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  1. arekpowalan added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    That looks nice, but I think the scene looks too bright. Characters' white eyes should not glow or respond the the sun that much. Amy's eye color and its reflections almost disappear due to the overwhelming light..
    Nevertheless, keep up the good work, Tesla.
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  2. arekpowalan added a post in a topic How old are your fan characters?   

    Arek, Seera, and Ellen are all made for a dropped RPG Maker project  in 2012, made into Mobians in 2014 because humans/outlanders are overrated.
    Arek is 19 years old (but looks 9-10 years old for a specific reason).
    Seera is 22 years old.
    Ellen is 22 years old.
    I made them late teens or early adults for that, after a personal observation, I concluded early teens aren't that realistic for jumping into something big and meaningful. As teen protagonists these days are so angst-ridden, 18+ are around the perfect numbers character walk pass childhood to adulthood (19th -> 20th birthday) or from bad to good adulthood (22nd -> 23rd birthday) with enough wisdom.
    I have so many other characters in mind, but I reserve them for other non-Sonic stuff. I just love daydreaming.
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  3. arekpowalan added a post in a topic The obligatory "Post your Desktop" thread   

    This is mine.

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  4. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Fan Characters (Wanna see what ya made!)   

    Nice coloring, Tesla. I like your arts.
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  5. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Sonic Runners (2015, Smartphone)   

    I guess unless you love Cream (which I do), you won'r get so much satisfaction from playing with her. Easy mode characters should have been something for tutorial levels.
    Why should Silver be considered an easy mode's character? In term of characterization, he's on par with Sonic and Shadow, and he's the hardest character to use in Sonic'06.
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  6. arekpowalan added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    Seera saw Sonic approaching her and Tails. She turned to him but said nothing. Meanwhile, Ellen finished healing Arek. They both got up and walked toward the group.
    Ellen was going to talk to Seera, then she briefly glanced at Sonic and then shy away, her face suddenly turned red.
    "Umm... Hello there, sir, I mean, uh..." Said him uncomfortably. "Those bad robots at the market, have you Freedom Fighters taken care of them?"
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  7. arekpowalan added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Happy birthday to you as well, Seviper.
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    "You must be Miles Prowers of Knothole Freedom Fighters. My name is Seera, I'm a mercenary from Furvile." said Seera, introducing herself.
    "Please pardon me, I'm with that dog over there." She pointed back at Arek. "We're coming here to bring him home, but he seems very reluctant." continued her, trying to be as calm and professional as possible. 
    "We noticed something going on back in the market... like a battle. Plus, the boy got injured, so I wonder what has been happening." Asked her.
    Meanwhile, Ellen took out a special medbox and start treating and chating with Arek. Without the boss staring coldly at him, he could finally loosen up a bit. He could never stop worryingly looking at Coda, however.
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  9. arekpowalan added a post in a topic 30 Years Later   

    As Maxine finally put her face back up, she noticed the machine's panels glowing. The computer slowly came back to life and the clockwork started moving again. She exclaimed in wonder.
    "Impressive... I have never seen anything like this before!" She turned to Miles. "This machine... just what is it?!"
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  10. arekpowalan added a post in a topic The Happy Birthday Thread   

    Happy birthday, Skye!
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  11. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Games that you are currently playing   

    F1 2013, practicing hard to play the upcoming F1 2015. I'm also finishing Freedom Planet. Will play that and Solatorobo again.
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  12. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom   

    I don't know why, but I kinda feel this one has the worse graphic than the first game. Nevertheless, I hope it has more than three levels and two bosses. A free story mode wouldn't hurt either.
    For once I thought FFaF's invaded my game. What a horrible experience.
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    "You've done some good messes leaving your post, chap. At least It's a good thing you're still in one piece." said Seera in the most deadpan of an expression.
    "I-It doesn't matter how I'm doing, Boss! How could you gethere so fast?!" spoke out Arek impatiently.
    "We ran.", "B-But that was less than 20 minutes!"
    "You have a problem with that?", "I, uh... never mind."
    "Sigh... Nevertheless, what had you gotten into that you became this injured?" Continued her. At the same time, Arek heard Ellen whispering near him: "Don't worry, I'll heal you up in no time."
    Arek, however, got butterflies in all over his stomach and couldn't speak up. All he could do was looking at Coda. Noticing that, Seera walked over Coda and the foxes. "Good afternoon, gentlemen."
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  14. arekpowalan added a post in a topic 30 Years Later   

    "Huh? Oh, I'm sorry. I was just thinking about why we came here in the first place." She then took out her document. "We Squad 4 of the New Mobotropolis' police force got sent here on a mission to trace down some clues on an illegal technology development, but then we were suddenly attacked-"
    "!!!" Maxine suddenly stopped talking as anxiety and fear suddenly struck her heart. She looked down the ground and try to calm down.
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  15. arekpowalan added a post in a topic PS4 or Xbox One. Which did you buy? (or did you buy a Wii U)   

    PS4, I am aiming for Dragon Quest Heroes and the future Jikkyō Powerful Pro titles. Japanese-only games seems not very common within Microsoft's consoles, so I have never bothered with XBox. I never like playing Western RPG and realistic FPS anyway.
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  16. arekpowalan added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    Arek suddenly became uncomfortable as he felt familarly scary aura approaching the hospital gate -the one that was produced by the woman none other than the one he called 'Boss'. "Calm down, Arek, man... I'm ready for this... I'm ready for this." He kept repeating his mantra.
    Seera Bransford and Ellen Ellen walked into the hospital and made an unnaturally quick work locating him sitting on a couch - still heavily bandaged.
    "Arek Powalan!" said Seera, causing the young man to jump in a panic. "YIKE! I am NOT ready for this!!"
    "Arek! Thank goodness! Are you okay? I'm so worried about you!" Said Ellen who quickly approached him and gasped as she saw his condition.
    "I... I'm okay, Ellen. Err, well... urm..." The male canine could no longer hold his focus  All he could do was talking gibberish and hopeless look at Coda and Tails.
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  17. arekpowalan added a post in a topic General Mega Man thread   

    The new Kunio-kun Downtown Nekketsu games on PS3 and 3DS could do 8-bit spritejob with HD backdrops without a problem. Not to mention other classic 2D games like Metal Slug, where 3D and non-recycling sprites are bombs.
    I don't see what's wrong with adapting Megaman into HD, even if it'll be half a quality of 'Megaman Powered-Up'. Not doing so can even count as being lazy, since even the less well-known company like Technos know what the fans want and what makes their works so classic and survivable for over 30 years..
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  18. arekpowalan added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    "I... I got it." said Arek. He walked around and sat in one of the couches.
    Meanwhile in the Market
    Two female mobians walked into the market of New Mobotropolis, which at the time, still not completely recovered and still filled with tense air left by the battle.
    "What is going on here?!" Said the older of the two.
    "Did... did Arek get involved with this? Seera..." cried the younger woman in a shrinking voice.
    "It's okay, Ellen. Since he's in a hospital, I think he's okay," said Seera Bransford - a feline martial artist and the leader of Team Blue Stars. "That brat! He better has a good explaination for this."..Seera walked even faster. In a contrary to her tone, her eyes were not of an angry woman, but the one full of worries.
    "Tommy Turtle Memorial Hospital... It should be just up ahead." Ellen Ellen walked closely behind her best friend as both women continued on.
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  19. arekpowalan added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    I wished it to have something along the line of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Space Jam. It would have been interesting to see how such style can be integrated into live-action films with today's technology.
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  20. arekpowalan added a post in a topic 30 Years Later   

    "Maybe it has something to do with those people after all..." Muttered Maxine.
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  21. arekpowalan added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    "Coda... I have been wondering for a while. What is this 'other world' you're talking about?" Blurted out Arek. "...Never mind, scratch that, what are you doing here in our world? I mean, there has to be a reason, right?" Continued him.
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  22. arekpowalan added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    Arek.tried to smile to meet Coda's positive response, but then suddenly lost it as he was once again when he fell into a deep thought.
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  23. arekpowalan added a post in a topic 30 Years Later   

    "I don't know. I pretty much just arrived here about half an hour ago. I haven't seen anyone coming here sincee but you." Said Maxine in a response to Miles. "Poor guy, he must have been really worried about about his son." Thought her.
    Maxine started looking around a place again. "What a mess." She thought. "Hard to believe this used to be a laboratory." Her eyes were, of course, were mainly on the large clockwork and the set of machines below it.
    "This is where I found the watch." Said her to the twin tailed fox as she touched the computer's panel. "Just what in Mobius is this, some sort of machine?" She glanced up to the clock again.
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    At the hospital
    Arek made it back to his new friends... if he could even call them that. He looked at Coda and Tails.
    "Mr. Prowers... How is Coda? Do you think he can be fixed?" He asked.
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  25. arekpowalan added a post in a topic New Mobotropolis   

    Meanwhile outside the hospital
    "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME?!" yelled a loud, feminine voice from a telephone, loud enough Arek had to pull it further from his ear.
    "I-I told you, Boss. I'm on a job." Answered him nervously.
    "What kind of job is so important you went off without telling us?! We left your flag on the wood and never came home!" continued the voice over the phone, who was furious at a possibility he got himself in a danger again, "Do you know how much Ellen's worried about you?!"
    "I.. I'm sorry. " said the young man.
    An awkward silence approached and hovered around the phone booth until the voice at the end of the phone finally broke it.
    "Are you okay? Where are you now?"
    "I'm... I'm okay, really. I'm at New Mobotropolis now, at the hospital.", continued the two. "We'll be there." said the woman.
    "B-Boss?! You have to listen to me. Seera? Hey! Hey!!" Too late, the line got cut before he could finish. Arek slowly walked out of the phone booth, depressingly had his head down. He went back inside the hospital and back to Coda and the foxes.
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