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  1. Sonic Universe (Comic Series)

    I'm honestly just looking forward to more chip
  2. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    So what's up with this alternate endings thing?
  3. hey this sonic boom thing looks like it could be OK afterall :D

  4. Ken Penders Topic...

    Was Reading the Tv tropes pages for this series. It once again struck me how much of an ass this guy is. I mean He says Archie can use his characters if they make his version of 25 years later cannon. In other words if they spoil the entire plot. Though it's clear he never actually cared about the existing franchise and was obsessed with his own creations, which is fine, but WHY WOULD YOU CONSTANTLY INVOLVE YOURSELF IN A PRE-EXISTING FRANCHISE!!!?! Ugh makes no sense. Rant Over.
  5. Sonic X

    Yea but Naruto has people being stabbed causing blood to spill everywhere.
  6. cool banner

  7. Sonic Universe (Comic Series)

    so read the most recent issue. That was just .......bad. Why would you reference shadow the hedgehog for story idea's, that's like getting inspiration from birdemic. If they keep pulling stuff like this, I'm just going to move on. I never actually said anything about the arc before this which I actually thought was really good. Bean is just so much fun XD
  8. General Trash

  9. Ken Penders Topic...

    I hate it when real life rears it's ugly head in fiction. It's crazy universe resets and huge amounts of back story that make me avoid american comics like the plague anyway. Heck I only reason I got into sonic was that I wanted a good laugh one day when I was really bored and was surprised at how good it was.
  10. Ken Penders Topic...

    "Fack." Oh god if only you knew what that was.
  11. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    I'm pretty sure the cube one has actually rolled a few times O.O
  12. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    Yea I have no idea how everybody is "sonic spinning" it's kind of absurd. Though Eggman was a badass in this issue
  13. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    I actually really enjoyed the latest issue of the sonic comics. Especially since I had no enthusiasm for this reboot thing. :D
  14. So everybody is P*ssed that IGN gave sonic lost world a bad review. How is above avarage bad? well whatever turns out that people just don't really like it that much http://www.metacritic.com/game/wii-u/sonic-lost-world

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    2. Delicious echidna

      Delicious echidna

      It's IGN .

      You have to take two point on the final score to have that real rating.

    3. BlurryDawgo


      It's kinda ironic, really. I trusted IGN with my life! (Well, not in a literal approach; I wouldn't ask them for money or allow them to give me surgery, I kinda looked towards their face first to see if a game was "good" or "not".)

    4. Glider4


      Oh dear. You have to understand that these reviews from major sites cannot be trusted when they give good scores.