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  1. Simon Arty added a post in a topic Which was your favourite Sonic Universe arc so far? (If you read it)   

    Sonic Universe is always awesome, I liked every arc I don't know which one to pick, among my top are Treasure Team Tango, Silver's Arc and Babylon Rising. If I had to choose I'd say Treasure Team Tango, it was one of the first comics I read and I liked how Cream was featured in it as she is one of my favorites, the plot was fun overall. Liked Silver's arc because of the action scenes, Enerjak and the prelates which were cool. The coloring was amazing as well. Tracey did great illustrating AND writing Babylon Rising, would love to see him write again.
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  2. Simon Arty added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    Hello fellow blue bur fans! This is actually my possible first time communicating with the fan base. Well, I was pretty much here for the comics back then for a while but guess it be better to communicate with people. Just call me by my nickname or "Simon" if you wish, 18 years old this year and from Singapore. I'm an artist student as you can tell by my username, and yes, love to draw. Other hobbies included are photography and acting. Although I knew Sonic pretty much during my childhood days, I didn't love the series till 2011, though I am much more invested into the archie comic series than the games. Been collecting the comics ever since. Well hopefully I can enjoy being here, I'll be reading comics if you need me. Adios!
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