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  1. Simon Arty

    Nate Morgan seriously deserves more credit

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    2. Simon Arty

      Honestly, he helped the kingdom into a new age and contributed a lot to helping the FF only to die and never be mentioned or mourned about. I personally liked him as a character, just wish they hadn't left so many lose ends then I would have been able to let go better.

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    3. Glider4

      True I read the one where he died and it was just ignored. Though honestly I only think the comics got good when Ian came abroud. There was stuff like taht all the time before

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    4. Simon Arty

      Excatly, I hope one day Ian can at least dedicate a story to him in honor of his death if he isn't coming back. Yes I agree things got better when Ian came aboard but it was around when Nate died that the comic become terrible. Before that I felt the comic was still good.

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