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  1. Katmuffin


    I've noticed a TON of dead rp's here, and I would like to revive one or two (particularly the sandbox). Unfortunately they've been dead for so long so I doubt there's any interest any more, but If there's any body left who would like to help me with this, I would like that very much.

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    2. ChaosKaiser

      I would like to help reviving a RP, so I'll see which ones you want to play in. 

      Except for Pokemon. I have little to no idea about GameFreak's creation. 

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    3. Skye Prower

      Pokemon would be easy to revive even alongside another one. And I hardly know anything about Pokemon either, and I'm running it !;) So you're free to join even with no knowledge! As for the others, well... FreePlay would be the easiest to revive, but I would really like to see someone else playing Sonic, Mega-Man and Tails. UA.... Welllll....... It could be revived.... But given how so many of the players have pretty much left the forums, or at least are less active, I think I;d prefer to reboot it than continue it. Geffy has given his thoughts about TDH, and for CF, well, Jest was behind it, and he's VERY busy, so I doubt that one will ever return.

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    4. Skye Prower

      There is of course option 2. If you wanted to try to create your own.

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