.   Fifi saw this, her eyes widening in shock.   “Furball? That was you the whole time!”   Furball looked at his tail; he saw that his white stripe was gone. Furball faced Fifi and nodded his head sadly, knowing that Fifi was going to be extremely mad at him.   “But why would you do such a zhing, unless…you’re trying to get my attention aren’t you?”   Furball shook his head no, but it was no use. Fifi was convinced that was the case. Before she could hug him once more Furball ran for it.   “Oh that Furball, it’s always the quiet type…” she said giggling to herself.   Furball found himself near an alley, the rain still pouring down as he tried to take shelter. The two dogs chasing after him stuck their heads out from behind a lamp post.   “It’s almost the end of the episode (or chapter in this case), everyone knows that’s usually when something bad happens to Furball!” After finishing the sentence, the two heard the screeching of tires. A bus crashed right into the building next to Furball. Out of the bus came a shaken up Elmyra.   “I think I’m goanna start doing something else now…” she said, holding up the steering wheel of the bus.   “I think someone didn’t get the memo that Furball is supposed to be unlucky…” the bulldog said crawling out from under the bus.     Are you tired of people hating on your OTP? Are people saying it’s dumb and stupid? Hi, I’m Teamrandom21, and I came up with a new invention that will really knock your socks off. It’s the Ship space.   Here in your ship space, you can admire your own ship as much as you want, for as long as you want, without any interference that will ruin it. Just blow this huge bubble up, get inside it, and just stay in there for as long as you want. Just look at a response of these people who thought this was awesome.   “The Ship space is great…I spend all my time in it.” Joe from NY   “What the heck is this thing?” The man, Warner bros Studios   “meow” some alley cat.   A simple $59.99 is all you need for this beautiful invention. Order now and you’ll get the super safe space, a bunker that’s 23 feet under your backyard, or front yard, only $12,000.   “What! What do you mean! That’s too expensiv-“ some whiny idiot before he got a safe dropped on him, cause well why not?
  11. Ban the above poster

    Banned because I tried jumping threw a hill instead of over it 
  12. Because life wasn't cruel enough, it had to take my cat a couple of days before my birthday...

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    2. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      Sorry to hear

    3. Thire


      My condolences, I know I've grown very fond of my cat and dread the day that comes to me...

    4. teamrandom21


      Sorry to hear about your cat shinomi and thanks guys ;)

  13. I really hate seeing my grandmother the way she is. She needs a lot more help getting around and I'm always worried about her. 

  14. Furball Adventures

    In the city streets, two dogs walked on two feet. One was a bulldog with black fur, the other was an brown beagle. Both walked together before heading into an alleyway. They looked around before knocking on a door.   “What’s the password?” the voice asked from the other side of the door.   “Timmy fell down a well…” the bulldog said.   After saying that, the dog on the other side of the door opened it up, letting the two dogs enter. Inside the door was a club full of at least 4 other dogs. One that stood by the door, and 3 others that played  a card game at the table. The one at the door was a lab dog, standing tall and guarding the door.   The 3 at the table included a rottweiler, a dalmatian, and a big grey dog. The two other dogs pulled up chairs and sat around with the other dogs.   “What be the good word?” the rottweiler said.   “So far I’m happy to report that there haven’t been any dog catchers on the block.” the bulldog said.   “Good, very good…”   “Have there been any cats on the street?” the dalmatian asked. “Just one…”   “One huh?” the grey one replied, shuffling his cards around a bit.   “Yeah, a blue one…”   The grey dog shot his head up.   “A blue one…”   “Yeah, saw him talking to two rabbits the other day. His name is apparently furball…”   “Funny...because a couple of days ago I got dissed by a blue cat named Furball...a little birdy told me...literally, it was a little bird that told me this.”   The Dalmatian and Rottweiler got up, dropping their cards on the table.   “Really now? A cat that wants to talk trash about us dogs huh? We’ll just see about that…Spoofy, do you know where this cat is at?” the dalmatian said pointing to the bulldog.   “Um...yeah, he lived in a cardboard box, I know where it is come on.” the bulldog said, leading the other dogs to the location of Furball’s cardboard box.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Furball quickly got out of a restaurant carrying a nice juicy fish, which he surprisingly got without getting caught...that and Donald Trump was in the restaurant that day…   “You call this stake?” Donald Trump shouted at the waiter. “I outta deport you for bringing me this vile...unappetizing thing you call a stake!” Trump said once more, slamming his fist on the table and causing a scene.   Furball was walking back to his cardboard box confidently before he spotted a group of dogs outside of his box. Surprised and scared, he hid behind a lamp post to see what was up.   “Come out wise cat, we want to have a word with you…” the grey dog said, knocking on the top of the box.   Furball tried to sneak away from the scene. He carefully tip-toed away, but it wasn’t enough.   “HEY!”   Furball didn’t bother to look at who said that. He quickly tried running away from the dogs.   “Come on guys, let’s teach him a lesson or two…” the Dalmatian said. The group of dogs chased Furball down the street. Furball kept running only to look behind and see the dogs gaining on him.   “You’re dead meat you little twat!” the Dalmatian said. Furball tried running faster, but before he knew it he slipped on a banana peel, causing him to fall flat on his back.   The Rottweiler picked up Furball and held him in front of the group of dogs. The grey dog walked up to Furball.     “A little birdy (literally), told me that you were trash talking me.”   Furball shook his head no.   “Don’t lie you little runt! Your luck has just run out.”   “Uh sir…what luck?” the Rottweiler said before showing him Furball’s page on the Tiny Toon Adventures wiki.   “Oh…oh alright…” the grey dog mumbled.   He then faced Furball once more.   “Uh…forget I said that.”   He then rolled up fur on his arm getting ready to lay it on Furball. Furball tried to struggle away but the bulldogs grip was too much. Little did the grey dog know there was a safe heading his way.   “Ha, ha, very funny Team random, but even you’re writing can’t save fur-“   DING!   And just like I said, an anvil had hit him right on the head.   “Where the heck did that thing come from?” the bagel said.   -----------------------------------------------meanwhile on the top of a room-------------------------------   “What did you mean you lost the anvil?” Brain shouted angrily at Pinky. “Now how are we going to get rid of Trump and take over the world?”   “Well we could try to run for office…” Pinky suggested.   “That plan sounds so dumb…it just may work….”     With the dogs distracted Furball slipped out of the bulldogs hands and made a run for it.   “Hey!” the bulldog shouted at Furball.   Seeing a bus at a bus stop, Furball quickly ran up to it, knocking on the door and entering. He took a seat near the middle of the bus, trying to catch his breath.   “Hey kitty, long time no see!”   Furball looked up in shock as he saw Elmyra behind the wheel of the bus.   “Long story short mom said I needed to get a new hobby other than playing with animals, so I decided to try and become a bus driver, and you know, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it…” she said before putting the bus in gear.   Elmyra stepped on the gas, sending Furball flying back in his seat. Elmyra swerved left and right, made tight turns that a bus wasn’t made to make, and even went thought a building!   “You know I’ll admit, I was kind of nervous when I started out doing this…” Elmyra stated as she continued to drive the bus radically. Finally, Elmyra stopped the bus, hard of course…sending Furball flying right into the window.   “Hope you enjoyed the ride, and if you see Buster tell him I said hi.” She said, as Furball melted out of the bus. Once out, the bus radically drove off, sending people screaming and running out of the way from it.   Furball looked around. To Elmyra’s credit, she did get him away from the dogs.   “Seriously! This is a stake to you?”   Furball heard the yelling voice of good old trump. He smiled at himself and headed in while Trump threw a fit.     I hopped on the bus to Warner bros. Studios with a goal in mind   Wanna hang with the loony gang and maybe cause some chaos. \   Those toons got everything they need, all the material to crack us up (literally)   Got those safes from Acme, and even a huge tug boat   I’m getting kind of nervous, with my stomach in butterflies, that’s when I see the good old warner tower, and the gates are wide open   And the gates are wide open   And the security guard from the animaniacs is nowhere to be seen   So I get my giant anvils   my custard pies   and even a rake   Eating the free food like yeah   Getting Wakko’s autograph like yeah   This so was, a good idea, and a reason to skip school today   Yeaaaaah, it’s a party at the Warner bros. Studios   Yeeeeeeah, it’s a party at the Warner Bros. studios.   I’ve done a couple of crazy things that could have gotten me in real trouble   Like accidently drop a safe on Bugs   Or accidently tick off, the Tasmanian devil   Don’t tell anybody I’m serious   As far as anybody knows   I’m just a very young intern, looking to get an inspiring career   Uh oh here comes the big guard, he’s walking near me   But he tips his hat off and wishes me a good day   And I do the same   Yeah I do the same   Yeah I do the same   So I get the heck out   And go on the set, off Tiny Toon Adventures   They’re all loony like yeah   They’re all wacky like yeah   And I sit back and watch the show   That’s better than CSI   Yeaaaaaaah, it’s a party in the Warner Bros Studios   Yeeeeeeah, it’s a party in the Warner Bros Studios   Anvil droppings and clever dialogues   4th wall breaking done right   Sitting back and watching the show   Man why isn’t this on TV anymore?   Hey kid, what you doing here!   And how did you get in?   Running out of here like yeah   Pulling an animaniac’s on the guards like yeah   It was fun and all good laughs, but I’ve been caught red handed   Yeaaaaaaaah, it’s a party in the Warner Bros Studios   Yeeeeeeeeeeah, it’s a party in the Warner Bros Studios     Party in the warner bro Studios   Just loony tunes   The toon street boys          
  15. Sonic SCANF Youtube channel?

    Maybe it's because I'm writing this at midnight but yeah...I got nothing? Anyone else?
  16. Sonic SCANF Youtube channel?

    Alright cool
  17. It's been a while but I finally started uploading to good old writers block again!

    1. Skye Prower

      Skye Prower

      Great! Good to see it active again.

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      I've wanted to for a while now skye, but some personal demons and other things have been holding me back.

  18. Babylons: Book 1

    Authors note: Allen is not my character, she is a character made by Gloria (Rondineviola). I have gotten her permission to use her character in this story.   The south Pacific holds something that not many people know about. Something that’s not on any map made at the time and something that very few know about. It’s not a sea creature, or a giant underwater portal, but an island. Kokko island finds itself being nothing more than a speak in the large South Pacific Ocean. The island had a main land, and then some off shore places. The main land held things like mountains and caves, even a river while the off shore area held little to nothing exciting. As stated before, not many people knew about this island, and the few that did keep it a secret. The island to them was like the ultimate resort, nobody knew about it, and for the most part it was free to go there. Of the few people who knew about this island was a side kick of a blue hedgehog, Tails the fox. As fun as it was to tag along with Sonic, Tails thought it would be best to take a break. Sonic did seem somewhat annoyed that the four year old tagged along with him, and kept following him everywhere he went. With his plan Tails flew back to the island he was very fond of… Up on Polly Mountain, there was a group of birds that lived there. Polly mountain was a popular place for these birds, as they felt it was a nice area where they could land and relax before taking off to wherever else they wanted to go, or simply stay. After all, the island was in the perfect spot, it was always warm and barely any storm clouds came near the area. While most came in groups, one came alone…this one being a bird named Allen. Dispute the name, Allen was a female, at the same age of Tails Allen really didn’t know much about her past, let alone how she got on the island. All that was known about Allen to the other birds was that she didn’t exactly have a clean slate. Things would go missing in the birds pockets, food would be there one second, and then gone the next. Any kid that messed with her would also get a rude awakening as well. Her days may have been full of goofing off and stealing things, but little did she know she was going to be a part of an adventure in the future…   Tails didn’t really travel far on Kokko Island. Besides the bullies and people who would call him a freak over his two tails, he had everything he needed in the house he made for himself. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t much, but it would be wear Tails would build inventions and work on things. It was a hobby of his. Tails pulled up a chair and began working on his robot dog he nicknamed t-pup. “Who needs friends when I can make one?” he said to himself. Meanwhile up Polly mountain, Allen’s days of stealing things were about to finally catch up to her. While lying against a tree, she heard footsteps approaching her.  In front of her stood 3 very unhappy birds. Allen only opened one eye to look at them, before closing them again. “How may I help you boys?” she said in a snarky tone. “Yeah, we’d like our stuff back…” one of the birds, an eagle, said while stepping closer to Allen. Allen responded back with a short “ha”. “What makes you goons think that I would give you guys you’re stuff back…let alone the fact that I have it?” The eagle picked up Allen by the collar and pulled her close to his face. “Whoa, whoa, whoa now buddy, you wouldn’t hit a girl would you?” “Funny, seeing as you have a boy’s name…” said one of the other birds, a blue hawk. “Now, now, we can settle things peacefully…” Allen said, before poking the eagle in the eye and running off. “Yo ed! You ok?” the pigeon bird said. “What the hell do you think? GET HER!” Allen ran as fast as her little legs could carry her as she heard the footsteps of the birds behind her. It didn’t help that these boys were older than her. Allen found herself rolling down the hill before landing near a house. Not wasting any time, Allen quickly got into the house. Dispute Tails being in the house at the moment, he was asleep, curled up on a ball on the couch, exhausted from all the work he did working on inventions. It did drain a lot out of him. “Where’d she go?” Ed asked. “I don’t know, you think she might have gone into that house?” the pigeon responded. “Probably…I don’t even know who the hell would live down here…” “What if it’s some creepy old dude?” “Shut it Pete.” The two looked around the house, before hearing something off in the distance. “That must be her…” The trio left, going off into the direction that the sound came from, completely ignoring and not even looking further into the open window that Allen got into. Allen whipped the sweat from her forehead and decided to take a look around the house. “I mind as well call this place home…no way are those 3 goanna let me back up to Polly Mountain in piece…” While exploring the house however, Allen found out that she wasn’t the only one here. Allen almost jumped and let out a scream as she saw Tails on the couch, curled up sleeping. Looking longer caused her panic to turn into awe as she approached the sleeping fox. She couldn’t help but find it cute how Tails was curled up in a ball sleeping. He looked so peaceful. Allen carefully started petting the fox, almost as if he was a dog or cat. Tails seemed to not mind at all, smiling in his sleep as he was getting pet. “This fox kid is cute…really cute…” she thought to herself. After petting Tails for a while, Allen looked outside of the house. The area around it wasn’t that bad, a bit better than the rocky hills of Polly Mountain. “Sorry Polly Mountain, but I think I’ll be sticking to this place from now on…” Allen said to herself.   Tails awoke from his slumber before the sun rose. He looked around to find that it was a sort of dark blue outside. “Mmmmh, man…working really drains me…” he said to himself. He got up and stretched before going outside to catch some fresh air, and splash some water on his face. On his way out, he spotted Allen, who was up against a tree asleep. Tails went over to tap Allen on the shoulder. “hmm…” “Hey…you ok?” Allen opened her eyes and almost jumped as she saw who stood before her. “OH…oh…uh…hi…” she said awkwardly. “Ummm…hey, what’s your name?” Tails asked. “Allen…” “Allen? Isn’t that a boy’s name?” “So? You have a problem with that!” Allen said, jumping to her feet and getting in Tails face. “Oh…no, no, I like it.” Tails said. Allen blushed a bit at the statement. “Um…well, thanks…” she said. “You’re welcome…” “Uh…by the way, do you mind if I stay here? I’m sort of in some hot water at my home.” “Where is your home?” “Just up the mountain. I live around Polly Mountain. How I got there I don’t know, I just know that I’ve been there since and have…well, sort of gotten myself into some trouble.” “What kind of trouble?” Tails said, cocking his head to the side a bit. “Nothing really bad…just…stole some stuff…” Tails gave a bit of a disapproving look at Allen. Before things could get awkward, Allen quickly changed the topic. “Have you been here your whole life?” “Well yeah, sort of…this is sort of a vacation spot for me. I arrived here after helping my pal Sonic defeat this evil guy named Doctor Robotnik.” “Really?” Tails nodded. “Lucky fox, he’s gone on an awesome adventure beating up some guy with his friend and I was stuck here doing nothing but steal from the other idiots on this island.” Allen thought to herself. “Anyway…I was goanna go near the stream and wash my face off, you want to come with me?” “Sure…” And with that, the two new friends made their way to the lake, both feeling a bit more positive after meeting one another. On board a giant ship, sat the Grand battle Kukku. The bird sat at his chair thinking to himself. He was deep in thought, with himself. “What seems to be the problem?” one of the battle Kukku birds asked. “The problem is trying to find the chaos emeralds!” the grand said, slamming his fist down. “These things are something I desire greatly! Imagine how much more powerful we would be if we were able to get all of them!” “I think I know where there’s at least one of them…” The grand turned around to face Dr. Fukurokov. Grand wasn’t exactly pleased to see the mad scientist. He was just that, mad, and the Grand didn’t have time for the scientist crazy idea’s. “What now…” Grand battle kukku said in an annoyed voice. “I believe I found one of the 7 chaos emeralds. It’s on an island, a small little island known as Cocoa Island. I’ve done my research of locations of the emerald, and this place is where it should be. I’m almost certain!” “Alright…we’ll go there…but I’m warning you right now if we don’t find anything…you’re done for.” The grand said, pulling the doctor closer as he did. “Understood?” “Yes sir…” “Good…” The grand battle kukku ordered the ship to fly towards the island. Dispute her attitude at times, Tails and Allen seemed to get along really well. Tails and her would explore the other parts of the island, while trying to avoid the bullies. Allen would head up to Polly Mountain only with Tails as his sort of protective person, although most of the time it doesn’t work out for her. Things were going smoothly until Tails saw a giant ship coming towards the island. This caught him and Allen off guard. “What the heck?” Allen said. “That’s one big ship…” The two watched as the ship landed near the island, just off the coast of it. “I got a bad feeling about that ship…” Tails said. Tails feeling was right. As soon as the ship landed, the Kukku army got out and started charging towards the island. “I want that island searched inside and out! I don’t care what you have to do or what you have to destroy! Find me the chaos emerald that’s allegedly on this island!” Grand battle Kukku gave a cold glance back at the scientist as he said allegedly.  Dr. Fukurokov gave a nervous smile as he saw the Grand Battle Kukku look at him. The Kukku army birds swam towards the island, and once on it, started throwing bombs everywhere. “What the heck was that?” Allen said, looking around panicking. “I don’t know, sounded like an explosion!” The army continued to throw bombs, looking all around at the holes they made to see if there were any chaos emeralds underneath. “You guys find anything?” one of the birds said. “Nope…” “Keep looking!” Tails started flying up to the sky before Allen stopped him. “Tails what are you doing?” “I’m going to check out whatever that noise is!” “What? Are you crazy?” “I’m sorry Allen, but I need to protect this island. It’s like a second home to me.” With that, Tails flew off, leaving Allen looking up at him worried. “That fool!” she said to herself, before chasing after him. Tails saw from above the birds that were throwing bombs all around the island, followed up by them searching the ground. “What the heck are they doing?” Tails said to himself. He continued to follow the birds around until they reached near the lake. “You think one of the chaos emeralds would be in the lake?” one of the birds asked. “Well, there’s only one way to find out…” “Oh no…” Tails thought to himself. Before one of the birds could drop the bomb, Tails quickly swooped down and grabbed it, before dropping it down on the army birds, sending them flying. “What the hell!” said one of the battle kukku birds. “Who the heck do you think you are throwing that bomb at us!” “My name is Miles Tails Prowler, and I’m not going to let you destroy my island…” “We’ll just see about that!” One of the birds grabbed a bomb and tried throwing it at Tails, only for Tails to catch it and throw it back at him, causing him to jump out of the way, almost being hit by the bomb. Allen watched on threw some bushes, impressed that the two tailed fox (about her age), was standing up to the army of birds. “Wow…” was all she could say. Tails flew away causing the birds to chase after him. “Get back here you little brat! Nobody bombs us and gets away with it!”   One of the army birds slowly got up in a cave, holding his head. “Erm…damn that stupid fox. The Grand Kukku is going to kill us if we continue to get are butts kicked by that little twat!” The bird looked around, trying to figure out where he was when he saw something shinning nearby. Grabbing his attention, the bird quickly ran towards it. “Please be what I think you are…please be what I think you are…” the bird said running over to it quickly. He quickly grabbed it and indeed, it was what he thought it was: a chaos emerald. “Yes…Yes!” he shouted, echoing in the cave. The bird quickly stumbled out of the cave and looked around. “Finally…a chance for me to gain some recognition and fame from the other bird brains!” Just as he was about to take off, Speedy flew down and grabbed the emerald. “Hey!” the bird shouted up. “I found it first!” Speedy just stuck his tongue out and flew off back to the ship.   Allen ran around the island looking for Tails. She looked up in the sky and around her. “Tails! Tails where are you!” She shouted, looking around quiet franticly. She finally saw him up on a tree. “Come on you freak! Come down and face us!” “Make me!” Tails said, crossing his arms, sitting on top of the tree. Just as one of the birds was going to throw a bomb up, the sound of a plan from up above could be heard. Tails looked up and saw the giant Battle Kukku ship. “What the…” “It’s the ship, looks like we gotta get back!” said one of the birds. Before flying up the bird threw the bomb at Tails, just in time as it caused him to fall down from the tree. “TAILS!” Allen ran towards where Tails was, but before she could get there, the gust of wind knocked her back into the ocean. “Help!” she shouted as she tried to stay above the water. Every time she popped up she would see the ship take off and the island get further and further away. The tide was too strong… “Leave it to my son to find the chaos emerald while all you idiots goof around!” the battle kukku shouted at his army. “But-“ spoke up the army bird who originally found it. “NO BUTS! As disappointed in you guys as I am, I am glad to have this emerald…” he said, putting it in his hand and looking at it with a wide smile. “I can feel the power from the emerald in my hand…”             
  19. Furball Adventures

    Furball’s home sat on the street of Acme Acers. Furball went in and smiled as he was greeted by his old home. Sure it was a card board box, but that’s all a cat really needed, especially when he would keep running into some not-so-good pet owners.   Furball yawned and curled up into a ball, falling asleep quiet quickly.   “FURBALL!”   Furball woke up quickly, his fur standing up.   “Come out of the cardboard box…”   Furball stepped out of the cardboard box. Outside of his box was red and blue lights. Standing before him was Buster and Babs bunny (no relation). The two wore police uniforms.   “You Furball the cat?’ Babs asked. Furball nodded his head yes.   “You’re under arrest for 5 counts of assaulting and trying to eat birds.”   Furball was shocked. He tried to make a run for it but before he could Babs grabbed him by the tail and brought him back.   “Don’t try to beat the law Furball, you won’t win.” Babs said, putting Furball’s hands behind his back and cuffing him.   “Trust us, we’ve tried…” Buster added.   Babs put Furball in the back of the car, buckling him in tightly.   “Safety first, even if you are a criminal.”   Furball tried to escape, but his arms where trapped in the buckle.   “Now for a smooth ride over to the police station…” Buster said.   Buster stepped on the pedal and caused the car to go up in the air. Furball got pushed back into the seat as Buster drove quickly and recklessly to the police station. “And they say that you need a license to drive a car.” Buster remarked.   Buster made a few sharp turns, drove upside down, and off a bridge before landing in the waiting room of the police station.   Buster pulled out a pocket watch and looked at it carefully.   “Perfect timing!” he remarked.   Meanwhile in the backseat, Furball’s hair stood up as he was scared and shaking from the car ride from…well you know the place down there. Babs opened the back door and unbuckled Furball, grabbing him and pulling him out of the car before walking him to his cell.   “You’ll be staying here with spike.” Babs said, putting him into the cell with Spike…yes the one from Tom and Jerry who else did you think it would be?   Spike sat on the bench looking down at the ground.   “Hey pal, what you in for?”   Furball shrugged his shoulders.   “Well, I’m in here for Assaulting Tom…yes the one you’re thinking of who else would it be?”   “Furball…”   Babs opened the cell and grabbed Furball, walking him to the court room.   “You ready for your trial?”   Furball shook his head no, frighten and tried to pull away from Babs.   “Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll do fine. You’re just going to potentially get sentence to a scary place called jail for a long time if you’re found guilty.”   Furball entered the court room, a bunch of toons were in the audience, and the jury…all birds. The judge, an eagle wearing a white powdered wig sat tall at his seat.   “Furball the cat, are you ready?” the judge said.   Furball shook his head.   “Well too bad…I got nothing better to do today and I need to get paid, so let us begin.”   “The court now calls Berry the bird up to the stand.”   A small blue bird wearing a neck brace flew up to the stand.   “Berry, were you attacked by that blue cat over there?” the judge asked.   “O-o-oh yes you’re honor…I was attacked by t-t-th-th-that thing!” the bird said, stuttering and pointing to Furball.   “So what happened?”   “Your honor, I’d rather not talk about it…just know that it was…horrible.”   “Well that seems like enough evidence for me, you can now go.”   The bird flew off, sticking his tongue out at Furball. Before the next witness was called up Furball tried to escape, but Babs placed him right back in the seat, even chaining him up to it.   “The court would like to call up Tweety to the stand.”   The yellow small bird Tweety flew up to the stand.   “Alright you bad pu-hey…you’re not Sylvester!”   “Oh I’m sorry; I meant Sweetie, please come up to the stand.”   “Getting me, me of all people mixed up with some other bird! Why I outta-“ Tweety said grumbling to himself as he flew off the stand.   Sweetie then flew to the stand.   “Sweetie, have you been attacked by Furball?”   “Oh yes! Yes your honor! I would just spend my days in my whittle cage swinging back and forth, singing to myself, when all of the sudden I would see him, climb up to the cage and try to eat me! I was so horrified, I was so scared! I’m still traumatized from it to this day!”   Sweetie then went up to the judge stand and begged.   “Please, please, please, send that bad kitty to the jail! Lock him up! Lock him up!”   “Alright, alright settle down…” the judge said. Sweetie flew off still shaking.   Furball tried once more to escape the chair but it was no use.   “Furball the cat!” the judge said.   “What do you have to say for yourself?”   “Don’t worry I got you…” Babs said. Babs changed into a lawyer outfit quickly and headed up to the judge.   “Your honor, my client is not guilty. Yes he is a cat, but he is just an alley cat, a poor innocent alley cat who has bad luck like what our intro says before a safe drops on him to hammer in the point.”   “And a good hammered in point it was indeed…”   “Please, see it in your heart to forgive Furball, he’s just a cat.”   Babs pointed back to Furball, who had a halo over his head smiling at the judge.   “Yes, but I’m afraid that just because it’s a part of his nature, doesn’t mean it’s right.”   Furball’s halo broke off as he couldn’t believe the judge's words.   “Furball, I’m sentencing you to jail for life!”   Furball lost it. He tried escaping from the seat but before he could he was grabbed by Babs and Buster.   “Don’t worry Furball, we’ll try to bail you out, but for now…”   Furball struggled, and struggled, and struggled…   He woke up in a cold sweat, still in his cardboard box. He looked around, he wasn’t in jail, and there was no police lights outside of his box.   He whipped the sweat off his forehead before his hair stood up once more, from the sound of someone knocking on his box. Furball looked out scared.   “Hey Furball.” Buster said. Furball wanted to hide in his box, but then he saw they had a cake for him.   “Sorry to hear that your latest house didn’t work out so well, but hey...glad to see you’re back.”   In front of his cardboard box was a cake that said “welcome back Furball”. Furball smiled at the sight of it.   “Maybe some other day Furball...maybe some other day right Furball?”   Furball nodded and smiled, before munching into the cake.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Rick Ross: Hey, I’m rick ross, and welcome to the programming, I’d like to show you how to paint some cool stuff.   Rick ross points to the canvas he has up.   Rick: So here we got ourselves a nice canvas to work with, now below me.   Black, dark, really dark, darker than the black night, and did we mention the color black?   Rick: Now we’re going to take the color black and start smoothly putting it on the canvas.   RIck starts smoothly putting the color black on the canvas and in a round circular area.   Rick: Now you want to put your paintbrush in the water.   Rick puts the paintbrush in the water.   Rick: now comes my favorite part, beating the devil out of it!   Rick beats the devil out of the paintbrush before it breaks.   Rick: Oh fooey. Don’t worry about this folks, this happens all the time, luckily I bring a back up one.   Rick puts the broken thing on the ground and brings out a new paintbrush, before continuing to pain using the rest of the black colors.   Rick: and there you have it, a black circle just like in those cartoons. Now obviously nothing is going to come out of it-   The roadrunner pops his head out of the black circle.   “Meep, Meep.”   The road runner runs out of the painting, almost causing it to go down. Just then Wild Coyote comes out of the painting.   Rick: he went that way…   Wild Coyote steps out of the painting to chase him down.   Rick: folks I’m gonna go lay down…
  20. Sonic SCANF Youtube channel?

    I wouldn't mind being a part of the channel, I'm a let's player myself, so I wouldn't mind contributing to the channel every now and then...
  21. I really can't believe I'm almost graduating...

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      Hey! I'm graduating this year too! (Although, maybe not something to be cheery about lol.)

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      Graduation huh? Now I feel like an old man.

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      Conglaturation !!!

  22. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    the sad thing is that this is coming in the year Sega said Sonic was going to have more media stuff. Really makes me think that their either not serious or just bluffing.
  23. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    Though it's a rumor, it's said that the comic is ending, as Archie really didn't care for it (nor did Sega). Sega wants more money and now that it's not making money Archie wants out...
  24. So I'm happy to say that prom was pretty good. I had a good time, saw friends, ate, it was a blast. Kind of glad to, in the past my proms have been a bit shaky, so this one being pretty good (especially for the price I paid), is a good highlight to go off of...Now about that disney trip...

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      Sounds like things are going well for you, glad to hear!

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      yep, for how much I paid for I'm glad they are.

  25. hope you guys like my new profile pic. it's a picture I commissioned to kell0x not too long ago, and I think it looks pretty good.

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