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  1. He can't warp the story or it's characters to his own will. While he is in control, at the same time he is not. He wanted it to be dark from the beginning, and tries to scrap his old plan for a new storyline that ends happily, but he finds it near impossible with... ahem, a certain THING driving him mad, pestering him constantly. I'll post the link to the story very soon, once I get it going.
  2. The town I live in is very religious. Because Texas. I, however, am not. When I casually stated that I was atheist at school, I distinctly remember a girl offering me her bible. No. I don't want your bible. People like you are one of the many reasons I'm not religious.

    Also, at my school, there's a morning-time bible... group... class... something. They gather in a pit-like area at the front of the school and talk about how much Jesus loves them all and they read bible verses, all the usual stuff. What annoyed me is that once news of my atheism reached these kids, they pestered me relentlessly to come to one of their meetings. Every morning, they would find me and ask if I would come to their meeting. I'd kindly say no thanks, and they'd say I was always welcome.

    Finally, at the start of this year, one of those kids approached me. He had never asked me before, but I knew the main kid had sent him to ask me. The conversation went very much like this.

    "Hello! Would you like to come to our "I Am Second," meeting today?"

    "Oh, no thanks. I worship Satan."

    Then he left. And I have yet to be asked again. Thank god! Er, wait...

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    2. Seviper the Fang Snake

      Seviper the Fang Snake

      I hear ya. I've had a few people trying to do the same thing.

    3. Lena Stan Account

      Lena Stan Account

      O.O At least in bere they don't try to force you anything. I guess cause in here everyone is simply supposed to be religious so no one is going to ask you that. I was never interested in religious. As far as I see it only brings war between fools. Hope you don't get into any trouble. If your lucky their not stupid enough to think you were serious. The care about religious stuff over here us really low. In any classroom there are near zero religious guys and most of em are just fake apple polishers that do that for more mark from teachers. Everyone makes fun of them in return. It seems to be in reverse for you though.

  3. What audio or video player do you use

    I just install the K-Lite Codec Pack for Windows Media Player, and use that. Though it does install Media Player Classic - Home Cinema as a sort of backup in case Windows Media Player ever flips you off. I only install a codec on editions of Windows with Media Center, because I am one of the few who like it. It relies off of Media Player, so installing a codec for Media Player means Media Center can utilize it as well. However, if a system I'm using doesn't have Media Center, I just install VLC, because it's simple and why the hell not.
  4. Your Display Resolution

    I feel sad and embarrassed to say this, but... 1024 x 600. It is horrible, but it's a netbook, so what was I expecting? I don't really use it for gaming anyways, only surfing the web and playing videos. But still, it serves as a sad reminder of my Poopty screen when a program doesn't fit inside it... *Sobs uncontrollably*
  5. What operating system do you use

    I use, and love, Windows Vista. I defend that OS, because it is one of the best. Sure, when it launched, it was the most horrid thing ever, but so was Windows XP, remember? And then they improved it and updated it, until it was practically perfect. The absolute same can be said for Vista. I have used the original RTM, and I couldn't stand it! However, I then installed it from a disc pre-loaded with Service Pack 2, and it was amazing. It runs twenty times faster, has a much broader and fixed driver support system, all the bugs in the explorer have been worked out, and by now Microsoft has fine-tuned Vista to being almost perfect. It's even comparable to Windows 7 at this point! For me, it was even better because Vista came as a sort of blessing for me. I have a horrible HP netbook that came with Windows 7 Starter, and it was just crawling because of a 1.66 ghz Atom processor and only 2gb RAM. Then I installed Windows Vista SP2 and it blew 7 out of the park! I love it, and with today's plethora of bad computers cheating you out or your money, Vista is a great alternative OS but also a great OS in general. Oh, and it was the best looking Windows ever. 7's taskbar is fat, blocky, and just gross. Vista's taskbar was sleek, thin, and laid-back.
  6. Hm, it appears a part of the idea was not clarified well. This is also intended to be a parody of Sonic fan fictions. That's why it's dark, because that's been done so often. It has a lot of intentional generic aspects. And I do know the grimdark will go too far, I planned it that way. The whole story is supposed to be a complete what-the-F*ck, if you know what I mean.
  7. The obligatory "Post your Desktop" thread

    Dropbox Link My netbook that has very little installed, and has a sad, sad resolution of 1024x600. No games, because it's a friggin' netbook. Not MSI or Alienware, but it works for what I use it for.
  8. I have an idea for a Sonic fanfiction I will be publishing to FanFiction.Net, though I want an opinion on if it really sounds like it could be good at all. The basic idea is that writing a Sonic fanfiction is a shameful thing to do, because it has been done so many times that there are no original ideas anymore. Tristan, a teenager, is told to forget about it when he asks his buddy, Simon, if he should write a StH fanfiction, but he decides to write it anyways. From the beginning, it is painfully dull, taking the Sonic X route by dropping Sonic and his friends into the human world and having them hide from the humans as they fight to find the Chaos Emeralds. His story receives hateful comments. Then, Tristan begins to notice incidents in his mediocre story begin to align with events happening in real life around him. For instance, he writes in that an old building in the slums of the city is demolished during a battle between Sonic and Robotnik. Then, a few hours later,a news report comes on about a mysterious trials of destruction in the downtown area of the city in which Tristan lives, the highlight of which was a bulding collapsing. Tristan begins to believe he is controlling Sonic's world through his story, and despite everybody telling him he's nuts to think that, he continues to belive it firmly, taking his story as a responsibility. Though, Tristan begins to find that the story is taking over his life, consuming it. Every free second is spent working on it. He finds it unfair that he is left with the responsibilty of a world in his young hands, and he begins to go mad. He wants to finish the story, bu knows it must end naturally, and that he cannot just delete it. He brings Shadow the Hedgehog into the story, and gives Robotnik a mind-control device to hypnotize Shadow into trying to obtain the Chaos Emeralds Sonic has collected. Tristan's story takes an eerily dark turn as Shadow brutally murders one of Sonic's freinds to try and scare Sonic into handing over the Emeralds. He locks himself in his room, devoting all his time to trying his hardest to torture the characters he once respected dearly. I won't tell you the end, but the question it's supposed to leave you with is whether or not Sonic the Hedgehog really was in Tristan's world, and whether or not Tristan was controlling him. What do you think? It's my first ever Sonic fanfiction, and I wanted to know if you Sonc fans think it has any potential.
  9. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    Thanks. I was about to lose it. I can stand the unrelated stories, but the humor... GAH! Some of it makes you want to punch Sonic in his smug little face, while other jokes make you laugh for thrity minutes. It really leaves me wondering what mindset the writers wre in. Like they had inspiration occasionally for good humor, but when that inspiration didn't come, they just made up some crappy gag and moved along their merry way.
  10. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    Hello! I'm very new to the fandom, this site, and the comics, though the two Sonic wikias have helped me through most things I didn't understand, except one. I've only just started reading from the first StH comic, and after twelve issues, I'm kind of seeing a pattern. Nothing really happens. It's all just SNL-like skits with no real rhyme or reason that have very hit-and-miss jokes. But when I look at the articles summarizing the series, it seems like some really amazing stuff happens. Is there some sudden turning point where the comic becomes more focused and has a story, or am I missing something here?