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  1. Simon Arty

    Oh freaking finally, the Black Arms have shown up in the comics, but no Black Doom. -_- Stupid SEGA and their mandates..

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    2. Shadow the Hedgehog

      To be fair Black Doom wasn't competent either. "Shadow, go activate our temple. You have to kill my men to get through the door." 5 minutes later "Stop killing my men you traitor!"

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    3. Danny Felixe

      Also, we haven't seen enough of Black Death to be able to compare properly with Black Doom

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    4. Simon Arty

      I know this is a sequel to the Shadow The Hedgehog game (obviously) but I actually wanted an adaptation of Shadow the Hedgehog itself in the comics, I wanted to see it fully adapted like the Adventure storyline, but in it's own unique direction with all of Mobius involved like the Xorda issue. But it ended up already happening because of the Genesis wave and we have someone in Black Doom's place that looks too similar to him. Yes, we haven't seen enough of the new characters, Ecli...

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