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  1. ShannonAllAround added a post in a topic Favorite Fan comics?   

    Same!!! That comic is amazing!!!
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  2. ShannonAllAround added a post in a topic Underrated characters (Characters Sega REALLY should've used in games)   

    I would love to see Mighty and Shard in the games! They are two of my favourite characters. I am SO sad Shard is no longer around in the Archie comics as far as we can tell. 
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  3. ShannonAllAround added a post in a topic Sad moments   

    Oh my goodness yes! That was soooooo sad. However, I loved how by the end of the arc Matilda was all like "GET OFF MY BROTHER!" and she and Mighty developed such a lovely brother & sister bond. I'm just really sad now that post-genesis wave, she's not around anymore as far as I can tell. I like the new direction of the comics so far for the most part, but that is one thing I'm really disappointed is gone. 
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