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  1. Chapmic

    It's official guys, Ian Flynn is confirmed to write the IDW Sonic comics. It'll launch on April 2018 for a special event with the first four issues being released in the span of four weeks.


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    2. Chapmic

      As a company that received our money, (and quite a lot from me when the "hiatus" started) I think they owe us at least an official statement coming directly from themselves, not others. We don't even need details, just an announcement. You may not agree with me, but in my opinion, this is a total lack of honesty. And it turns out that one of the antonyms of "honest" is "untrustworthy". Have you considered the possibility that there might be people who've read the comic that are still waiting to know if it'll continue or not ?

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    3. Dylan

      What would be the point of an official statement? Anything they say is either 1: Already been said. 2: Not allowed to be said. Or 3: None of our business. And as for have I considered there may be people still waiting? Yes. And I highly doubt if they cared that much they wouldn't do a quick google search to find 'oh. It's cancelled'. If they haven't realised then they really don't care enough to be looking this up on the many places that have said it

      I just feel like people treat Ian Flynn or Archie as a whole as some kind of devil worshipping cult when it's not. Maybe I would if I had paid a subscription or something but I doubt I would be as mad as I keep seeing people being. It's a business. And there are certainly bigger businesses out there that have done much worse and are less honest than Archie that don't get this kind of hatred. And that's what really bothers me

      This will be my final point on the matter. This is supposed to be good news advertised and it's kind of turned into some petty argument from what was supposed to be a joke about SEGA not liking the reboot and so forcing another. I do take partial blame for that and so I'm going to stop replying here

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    4. Geoffrey St John

      I have missed most of this discussion but as someone who bought the comics every month I can honestly say AI am mad at Sega and Archie but I do not hate them at all. All I wish to do is give the new comic a chance to earn my support as Ian Flynn did.

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