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Pokemon: Drake and Wyvern OOC

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We are now returning to the world of Pokemon!  This is a reboot of the previous Pokemon RP, but given how detailed the region was that Dylan and I created, we didn't want it to go to waste.


Welcome back to Ganlo!





An island Region located just north of Kalos, Ganlo used to be a major power in the world. But for over half a century now it influence has dropped to almost being a forgotten relic. The mind-set of the nation sort of reflects this, as the Region does focus a lot on its history, such as its towns being named after ancient weapons, and its gyms often located inside historical structures.


According to legends, Ganlo was once ruled by a race of Dragon Pokemon who enslaved the humans and weaker pokemon before they were overthrown, and likely driven to extinction. After this, the people of Ganlo began spreading out and forming an Empire.


There are two unique aspect about the Pokemon in Ganlo. The first being there are no fixed starters for the Region. Instead, when potential Trainers register, they may select a starter from another region and have it shipped in, or they may take one of their own Pokémon, if they have any.


Second, there are no known unique Pokemon species in Ganlo. Any that were unique have either been spread to other regions long ago and found there as well, or are so rare to be close to extinction and never seen. Conversely, there are hardly any (currently known) Pokemon Species not found in Ganlo.  With the exception of the Alohan region, as the climate of Ganlo isn’t best suited to the more tropical Pokemon.


The population of Ganlo are also very keen on Contests. One vs one contests are almost as common as battles (with another trainer asked to judge). And every town and city has contests every Saturday, though only the contests in the cities can hand out official Award Ribbons.


Ganlo is split into four sub-regions. North, South, Central, and Island. Transport is manly handled by the extensive train service. Every town and city has a train station and routes to all nearby settlements.





Map Key

North Region


1. Scabbard Town

The largest northern settlement, Scabbard Town is also the sight of the Pokemon Research Labs, where most Trainers begin their journey. In fact, Scabbard Town is so large, that the only thing preventing it for being granted City status is a lack of a Gym, and there have been talks for years about setting up an Ice Gym.


2. Smuggler’s Cave

The cave was once teeming with Fossils, but since become a draw for tourists such fossils are now hard to find even in the deepest levels. But that never stops people from trying. The cave retains its name from when smugglers would hide their goods in olden times.

(Note, all Fossils can be found in this cave, but all count as Rare)

Pokemon: Zubat, Dunsparce


3. Stockade Forest

A short forest walk between Scabbard Town and Lapras lake. The forest is teaming with life, making it a popular location for those who like Bug Pokemon, and avoided by others!

Pokemon: Caterpie, Weedle, Ledyba, Spinarak, Pineco ®, Teddiursa, Wurmple


4. Dirk Town

A small town near the coast which makes most of its business from starting trainers passing through.


5. Claymore city (Electric Gym)

This city has a history of producing renowned explores and inventors. In fact, the Gym honours both of those traits, being both an electric gym and located inside a sailing ship which made a historic journey to the North Pole.


6. Lapras Lake / Battle Castle

This massive lake is home to several pods of Lapras’, though despite their number they are actually protected. Trainers may take a Lapras only if they meet certain criteria. The Castle on the shores of the lake is a popular location for trainers to meet and battle each other formally.

Pokemon: Seel, Lapras (S), Spheal, Ducklett


7. Buckler and Flintlock City (Steel Gym)

These two cities, separated by a wide river, used to be practically at war with each other. In an attempt to bring the cities together, a massive bridge was built between the two, and a Gym built on the bridge itself. The two cities aren’t exactly friendly now, but at least they have a set location to fight.


South Region


8. Morning Star Town

A popular party resort, Morning Star Town has a replica of Prism Tower in Lumiose City. Most of the Town is theme parks, party halls, or hotels.


9. Cannon City (Rock Gym)

A very history city, Cannon City was built around an ancient fort, slowly expanding over the centuries. The fort itself is now the city Gym. A central city in Ganlo, it has routes leading across the land.


10. Lance Town

A sea port and fishing town, Lance town also has a large Maritime museum.


11. Longbow City (Ghost Gym) (Has park)

The capitol of Ganlo, a massive metropolis, and location of the Royal Palace. The city also has several sizable parks which have their own Pokémon populations. The Gym is located in an ancient prison tower, and is rumoured to be haunted, not just because of the Pokémon types used there.

Pokemon: Snubbull, Metang, Pidove


12. Glaive Town

A town on the border of the South and Central Region, Glavie is pretty much the ‘tour guide town’, and has the largest train station in Ganlo.


13. Rapier Town

The southernmost settlement, Rapier Town is where supplies of Pokeballs are shipped from the nearby Kalos region. Like Scabbard Town, Rapier is only a Gym short of being a city. But instead, it has the largest Poke-superstore in the region, as well as an international tournament arena. The Superstore often holds competition of different types, with Porygons offered as prizes.


Central Region


14. Halberd City (Psychic Gym)

An open and picturesque beach city. The gym is constructed on what the psychics claim is a Rift in space and time, but most others dismiss that as nonsense.


15. Crystal Caves

These beautiful caves sparkle with gems lining the walls. But due to the large number of hostile Pokemon inside, very little has been plundered.

Pokemon: Onix, Sableye ®, Lunatone, Solrock, Garbite, Woobat, Ferroseed


16. Lava Caverns

Most think the volcano is dead, but a look in these caves shows it is at best slumbering. Intensely warm, the maze like caverns are populated by fire types.

Pokemon: Magmar ®, Slugma, Torkoal, Hippowdon, Pansear, Larvesta


17. Galleon Town

Galleon Town used to be a sea port, now it is just a tourist town, catering for those who wish to climb the mountains or explore the caves.


18. Musket City (Water Gym)

A city full of museums and other historical items. The gym is actually a little out to sea, in an old sea fort, and doubles as an aquarium.


19. Horizon Island

Despite its picturesque appearance from a distance, very few visit this isle, due to the frequent rain showers that can occur here.


Island Region


20. Broadsword City (Grass Gym)

A city with two opposing philosophies. Half the inhabitants want the already extensive parklands extended. The other half are pushing for a more and more modern city. The gym sits in the middle of this, a massive greenhouse complex, trying to find a balance between these two ideals.


21. Palisade Forest

The advice for making your way from Broadsword City to Pike Town is say on the Route. And with good reason. Many who stray off the Route into the depth of Palisade Forest are never seen again. And those who are tend to be at best dazed and unsure what happened, or refuse to talk about it.

Pokemon: Hypno, Dusclops, Drifblim, Litwick, Phantump, Kecleon ®, Pawniard, Nuzleaf, Klefki


22. Pokemon Sanctuary

What was once thought to be a rumour, a vast valley full of peaceful Pokémon, has recently been proven true. There is some controversy with disturbing the Pokemon here however.

Pokemon: Ditto, Snorlax (S), Tropius, Skuntank, Audino ®, Cottonee, Sawsbuck, Pangoro, Swirlix, Smergale, Hawlucha


23. Pike Town

Sitting between Palisade Forest and the similarly creepy Route A21, Pike Town has a reputation of being unlucky. So much so that the inhabitants have started blaming some of the nearby Pokemon for their bad luck.


24. Arbalest Town

If Pike Town is unlucky, Arbalest Town takes that reputation and turns it into a tourist trap. With the standing stones nearby, Arbalest embraces its fey like history and folk tales.


25. Deep Caves

These caves lead deep into the mountains into the centre of the island. There are many legends surround the caves and mountains, but no evidence has been found for them.

Pokemon: Marowak, Misdreavus, Wobbuffet, Exploud, Boldore, Klang, Druddigon ®, Deino, Mawile, Noibat, Carbink


26. Ballista City (Fairy Gym)

During the day this looks like any other city, but during the night it sparkles in the moonlight. The gym here is outdoors, and matches only take place at night inside a stone circle.


27. Cavalon Ruins

The sight of the final battle during the Dragon Wars, the ruins have been mostly untouched since that time. Despite many attempts to explore, few stay on the island more than a day, if they ever return.

Pokemon: Haunter, Cofagrigus, Doublade, Unown ®, Claydol, Bronzong, Sigilyph


28. Pokemon League

This tower atop the highest mountain in Ganlo houses the Pokemon League, where the Championship Tournament is held every four years.





North Region


Route A01

A grassy, slightly hilly route with a lovely view overlooking the sea.

Pokemon: Sentret, Zigzagoon, Wingull, Bidoof, Purrloin, Bunnelby, Fletchling, Scatterbug, Espurr


Route A02

This rough and rocky path is nonetheless well travelled, being as it is the route between Scabbard Town and the popular Smuggler’s Cave.

Pokemon: Diglett, Taillow, Shinx, Glameow, Riolu ®, Drilbur


Route A03

There is a mix of coastline, hills, grass, trees along this undulating path.

Pokemon: Rattata, Eevee, Electrike, Plusle, Minun, Chimecho, Emolga ®


Route A04

A cold and mostly icy route through the mountains. There are several icy crags and small caves along the way as well.

Pokemon: Snorunt, Vanillite, Cubchoo, Cryogonal, Bergmite, Swinub, Delibird ®


Route A05

Even in summer this forest tends to have a layer of snow due to its elevation. The main route through is cleared of trees, but trainers often explore in the forest to either side.

Pokemon: Sneasel, Snover, Stantler, Buneary, Lillipup, Skiddo, Castform ®


Victory Road

The pathway to the Pokemon League. A hard slog up the mountain to the top. Only those with Eight Gym Badges or Five Contest Ribbons can enter.

Pokemon: Pipitar ®, Aggron, Gurdurr, Throh, Sawk


North Region River Pokemon: Magikarp, Tympole, Tynamo ®


North Region Sea Pokemon: Seel, Spheal



South Region


Route A06

The plains of this route mark the border between the North and South Region. A massive statue of Arceus marks the border point just outside Buckler and Flintlock City.

Pokemon: Nidoran, Growlith, Abra ®, Doduo, Tyrogue, Litleo


Route A07

A long but well-travelled path through the forest.

Pokemon: Pikachu, Oddish, Bellsprout, HootHoot, Togepi ®, Murkrow


Route A08

This path between the North and South Regions weaves past several lakes. In time of high rainfall it can be impassable on foot as the lakes flood.

Pokemon: Psyduck, Slowpoke, Shellder, Marill, Lombre, Surskit ®, Panpour


Route A09

Most of Ganlo’s farmland is located on this smooth route.

Pokemon: Vulpix, Jigglypuff, Meowth, Chansey ®, Flaaffy, Miltank, Mightyena


Route A10

Popular with beginner climbers, this path makes its way along several cliffs, and offers some fantastic views.

Pokemon: Natu, Gligar, Phanpy, Bagon ®


Route A11

These rocky, bare plains are rarely walked. Due to their terrain most prefer to take the train between Longbow City to Cannon City.

Pokemon: Pidgeotto, Fearow, Arbok, Sandslash, Rhyhorn, Skarmory ®, Houndour


Route A12

The hills of this route have three gigantic dragons craved in the side of them, showing the white chalk below. It’s believed these figures are meant to represent the three dragons who legends say aided mankind during the Dragon Wars.

Pokemon: Ponyta, Kangaskhan ®, Tauros, Girafarig, Seviper, Zangoose, Watchog, Minccino, Bouffalant


Route A13

As this is the route most tourists see when they arrive in Ganlo, it takes them past both the coast and forests to look as beautiful as possible. It also passes close to the main Hydro-electric planet, so many Electric Type make their home on this Route.

Pokemon: Magnemite, Voltorb, Elekid, Rotom ®, Pachirisu, Blitzle, Joltik, Dedenne


South Region River Pokemon: Polywhirl, Goldeen, Corphish


South Region Sea Pokemon: Tentacool, Horsea, Octillery, Mantine, Wailmer ®


Central Region


Route A14

A wide sandy beach. Good luck trying to find a peaceful spot here during the summer months. And during the winter months it’s freezing cold.

Pokemon: Kingler, Shellos, Dwebble, Stunfisk, Inkay ®, Binacle


Route A15

A meadow covered in colourful flowers. There is no proper path through it, people just wander through as they like.

Pokemon: Farfetch'd, Kirlia ®, Roselia, Combee, Cherrim, Petilil, Floette


Route A16

This sandy plain, accessed from the cave, is sheltered from the elements, and with the lava nearby heating the water into hot springs, the route is surprisingly warm for Ganlo.

Pokemon: Corsola, Numel, Trapinch, Cacturne, Krokorok, Darumaka ®, Maractus, Helioptile


Route A17

A steep but well pathed mountain route, trainers of Fighting type often make use of it.

Pokemon: Clefairy, Machoke, Graveler, Shuckle, Meditite, Grumpig, Spinda, Absol ®


Route A18

Something of an embarrassing secret to Ganlo, these swamps were contaminated by a now abandoned chemical plant nearby. Few people make their way along this route now unless they have to.

Pokemon: Grimer, Weezing, Yanma, Skorupi, Croagunk, Carnivine ®, Venipede, Karrablast, Shelmet, Goomy


Route A19

A light forest along the coastline. Popular with picnickers. Though you have to make sure the local Pokemon don’t nick the picnic.

Pokemon: Slaking ®, Ninjask, Skitty, Illumise, Volbeat, Altaria, Swadloon


Central Region River Pokemon: Whiscash, Feebas ®


Central Region Sea Pokemon: Staryu, Luvdisc, Lumineon, Alomomola

Requiring Dive: Lanturn, Frillish, Relicanth ®



Island Region


Route A20

This path skirts the edge of Palisade Forest. It is well marked, and often fenced off.

Pokemon: Parasect, Venomoth, Tangela, Pinsar, Sudowoodo ®, Aipom, Heracross, Breloom, Pansage, Exeggcute


Route A21

There is a sense of unease along these hilly plains as the wind wails. A sense of being watched, and that something wishes you ill.

Pokemon: Banette, Pumpkaboo, Zoroark ®, Swalot, Munna, Fraxure, Mienfoo, Heatmor, Durant, Primeape, Hariyama


Route A22

Ancient standing stone poke out of the grass along this path. Historians debate even to this day what their significance might have been.

Pokemon: Scyther, Spiritomb ®, Golurk, Chatot, Scraggy, Gothitelle, Reuniclus, Beheeyem, Rufflet, Vullaby


Island Region River Pokemon: Quagsire, Floatzel, Basculin


Island Region Sea Pokemon: Dragonaire ®, Qwilfish, Sharpedo, Clamperl, Skrelp, Clawitzer




As well as the usual RP rules, there are a few more given the setting. I have tried to keep then to a minimum as much as possible.


First, this resource will be INVALUABLE! http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Main_Page


Plots and Posting

In terms of posting order, usually it will follow the normal routine.  When you post, you wait for all the other posters to go before posting again.  However, there is an exception.  If players are involved in a Battle or Contest, then they can post again once all the other players in said Battle or Contest have gone.  So you don;t need to wait for those not taking part.


For small plots, such as tracking down rare pokemon, or small adventures, each player can run their own stories, and other players are free to join, unless the player running says otherwise.

Plots involving pokemon poaching are under Geoffrey's control, as he is handling the infamous Team Rocket trio.  If you want to have a pokemon poaching plot, drop him a note.  These can also be a way to acquire rare pokemon, or pokemon eggs.

The main meta-plot for Ganlo is being run by me, and it will slowly develop as the game continues.



Considering that pokemon experience levels is so ingrained into pokemon it’s even in the anime, there needs to be some way to manage this. However, I didn’t want a system with a lot of bookkeeping, so hopefully this system is simple enough.


Starter Pokemon begin at Level 1. Wild Pokemon have a level which is double the route number they are found on (I.e. A pokemon on route A01 will have a level of 2. One on route A11 will have a level of 22. One on route 22 will have a level of 44) Wild pokemon in a location off a Route (such as a cave) will have a level equal to those on the lowest adjacent route. A Legendary or Mythical Pokemon will have a level of 50 or 70, depends on how far along the story is.


Whenever a player wins a Battle or a One Vs One Contest against another player, their pokemon involved in the battle/contest go up a level. (Note, while the Battle/Contest has to be against another player, it does not need to be a Player Character, it can be an NPC.  See below for details). If a Pokemon comes in the top three for a large City Contest, it also increases one level.


The maximum level a pokemon can reach is limited by the badges/ribbons the player has.


None: Max level 10


1 Gym Badge: Max 20

2 Gym Badges: Max 30

3 Gym Badges: Max 40

4 Gym Badges: Max 50

5 Gym Badges: Max 60

6 Gym Badges: Max 70

7 Gym Badges: Max 80

8 Gym Badges: Max 90


1 Contest Ribbon: Max 25

2 Contest Ribbons: Max 40

3 Contest Ribbons: Max 55

4 Contest Ribbons: Max 70

5 Contest Ribbons: Max 85


After taking part in the Pokemon Leage Battle/Contest: Max 100


If you gain a pokemon of a higher level than your badges/ribbons allow, it will probably not obey you commands, and try to escape.


For a rough gauge of how difficult a fight will be:


Look at the level of the two pokemon involved. For a baby pokemon (one at its lowest evolution stage) take away 10 from its level. For a pokemon in its final evolution stage, add ten. If a pokemon is a Legendary or Mythical, add 20. These addition can take the level number above both the Max level limit and/or 100. Then compare the difference between the two.


0 to 9: No significant difference.

10 to 19: The higher level has the edge in the fight.

20 to 29: There is a clear favourite

30 to 39: The weaker pokemon will need a good strategy or type advantage to win.

40 to 49: The weaker pokemon will need a good strategy AND type advantage to win.

50+: Walkover.


If a pokemon uses Mega-evolution (or similar ability) in a fight, its level raises by 10.


In gym battles the Gym leader always has a level advantage of thirty, but this can be reduced by a Legendary/Mythical pokemon or Mega-Evolution.



Once a pokemon meets all the requirements to evolve, it can. Pokemon that evolve when exposed to items or when traded evolved as soon as the requirement are met. Other pokemon need not evolve right away, or at all. As long as the pokemon meets the requirements, to can evolve when you want it, even in the middle of a battle or contest. Provided of course, it still has the requirements at that point, such as holding a required item or knowing a certain move.


Moves, TM’s and HM’s

Pokemon know a maximum of four moves as normal, and learn moves as they level up. TM’s (Training Machines) can be used to teach a pokemon a move, and can be used multiple times.


In the games a pokemon that knows a HM move can use it in the overworld to navigate around. But this does lead to pokemon being forced to learn often ineffectual move. So, any pokemon that CAN learn an HM move can uses its overworld effect (such as using surf to navigate water) even if they haven’t learned the move as one of their four. Of course, then cannot use it in combat. The exception being Fly, which you need six Gym Badges, or four Contest Ribbons before you can use.


Legendaries and Mega-Evolution

Each player may choose ONE Legendary or Mythical pokemon. They can either choose an existing one, or use the Legendary Profile below to create their own. Note, you cannot choose the following Legendaries: Ho-oh, Arceus, Palkia, Dialga, Girantina, Jirachi, Victini, Celebi and Hoopa. Legendries will not appear until one of your PC’s has at least Six Gym badges OR Four Contest Ribbons.


While each player can only have one Legendary, each Player Character may have One Mega-Evolution. Also, you are not limited to the list of current Mega-Evolutions. The character requires the appropriate Mega-Evolution stone and Ring/bracelet/anklet/necklace/etc before they can use it, and cannot do so until they have at least Four Gym badges OR three Contest Ribbons.



Any Pokemon that can be encountered can be captured, usually within a single post should you wish. Most Pokemon can easily be found on routes, however, some are marked as Rare ®. These Pokemon are harder to find and capture, and require a storyline to do so. Some Pokemon are marked as Special (s). Which means they can only be caught as part of plot events.



You may trade Pokemon for another Pokemon of an equal or LOWER level with an NPC, or within ten levels of each other with a PC. A rare Pokemon can only be traded for another rare Pokemon. Starter Pokemon count as rare, as do the Pokémon not found in Ganlo, the Alolan pokemon, and 13 others (Furfrou, Trubbish, Garbodor, Smoochum, Jynx, Spritzee, Aromatisse, Lickitung, Lickilicky, Nosepass, Probopass, Mime Jr, Mr mime). Legendary or Mythical Pokemon can only be traded for another Legendary or Mythical Pokemon.

Dylan is in charge of handling Trades.  So all trades need to be cleared with him.


PC’s and NPC’s

All Player Characters will be Trainers starting out on their journey.  Most Trainers are in their pre or early teens, but you can play something different if you want, as long as they are just starting as a Trainer.  As a Trainers, you can take part in Gym Battles, Contests, both or neither. Whatever you wish. However, if you want to control NPC’s, such as Gym Leaders, Contest Champions, or Villains, you may.   Even just the other Trainers you meet on the road to challenge other players (which is useful to allow everyone to level up their Pokemon).  Most NPC’s will only appear in game when PC’s are around (until which point as the PC’s become equal or more powerful than them, at which point the may become PC’s themselves). The exception is villains, who can obviously act on their own doing villainous things.




DOB: The game is assumed to start 1st of June 2018


Focus: Battles/Contests/Breeding/Raising etc. You could have a few focuses or none.

Talents/Skills: Any Skills or talents you have. First Aid, rock climbing, swimming, cooking

Starter: You may choose any of the 18 existing starters. You can also choose another pokemon, provided it is a baby pokemon, AND fits your characters background.






(This part of the profile is added once the game has started)

Pokemon Team (Maximum of 6)








Legendary Profile (For custom Legendaries)







The Legendary Dragons


In the ancient History of Ganlo’s Dragon Wars, three powerful dragons are named as siding with humanity, and eventually convincing others to do so; Galeas, Lamhcalad and Gauvain. Some sources say they were dragons who felt pity on the enslaved humans. Others that they were humans who found a way to become dragons themselves. Their fate is equally conflicted. Most legends say they were slain when the humans turned on them after the war, but some accounts talk of them fleeing Ganlo, and others hiding somewhere within its lands.

(These Legendries can be claimed like any other, but WILL tie you into the metaplot of the RP, so can’t be used freely until a certain point in the story)


Name: Galeas (Mascot of Drake)

(Claimed by Skye)

Type: Dragon / Water

Description: A long, lithe light blue dragon. A long fin runs from the top of his head to almost the tip of his tail.

Personality: Despite being a dragon, Galeas is quite meek and shy. But if he has a cause to fight for he can be relentless



Name: Lamhcalad (Mascot of Wyvren)

Type: Dragon / Fire

Description: A bulky scarlet coloured dragon with solid, spiny black plates along his neck, back and tail.

Personality: As befits his type. Lamhcalad is hot tempered and rash. However, he still tries to fight for what he sees as ‘right’.



Name: Gauvain

Type: Dragon / Grass

Description: A dark green dragon with two sets of wings, and wholes tail ends with several vine-like whips.

Personality: Gauvain is the balance of the trio, able to keep Lamhcalad in check and encourage Galeas. He is kind and friendly, even to his foes.



And my own Characters are below




Name: Kimberly ‘Kimi’ McCrae

DOB: 24/05/04

Age: 14

Focus: Battles

Talents/Skills: Skating,

Starter: Fennekin

Description: An average built girl with long ginger hair in a ponytail. Wears a cap, red hoody, black t-shirt and shorts. Her trainers have a pair of retractable roller skates attached.

Personality: Impulsive, outgoing, but a little naïve, and prone to mistakes. Likes cute things, and doesn’t like getting messy despite acting like a tomboy. And she hates to lose.

Background: See Amber McCrae


Name: Amber McCrae

DOB: 24/05/04

Age: 14

Focus: Eevee Breeding, Exploration

Talents/Skills: Evolution research, Camping (and related skills)

Starter: Eevee

Description: Looks identical to her sister, except her hair is cut in a short bob. Wears a dark green t-shirt and camo-trousers with several pockets, and a pair of hiking boots. Rather than her sister’s satchel, she has a backpack.

Personality: Shy, introverted, prefers the company of Pokemon (especially Eevees and other cute pokemon) to people. Loves the outdoors and exploring.

Background: Kimberly and Amber are the daughters of the family running the Scabbard Town Day Care Centre, located just outside Town. Kimberly has been keen on starting training for years, but her parents refused to let her until she passed her fourteenth birthday. Amber on the other hand wanted to stay at the Centre, but she didn’t want to leave her sister either. And when her parents pointed out that going out in the world might help her learn more about Eevees and other Pokémon, she decided to go along too. Kimberly chose her starter Pokemon because it was the “cutest and cuddliest” from her point of view, while Amber was gifted an Eevee egg as a thank you present from a grateful customer after she nursed the customers sick Eevee back to health.




Name: Professor Alistair Pine

Age: 32

Profession: Pokemon Professor

Description: A rather lanky man with short brown hair, just starting to recede. Doesn’t stand still often.

Personality: Energetic and enthusiastic, and loves seeing new talent come along.

Background: Alistair pretty much knew he wanted to be a researcher before he even became a trainer, yet still travelled across Ganlo, and abroad, as a young man. He returned to Ganlo when he was 22, and is about to celebrate his tenth year as a Professor.



Name: Crom

Age: 50

Professon: Broadsword City Gym Leader

Description: A large bulky man, yet somehow moves with grace. There is a slight unreal look to his face, it looks old, and yet too smooth.

Personality: Crom tends to say little, except when angry, and his temper can be frightening. He’s a stickler for rules, and hates anyone who breaks them.



Name: Alexander Storm

Age: 30

Profession: Ganlo Reigning Champion

Description: Looks to be of average build, but hides a lot of strength. Wears a dark blue long coat over a t-shirt and jeans.

Personality: Alexander prizes strength and will above all else. He has a keen interest in history and literature, and is often given to quoting from classic Ganlo plays.

Background: As a ten year old he seemed like any other trainer, but once he gained his eight badge, he left the Region, acquiring badged of other gyms in other regions. He returned to Ganlo 8 years ago, winning the Championship, and retaining that title in the following tournament.




Legendary List


Skye: Galeas (Custom Legendary)

Dylan: Shaymin

Seviper: Manaphy

Geoffrey: Entei

Chromatic Terras: Regigigas



Major NPC List


Region Professor: Alistair Pine (Skye Prower)


Claymore City Gym Leader: Stuart 'Sparky' Jones (Geoffrey)


Buckler and Flintlock City Gym Leader:


Cannon City Gym Leader: 


Longbow City Gym Leader: Samuel (Dylan)


Halberd City Gym Leader:


Musket City Gym Leader:


Broadsword City Gym Leader: Crom (Skye Prower)


Ballista City Gym Leader: 


Elite Four Champion 1: Draco (Dylan)


Elite Four Champion 2:


Elite Four Champion 3:


Elite Four Champion 4:


Region Champion: Alexander Storm (Skye Prower)


Officer Jennys: 


Nurse Joys: 


Anime Characters


Team Rocket (Jessie/James/Meowth): Geoffrey

Flint: Geoffrey


Edited by Skye Prower

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*Ahem* Glad this is back. I'm happy enough to keep my old characters I had plans for them. Oh. And I'm going to immediately claim Shaymin as my legendary

Anyway... profiles

Main characters


Name: Lynda Andrews

DOB: 2/9/2005

Age: 12

Focus: Contests and Breeding/Raising cute Pokemon

Talents/Skills: A good singer, rollerblading

Starter: Fennekin

Description: Blond hair split into two pigtails at the back, wears a red fedora with pink buttons

Personality: Generally calm and kind, though some would call her a "girly" girl

Background: See Danny's background


Name: Daniel "Danny" Andrews

DOB: 9/2/2008

Age: 10

Focus: Battles

Talents/Skills: Being determined is a skill right?

Starter: Also Fennekin

Description: Brown short hair, black fedora, red jacket, blue jeans and black trainers. He has a light brown worn backpack

Personality: A little hot-heated and arrogant but also a determined kid

Background: Both kids moved to Scabbard town with their parents when they were little. As such both grew up with the expectation of starting a Pokemon journey. But the siblings had different ideals on it. Lynda grew to gain an interest in how cute the Pokemon looked and dreamed of taking part in contests with the cutest Pokemon there were. While Danny watched poke tournaments on TV and hoped to one day compete in the Pokemon league and win. He also doesn't understand Lynda's limitation to cute Pokemon. As long as they're powerful they're worth catching right?


Name: Draco
Age: 42
Profession: Dragon master (elite 4)
Description: Wears a long coat ripped at the bottom, clearly strong and looks older than he is
Personality: Not much of a talker as a result of his background unless it involves him talking about his dragons or battling his dragons. He is very proud of his dragons and is not afraid to show off their strength. He only gives his respect to a select few, usually those who beat him
Background: When he was young he had a fascination with dragon type pokemon, being one with few weaknesses. As a result he went on a journey to become a dragon master. No one heard from him for many years until 4 years ago when he returned to face the pokemon league with a team of dragons at his side. He was beaten only by the champion and so became a part of the "elite 4". Made up from the runners up of the last league tournament


Pokemon Team (Maximum of 6)

Species: Noivern

Type: Flying/Dragon

Level: 70

Ability: Infiltrator

Moves: Air Slash

Razor Wind

Dragon Pulse



Species: Hydreigon

Type: Dark/Dragon

Level: 72

Ability: Levitate

Moves: Body Slam

Dragon Pulse

Hyper Voice

Dragon Rush


Species: Garchomp

Type: Flying/Dragon

Level: 74

Ability: Sand Veil

Moves: Crunch

Dragon Claw


Dragon Rush


Species: Haxorus

Type: Flying/Dragon

Level: 76

Ability: Rivalry

Moves: Slash

Dragon Claw

Dragon Pulse



Species: Druddigon

Type: Dragon

Level: 78

Ability: Rough Skin

Moves: Dragon Claw

Rock Climb




Species: Salamance

Type: Dragon/Flying

Level: 80

Ability: Intimidate (Aerilate when mega evolved)

Moves: Dragon Claw




Name: Samuel
Age: 24
Profession: Gym leader of Longbow City
Description: Pale and thin, wears old worn looking clothes
Personality: Has a habit of talking to himself, is normally fairly calm. This changes depending on how a battle goes. If he loses, he'll be happy and congratulate whoever beat him, if wins a good battle, he will be supportive to the trainer but if he wins to a trainer with low leveled pokemon or to a trainer with poorly trained Pokemon, his reaction will be hostile
Background: Before he became gym leader he used to visit the ancient prison tower a lot, anytime he was seen there he would be seen talking to no one.Some believed he was able to see and speak to ghosts,but others just believe him to be crazy. Crazy or not,he managed to get the title of gym leader and barely ever leaves the gym now. He has mixed feelings on it. As someone who believes that it is better to lose a battle than to win,he enjoys meeting challenges from new experienced trainers but his position means he cannot turn down a challenge from another trainer. He takes winning a battle against an inexperienced trainer as an insult. Those that insult him sometimes find themselves facing bad luck in their training though he would deny any involvement


Pokemon Team (Maximum of 6)

Species: Shuppet

Type: Ghost

Level: 22

Ability: Insomnia

Moves: Nightshade


Shadow Sneak

Feint Attack


Species: Haunter

Type: Ghost

Level: 25

Ability: Levitate

Moves: Nightshade


Confuse Ray

Shadow Punch


Species: Mismagius

Type: Ghost

Level: 26

Ability: Levitate

Moves: Spite


Power Gem

Phantom Force


Name: Billy
Age: 8
Profession: Boy

Location: Route A01
Description: Small, wears a blue cap backwards along with a yellow T-shirt and blue shorts
Personality: Confident
Background: Upon catching his first Pokemon, he decided to take on all trainers that pass his way

Notes: Has no money but will offer a potion to player upon losing


Pokemon Team

Species: Fletchling

Type: Normal/Flying

Level: 3

Ability: Big Pecks

Moves: Tackle



Note from me: This character is pretty much so you guys have someone you can battle to level up to once if you want. I won't let anyone lose to him


Name: Sally
Age: 20
Profession: Pokemon Breeder

Location: Outside the battle castle
Description: Standard looking breeder
Personality: Kind
Background: Has been breeding Pokemon for a while but after awhile began specialising in breeding three certain Pokemon. These being Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander. Withthe excess she has, she is freeto give out some of these starters to trainers who seem worthy of it

Notes: Free Gen 1 starter of players choice at level 5


So yeah... if you guys miss your gen 1 starters here's an opportunity to get one (Just one!)

And *spoiler alert* there will be more but they won't be as easy to get ;)


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Excited for this. 

I claim Manaphy for my Legendary.


Name: Layla Conner

DOB: 5/26/2004


Focus: Working towards her dream to become a pokemon doctor

Talents/Skills: Quite the academic thanks to her continuous studying.

Starter: Chikorita

Description: Blond hair tied up in a red ribbon, White button down collared blouse, blue jeans, red backpack. 

Personality: Contrast to her brother she is really shy. Level headed.

Background: See Rob's background.


Name: Robert "Rob" Conner

DOB: 5/26/2004

Age: 13


Talents/Skills: Good at making friends

Starter: Froakie

Description: Blonde Hair, Plain white t-shirt under a opened button light blue shirt, blue jeans, long red beanie, red backpack.

Personality: Friendly and adventurous. 

Background: Rob has lived in Scabbard Town with his twin sister Layla for their whole lives. They both dreamed of becoming Trainer and agreed to start at the same time. Rob loves his sister but would like to open up to people more.



Name: Amanda Conner


Description: Average Height, Blonde Hair.

Personality: Warm and nurturing.

Background: When she was young she found an injured Starly and nursed it which became her partner Pokemon where it eventually evolved into Staraptor. She tried to make it as a trainer but didn't get to far. Now she spends her time looking after Rob and Layla and sometimes goes to train Staraptor. 



Edited by Seviper the Fang Snake

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Lets get this going! Entei is claimed for Jack!


Name: Jack Brian Pyrian

DOB: 14/04/2008


Theme Song:



 Hide contents


Focus:Contests and Gyms

Talents/Skills: Jack has a basic knowledge of pokemon habitats and can identify several different pokemon tracks. He has some knowledge in pokemon treatments he learned from helping his mother. He can tell when fruit is ripe and is pokemon are suffering from status problems by sight. Jack has some experience in riding pokemon.

Starter: Chimchar

Description:Jack is a small boy who likes to hide his Red hair in a beanie hat. He wears fingerless grey gloves, green camo pants he tucks into some steel toe capped boots. He wears a plain black t shirt and an unfastened navy blue Jacket which is too big for him. His backpack is a large black one which is quite worn out.

Personality: Jack is a boy who is sensitive about his size causing him to lose his temper if people call him Shorty or Shrimpy. Although he can lose his temper quite frequently he doesn't have a short fuse and is quite calm minded overall. He considers all pokemon his friends unless they appear evil. He prefers to catch only fire types and has inherited a unique view on evolutions.

Background: Jack grew up with his parents and Older brother James in Galleon town. Jack's mother works in the Pokemon center and his father is the Pokemon Ranger of the near by swamp and caves. Jack would often accompany his mother and father to work and as a result has gained some valuable skills for his journey. His brother is five years older because his mother fell ill for a few years after James was born. James left for his own journey several years ago and recently retired to return home help his ageing father with work so Jack could have his own journey.


Name: Annette "Annie" Cole

DOB: 05/01/2007

Age: 11

Focus: Battles

Talents/Skills: Cooking and making Pokemon food.

Starter: Vanillite

Description: Annie is an average sized girl with Blue hair tied into a ponytail. She likes to wear a black dress and her white fur coat her grandfather gave her.

Personality: Annie is very shy around new people and is often too shy to speak up if she notices anything. She has a large love for ice Type pokemon.

Background: Annie is the Daughter of a cafe owner in Scabbard town. She prefers to handle the dessert side to the cafe. Her mother said that Annie has to go on a journey to help discover new ideas for the cafe.


Name: Zeke Hawthorne 

DOB: 05/01/2004

Age: 14

Focus: Undecided

Talents/Skills: Vast knowledge of pokemon and  hty pe of habitats they live in.

Starter: Litten

Description: Zeke is a white haired biy who wears glasses. He wears a white lab coat over his t shirt with a mega ring on it. He looks just like every other professor Aide.


Personality: Zeke likes pokemon that evolve more than once. He finds watching evolutions more enjoyable than anything else. His desire for understanding pokemon and the power of evolution lead him to becoming an aide to Professor Pine.



A npc for me


Name: Nurse Joanne "Joy" Pyrian

Age: 36

Professon: Pokemon center Nurse in Galleon town

Description: She is a typical Nurse Joy in appearance with the exception that she wears a home made mom of the year badge that looked like a fire.

Personality: Joy is a kindhearted and extremely generous Nurse. He is very serious in pokemon care and often will lecture her sons if they make care mistakes as James learned at his own cost. She is also a very concerned mother constantly asking her family of Joy's to tell her when her sons were in their centers.


Species: Happini

Type: Normal

Level: 24

Ability: Serene Grace

Moves: Pound





Species: Chansey

Type: Normal

Level: 68

Ability: Natural Cure

Moves: Double-slap

Heal Pulse

Healing wish



Species: Audino

Type: Normal

Level: 40


Moves: Double-slap



Secret power


Species: Wigglytuff

Type: Normal

Level: 53

Ability: Cute Charm

Moves: Sing

Defence curl




Name: Blake Stuart Pyrian

Age: 40

Professon: Pokemon Ranger of Galleon town

Description: Blake is a red haired man who wears old camouflage gear and old worn out boots.

Personality: Blake is a wise man who strives to protect the Pokemon near the town he lives. He often pushes himself too hard and it has resulted in a back injury causing him to have to recruit an assistant.


Name: Bloodhound

Species: Houndoom

Type: Fire and dark

Level: 45

Ability:Flash Fire

Moves: Roar


Thunder Fang



Name: Skippy

Species: Skiddo

Type: Grass

Level: 25

Ability: Sap Sipper

Moves: Razor Leaf

Take Down




Name: Gogass

Species: Gogoat

Type: Grass

Level: 35

Ability:Sap Sipper

Moves: Take Down


Vine Whip



Name: James Pyrian.

Age: 15

Professon: Assistant Pokemon Ranger in Galleon town

Description: A long red haired boy who wears a blue ranger jacket over a white t shirt. He wore black pants and green boots. He had black fingerless blokes on his hands and a red Bandana tied across his forehead.

Personality: James is an honest and loyal guy who tries to protect every pokemon. He tends to prefer fire types over others.


Name: Charmy

Species: Charizard

Type: Fire and Flying

Level: 53


Moves: Flamethrower

Seismic Toss

Wing Attack



Name: Dasher

Species: Rapidash

Type: Fire

Level: 49

Ability:Run Away

Moves: Agility

Flare Blitz




Name: Mags

Species: Magmorter

Type: Fire

Level: 51

Ability:Flame Body

Moves: Thunder Punch

Confuse ray


Sunny day


Name: Howler

Species: Arcanine

Type: Fire

Level: 50

Ability: Intimidate

Moves: Roar


Thunder Fang

Extreme Speed


Name: Searly

Species: Simisear

Type: Fire

Level: 46


Moves: Solar Bean

Fury swipes

Flame Burst



Claiming Flint of Sinnoh Elite four.

Let me just say this now before I forget. I claim Jessie James and Meowth from Team Rocket and Flint from the Sinnoh Elite four. Skye already knows my intentions.

Their teams are as below


Flint's team(Taken from the game)

Species: Infernape

Type: Fire and Fighting

Level: 71


Moves: Flare Blitz

Thunder Punch


Mach Punch


Species: Rapidash

Type: Fire

Level: 69

Ability: Run away

Moves: Flare Blitz

Solar Beam

Sunny Day



Species: Houndoom

Type: Fire and dark

Level: 68

Ability: Early Bird

Moves: Sludge Bomb

Dark Pulse


Sunny Day


Species: Flareon

Type: Fire

Level: 71

Ability:Flash Fire

Moves: Overheat


Quick Attack

Giga Impact


Species: Magmorter

Type: Fire

Level: 73

Ability:Flame Body

Moves: Thunderbolt


Hyper beam

Solar Beam


Team Rocket's Pokemon (based upon Anime used attacks and basic abilities)

Species: Meowth

Type: Normal

Level: 30

Ability: Pickup

Moves: Scratch


Fury Swipes


Jessie's Pokemon

Species: Wobbuffet

Type: Psychic

Level: 30

Ability: Shadow Tag

Moves: Counter


Mirror Coat


Species: Pumpkaboo

Type: Grass and Ghost

Level: 30


Moves: Leech Seed


Dark Pulse

Shadow Ball


Species: Seviper

Type: Poison

Level: 30

Ability: Shed Skin

Moves: Haze

Poison Tail




Species: Yanmega

Type: Bug and Flying

Level: 30

Ability: Speed Boost

Moves: Sonic Boost

Ancient Power

Steel Wing

Silver Wind


James' Pokemon

Species: Inkay

Type: Dark and Psychic

Level: 30

Ability: Suction Cups

Moves: Tackle


Foul Play


Species: Mime Jr

Type: Psychic and Fairy

Level: 30

Ability: Soundproof

Moves: Tickle


Teeter Dance


Species: Carnivine

Type: Grass

Level: 30

Ability: Levitate

Moves: Bullet Seed


Vine Whip



Name: Stuart "Sparky" Jones

Age: 29

Profession: Claymore City Gym Leader

Description: Stuart is a skinny man of avarage height for his age. He wears yellow overalls and a pair of rubber gloves. He has a tool belt around his waist with all his tools. He has short blond hair that always seems to stick up no matter what he does.

Personality: Stuart is a guy who is very unpredictable. When ever he gets an idea he runs off to do what ever it is. Unless he is battling a challenger, then he would write it down and try to speed up the battle so he could get to work. Even though he is often a joker when it comes to battling he is very serious. Stuart prefers one on one battles.

Background: Stuart grew up in Claymore City where mechanics caught his attention at age eight. When he turned ten his dad gave him a Shinx as a present and the pair battled alot becoming strong. Stuart never left the city and began to learn from the town's mechanical experts where his skills as a trainer were noticed and at age 27 he was asked to be gym leader. Since then he has aquire three new pokemon he uses to battle while his Luxray guards the gym.


 Pokemon Team (Maximum of 6)


Species: Luxray

Type: Electric

Level: 40

Ability:  Intimidate

Moves: Tackle



Thunder Fang


Species: Shinx

Type: Electric

Level: 10

Ability: Intimidate

Moves: Tackle




Species: Pichu

Type: Electric

Level: 10

Ability: Static

Moves: Thunder Shock

Tail Whip 


Sweet Kiss


Species: Dedenne

Type: Electric/Fairy

Level: 10

Ability: Pickup

Moves: Tackle

Tail Whip

Thunder Shock

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Name: Tony Bjorn

DOB: May 9th 2000

Age: 18

Focus: Exploration

Talents/Skills: High Endurance and speed

Starter: Turtwig

Description: 6'0, dark skin, low cut black hair, dark brown eyes, black fitted tank 
top with dark green cargos and brown boots. Traingular lined scar under left eye. 

Personality: Outgoing once well known, open-minded

Background: A newly aged young man who had ran track and Field since early middle school, 
Tony was more than energetic to complete school and begin his journey as an explorer. 
Coming from a foster family, Tony had developed the passion to travel the world and experience 
the many different cultures and people around him, and becoming a pokemon trainer would give him 
that opportunity. Growing up in the town of Rapier, Tony had got to see much of the luxury in life, 
touring the super store and watching some tournament fights. Once he reached 18, he had made the move 
to get his first pokemon and set off on his journey.



Name: Amora Carver
DOB: February 21st 1998
Age: 20
Focus: Tournaments.
Talents/Skills: Tactitionist
Starter: Honedge (Lv1 in a forest of Kalos) 
Description: 5'8, bright silver long hair, ivy green eyes, purple dress with straw hat
Personality: Calm/Curious
Background: At the age of 12, Elaina had stumbled upon a sword in the ground in a forest behind her town. 
She pulled it out to reveal the newborn Pokemon Honedge, and the two had immediately became close friends. 
After some time, Elaina took the initiative to become a pokemon trainer, traveling the region with Honedge and 
adding a variety of Pokemon to her team along the way. 
Pokemon Team 
Name: Aegislash
Species: Mineral
Type: Steel Ghost
Level: 77
Ability: Stance Change
Moves:  Sacred Sword, Kings Shield, Night Slash, Iron Head
Name: Mismagius
Species: Amorphous
Type: Ghost
Level: 70
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond
Name: Hydreigon
Species: Dragon
Type: Dark Dragon
Level: 71
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Outrage, Dragon Rush, Tri-Attack, Dragon Pulse
Name: Nidoking
Species: Monster and Field
Type: Poison Ground
Level: 75
Ability: Sheer Force
Moves: Poison Jab, Sludge Wave, Hyperbeam, Earth Power
Name: Nidoqueen
Species: Monster and Field
Type: Poison Ground
Level: 73
Ability: Poison Point
Moves: Ice Beam, Super power, Giga Impact, Shadow Claw
Name: Gengar
Species: Amorphous
Type: Ghost Poison
Level: 80
Ability: Levitate (Mega Gengar Shadow Tag)
Moves: Dark Pulse, Hex, Dark void, Dream Eater

For my legendary, I would like Regigigas. If I can't, then I'll take Regirock.

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And there we go, underway.

No, I wasn't being lazy with that post... you can;t prove otherwise....

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So now, the question is.... which fairs better... Ganlo, or the official world based on the UK?

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Ganlo > Galar

Based on name really

Might as well keep what we had tho. It's gonna be a bit of work changing it with the little info there is after all

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I am unaware of what you are referring to.

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New pokemon game.

Apparently the new region is based on the UK

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In that case the place based on Cardiff better have a Dragon gym! And also the Pokemon league better be in the place based on Wales (Totally not biased here)

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I'm late to the party as usual, but here I am!

Player Character: Herishio "Shiro" Mitsurugi

Name: Herishio “Shiro” Mitsurugi

DOB: April 25th, 2001

Age: 17

Focus: To discover and better himself

Talents/Skills: Martial Artist, minor cooking skills, adept at learning

Starter: Torchic

Description: Wears a white long sleeved Kariyushi shirt (like a Hawaiian shirt but with Asian designs) tucked in his white Gi pants and wearing a short red Obi (belt). Wears black Tai Chi shoes.

Personality: Friendly, polite, modest, eager to learn, honorable

Background: Mitsurugi grew up on Hontō, an island not far from the Hoenn region. He grew up with a Torchic named Chojin, who is his best friend and partner. Closely following in his father’s footsteps, he learned the island’s traditional Martial Arts from his grandfather as he grew up. As he became the age where it was customary for the boys to take a journey on the island to discover themselves, Mitsurugi decided he wanted to see the world for his journey. After convincing his father to let him go with support from his grandfather, he made his way to the Ganlo region where he and his partner plan to have the adventure of their lives.

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