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  1. Sonikku-San-xoxo added a post in a topic Your favorite Gaming Quotes.   

    "If the world chooses to become my enemy, I will fight like I always have." Shadow the Hedgehog 'Sonic 2006'

    "Shut up, Wizeman! We're not your puppets! We can do things on our own, and we won't be held back by anyone, because we have free will!" NiGHTS 'NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams'

    And the quote in my signature too lol
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  2. Sonikku-San-xoxo added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    Thanks you two~! ^_^ ^_^
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  3. Sonikku-San-xoxo added a post in a topic Favorite Mobian(s)   

    The blue hedgehog himself, Sonic :D he just seems to seek so much fun in the adventures he's in, and seems pretty optomistic too! which kind of influenced me some since I've been pretty positive all because of Sonic! That's why Sonic's my favorite ^_^ always will be~!
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  4. Sonikku-San-xoxo added a post in a topic General Anime/Manga Thread   

    Anime's practically my life <3 <3 <3

    Obviously grew up with Pokemon (who hasn't?...K Pokemon haters xD) , Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, even most of the Tenchi ones! Tenchi Universe was my all time favorite! I kinda hated GXP though -_-

    then later on it was Yu-Gi-Oh! and of course the famous Sonic X ^_^ soon it was the other YGO spin offs (minus Zexal), Death Note, Bleach (but got tired of it later on...), Full Metal Alchemist and Brotherhood (but I seem to prefer the first anime WAY better, the other one didn't seem all that convincing. I liked the ending for that one though :D ). Let's see, there was also Black Butler, Hetalia, Ouran HSHC, Code Geass (that Anime's AMAZING OMG!!), Fruits Basket (my ultimate favorite!), Vampire Knight, Deadman Wonderland (CRAZY VIOLENT Anime, but it's too awesome O.O it's kind of on hiatus though), and lastly Eureka Seven (my other ultimate favorite!)

    Haven't watched any more since Eureka Seven, which was just weeks ago. Not sure what other anime to watch next. :lol:

    Mangas, not much but I've read Full Moon O SagaPoope, Q.Ko-Chan, Yotsuba&!, Fruits Basket (it's alot longer than the anime so...), Kitchen Princess, and Yu-Gi-Oh! R.

    There ya have it ^_^
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  5. Sonikku-San-xoxo added a post in a topic SEGA or Nintendo: Which do you prefer?   

    Can't say for sure, seeing as I'm not a huge gamer XD I pretty much went back to gaming 2.5 years ago (all thanks to a certain hedgehog ^^)

    I'm a bit of a fan of both really. I'm all out for Sonic and NiGHTS mainly, but I do admire some Mario and Kirby, and I'm awfully curious about the Legend of Zelda. But uh yeah, that's just about it really XD so far I dig both. ^_^
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  6. Sonikku-San-xoxo added a post in a topic General Art Thread   

    Here's some of mine ^_^

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  7. Sonikku-San-xoxo added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    Hey there! I go by Jackie :) admired Sonic a few years back, but officially been a HUGE Sonic fan for about 2.5 years now :D I enjoy gaming, drawing lots of Anime and other fictional characters, huge music addict too (especially Japanese/KPop music), also 21 years old but such a kid at heart >w<

    I actually been to this site months ago when checking out a couple of comic issues, but returned here as an actual member, haha! hope I'll have lots of fun on here :D
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