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  1. Chapmic

    It's official guys, Ian Flynn is confirmed to write the IDW Sonic comics. It'll launch on April 2018 for a special event with the first four issues being released in the span of four weeks.


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    2. Danny Felixe

      Um... any sane company? Any sane company would actively avoid paying money to an outside source by any means necessary unless it's a guaranteed loss. Which it wasn't really in this case. Because the main thing is to make as much money as possible. As for not announcing it, have you considered that maybe they weren't allowed to tell anyone unless they knew for sure? I mean saying they were going to lose it means people move on... and if they get it back then they've already lost On the most part I was just trying to joke that maybe SEGA didn't like the reboot and that's why they made the change

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    3. Chapmic

      Then any sane company would have secured the necessary copyrights to make sure no one would come after them, that still makes them untrustworthy. And for not announcing, I mean that they still didn't say anything since Sega and IDW's announcements up to this day. Don't tell me they still don't know for sure, they're just not communicating anything as usual. Can't trust them I tell you. Unless they're still hoping to get it back, then I don't know if that's ridiculous or hilarious.

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    4. Danny Felixe

      Your first point is a fair one. Would I say that makes them untrustworthy? No. Maybe for business it would but if that were the case they would've dropped them ages before rather than let them keep going for ages after. As for your second poit... well what do you want them to say? To confirm what everywhere else has confirmed? Do you really think they want to say how they lost the comic publicly? They've lost a lot, they're not going to lose face more by just saying what everyone else has already said

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