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  1. We need stuff like this for the comics

    I don't know if anyone here would remember me or not but I signed up here a long time ago, I just didn't comment here that much, lol. Now for the topic at hand, I've been thinking for a while that the archie Sonic comics needs people doing more to represent them and talk about them in a more in depth level, in both the good and bad content and complaints it gets(Many from who I think don't even read them). Two examples here are 2 different video series:   Not saying it has to be a video series, but anything, even if a blog or something. I've been planning on this for a while for my deviantart gallery, it's mostly memes, but aside from something else I have planned, I touched on a certain even in the archie comics: http://psyco-the-frog.deviantart.com/art/Amadeus-Protest-178-561500727 I don't know whenever I'll get to it, but it'll go across both my deviantart and Tumblr pages. What I wanna know is what you guys think of the idea and if what events within the comic could be discussed, or even the complaints they get.
  2. The Sonic '06 thread

    If anything, it's not so much that the game needed fixing, but the development hell that went on during the project. Notable events I heard from a friend of mine: Yuji Naka leaving during development, most of the ideas going into this game were his. (Note, bakc in the 90's Yuji Naka left the Sega of Japan branch to come here to America because Sonic was more popular here, and because he wanted more freedom. One of the factors in the success of Sonic 2). Half the team was split off to work on Sonic and the Secret Rings while this game was still being made, splitting man power. Bug reports were ignored by Sega. On another hand, Izuka could've made this game right after Sonic Adventure 2 and save us all the hassle. He decided not to make this, or SA3, because he thought only hardcore fans would get it, so he choose to make Sonic Heroes for the more casual fans as well. Also, to my Knowledge, Heroes was the first 3D title made by SOJ, following 06 and everything else. Keep in mind that the main reason for Sonic X-treme being canceled was also on the part of SOJ, as one of their representatives came over and wanted the entire game redone when it was near complete. While trying to redo it, most of the SOA Sonic Team(the rest after Shadow I think) team was fired, till there was one guy, who I heard worked hard on the remake until he became fatally ill, which resulted in the Sega Saturn getting a port of Sonic 3D Blast. Keep that in mind folks, SOJ being heavily responsible for 2 dev hells and the total Darnation of the series characters. Wit the way SOJ handles things, this game had no chance, and the rest of the series doesn't either if games like Lost World keeps up. ;)
  3. (Idea) Full replication of SatAM in Minecraft

    I think it's advanced enough to get something done:
  4. (Idea) Full replication of SatAM in Minecraft

    if you mean the fan game I was talking about, here: http://sonicrevolution.org/forums/index.php?/topic/887-sonic-revolution-the-gamebeta/ Don't wanna derail this topic, but I think using this game or Sonic Robo Blast 2 for this SATAM thing would be a much better idea, since it'll actually be a game and not just a minecraft thing.
  5. What do you want in a STH game?

    It's the one thing most Sonic....Nintendo.... fans don't know. They're too busy cheering about how Mario is the best platformer, when there's no real reason as to why unless they conpare him to Sonic, then it's all about popularity and issues with Sonic that Mario doesn't have, never any reasons as to WHY their good, just why THEY THINK he's better then Sonic.
  6. (Idea) Full replication of SatAM in Minecraft

    Sounds pretty dope if you ask me. I never had any interest in Minecraft though, but I'd try to help if I was playing it. On another note, there was a guy making Sonic fan games who also wanted to get other Sonic fans to work with him, and use the project to creat one big beat'em up game. He also had plans for Sonic Robo Blast 2, and if they could remake Conker's Bad fur day on that engine, and i think it'll be an even better place to recreate SATAM.
  7. What do you want in a STH game?

    I'm really ok with Shadow using guns, if anything, they could be added as an extra type of weapon if you want to use it, but it wont be forced(because the original game was SOOOO bad because of it, when it wasn't even teh main issue, since Sonic characters used weapons before. See Tails Adventure).
  8. Sonic Lost World

    I've already had a pretty negative opinion of this game, and seeing a lot of an entire playthrough of the game, it seemed that everything I thought badly about this game was actually worse. However, I heard hours ago that the 3DS version got a demo, so I DLed it and tried it....didn't enjoy it al that much. So, I already didn't like the music, bad villains, bad storyline, looking like Mario, but the gameplay is barely enjoyable as well, and I'm not even the type to judge games purely on gameplay, but like many Nintendo titles, it's the only thing to give a care about in this game. I'm still on the fence about buying this, but if I do, it's gonna be a used copy, I'm not paying full price fo dis crap, I was already disapointed with Sonic generations.....
  9. What do you want in a STH game?

    Think you meant to say Nintendo there buddy. Not trying to be funny or anything, typos are a part of life. :) Then again, with all the infighting between Sega of America and Japan, Japan causing most of the trouble, that actually could be accurate. Also, yeah, that could've happened, and even better, Sonic maybe getting into Playstation All Stars. With Jak nerfed, he would be a nice second choice. :D Dunno about this being a cross buy though, but if you just now own a PS3, I recommned checking out any Ratchet and Clank game you can find, they're pretty good. All 4 one and Full Frontal Assualt aren't very popular but I stil found them fun, plus, both game offer co-op gameplay(4Players for A4O).
  10. What do you want in a STH game?

    Take this here: [media=] and make these changes: Replace Ratchet and Clank with Sonic and Tails Add other characters Hand the guns to shadow keep levels in trailer for other characters, and let speed characters(Sonic,Shadow,Espio) get more Sonic like level designs Add different kinds of music genres for stages, like Rock, Hip-hop, Break beats, Nu Skool Break beats, and maybe some Dubstep(Boss battles and industrial/metal stages) Pretty much what I want in a Sonic game. :)
  11. SEGA or Nintendo: Which do you prefer?

    And that's really Sega biggest flaw, they can actually still make good games, but they never advertise. I had to check their main site just to see that they made Binary Domain, but then they rely so much on Sonic to sale, that they wanna focus on introducing Sonic to new fans, Nintendo fans: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2010-10-11-sonic-redesigned-to-appeal-to-mario-fans "From a general game design perspective, in recent years we've been able to introduce Sonic to new fans - a lot of the Nintendo/Mario fans - and because of that, we've made changes to the design Earlier this month, SEGA also admitted to tweaking the brand to appeal to gamers who like, well, good games." Yeah, because when EVERY game thinks of good games, Nintendo and Mario games are all people can think of, definitely not .... I dunno, ANYTHING ELSE! The F*ck, are these guys not away that even Nintendo has franchises that would work better with Sonic then Mario, or even this crossover of 3 Sony series: The best part about that is that Sonic Adventure 2 has been selling well on Xbox Live and Playstation Network, so yeah they already are getting fans, plus Sonic can gamecube games, so these Nintendo fans ain't new, in this regard.
  12. SEGA or Nintendo: Which do you prefer?

    The made Hell Yeah!, Yakuza Dead Souls, Binary Domain, Renegade Ops, All-Stars Racing Transformed, and a few others, but they mess them up by not advertising them, which is what got Platinum Game messed up, cause many people actually wanted to play Anarchy Reigns, but Sega decided to delay the game for no good reason, even after it was finished and translated, with no mentioned when it was coming out this year, then release it in January with no word on it at all. Also cancelled 2 Streets of Rage games(recent ones), and had 1 of the very few fan games of the original series pulled off the site for some gripe about protecting their IP(saying this while not doing anything at all about all the Sonic fan games out there, one guys even telling someone who works for Sega about the Sonic Megamix Rom hack, SO THEY DO know about it). Overall, Sega is messed up, but most of what their bad decisions ultimately came from Sega of Japan which still proves to be a stigma for Sega even today, but overall, they're always better the Nintendo: http://dj-vgamer.deviantart.com/art/Sonic-Issues-Bronies-Cute-Light-themes-375499938
  13. Sonic slowly turning into a Nintendo game

    Hell, they don't even need to make changes, just make Sonic Adventure 3, add elements from the first 2 games and 06, actually FINISH the Darn game, and change the title. This way, people don't get P*ssed off at it being called Sonic Adventure 3, and the people who want it can finally have the kind of Sonic game they've wanted for years. Really, we keep talking about what the fanbase wants and being broken, but we all know the Sonic series has only been for certain Sonic fans since 06, and that's not really fair to everyone who stayed with this series, even through the "bad" games. BTW, if you guys really wanna know how to save save Sonic, read this: http://conflictingviews.wordpress.com/2012/12/14/how-to-save-sonic-post-9000/
  14. I have to really ask... are people really ok with Sonic characters being turned into this: http://dj-vgamer.deviantart.com/art/Demotivational-Shadow-the-Hedgehog-353381649

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    2. Psycho the Frog

      Psycho the Frog

      Yeah, but (some) people still liked Kirby even though he was Pink. Knuckles pink Super for didn't mean anything because he was already cool. Also, just because Shadow is the kind of character he is, doing ballet, doesn't make it amusing, and I can't see how people find that funny. Id anything, I think people accepting that more then any else Sonic Team dd is a clear Sonic of the fanbase's lost mind, after all, that's why the new game is called "lost world".

    3. Delicious echidna

      Delicious echidna

      that's downright silly to imagine shaadow doing ballet , this is why i like this....because it's funny, and nothing else.

    4. E-124Gonzo