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  1. Simon Arty

    WTH another lawsuit against Archie?? Scott Fulop following in the ways of Penders, except even more utterly ridiculous is that he's claiming characters that aren't even USED anymore. Why is this fool trying to get paid for obsolete content??? -_-

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    2. Danny Felixe

      Reprints reprints... second time they've caused a problem

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    3. Simon Arty

      I feel like Penders indirectly inspired other former freelancers with the initial lawsuit over his characters, so now everyone else is getting greedy because they’ve seen they can get away with it. Do you think the guy who came up with the Daleks still gets paid every time they appear in an episode of Doctor Who? Or that the creators of Batman TAS get paid every time Harley Quinn shows up anywhere? The logic of these people...

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    4. Skye Prower

      Er.........As to the Dalek example, yes, he does. (If he's still alive) He OWNS the Dalek idea. That is why the Cybermen were created as a replacement for the Daleks as he was trying to market a Dalek TV show in the states, so the Dr Who writers had to come up with a new main villain. Also, at the very least up to Genesis of the Daleks, he wrote the first draft of all the Dalek stories....

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