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  1. Pity they never tried taking it the other way, as in take ideas from the comic. That would be a surefire way to gain....

    What they tried that? oh right, Penders. Sorry. Still, i can't be the only one who thinks Sega should try a team-up with Telltale to make a Chaotix game. Maybe call Ian in for writing support. Could work.

    But Yeah, comics as a whole are dying, with everything going digital these days, and Archie really isn't advertising its online options very well. And when the big ship goes down, all the little ones will go with it. 

    .. ok that was vague. *Ahem* When the Archie company goes down, we will lose the Sonic comics, if not before. In which case we either go the way of Sonic the Comic online, someone else picks it up or, *shudders* Penders picks that point to hit us with his *new* story.

  2. Ever go reading through the comics and stop to think about what you've read? Whether it made you look at anything a new way or just made yo go "huh, neat", I thought i would open a thread about the parts of the comics that brought out these feelings in us.

    For my first topic it might help to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2Tp8JopdIc especially in regards to the fighting yourself bit.

    For those of you without the time or inclination to watch, and my pity too you, but i will summarize what i need. At a point they mention the concept of something in a person changing so drastically, that if they could meet their former selves afterwards, they could could stand themselves. This clip talked about it in the form of brainwashing, but i had a weird parallel moment when reading Sonic the comic online #261, In Memory.

    For those who haven't read the Fleetly comic, Sonic is a larger jerk there then in Archie overall. He gets better, eventually, but he's still a twit, at least in my opinion. Near the end of the physical comic run, the character Johny Lightfoot was killed by Chaos, and this forced some changes in perspective in Sonic. Now we skip ahead to 261.

    In this story, Sonic and Tails are admiring the hard work put into the creation of a statue of Johny. While Sonic quips about it, a time-space rift/gate/thing open and spills forth Sonic and Johny from a past adventure. Realizing whats going on and trying to avoid disrupting the timeline, Current Sonic and tails attempt to get the past interlopers back on their way when Johny notices the statue. After asking about it, and being told its for someone else, Past Sonic starts deriding Johny, saying any statue about him would be about him being a "professional sidekick" at which point he and Present Sonic literally come to blows. Johny gets close enough to see a plaque on the statue, but the state is destroyed by the two warring Sonics. As they move on, Johny recovers the plaque, realizing it's his memorial and why the Present Sonic is so pissed. The fight winds down, Johny tells Present Sonic not to fret, its okay with him and he leaves, why Tails and Sonic discuss what this means.

     It's the fight that gets too me. It regards too the earlier youtube clip. We all assume that if we met a version of ourselves so different, that it would be inherently worse. Yet the reason here that Sonic and his past self can't get along is because he become a better person (or Mobian). Just some food for thought. Thoughts and other ideas below.

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  3. Wow I missed this thread. Sorry about that. Better late then Never?

    Ehem... Well I'm Frostryu, though I will respond to frost, or "hey there really tall person", or something along those lines. I am a farm hand from the Wisconsin, the Cheese Capitol of the USA. My budget is small, my comps second hand, so don't be surprised if I vanish for weeks at a time.

    I was first introduced to Sonic through the 2 cartoons airing in the early 90's- I think most people here know what they are. I am a huge fan of what Ian Flynn has done with the American comic, and find the British one equally interesting.

    I will admit to not being a Sonic X fan, and not an avid player of the games, mostly do to my lack of skill, or time with which I can up my skill.

    It has been a pleasure so far, and I hope it will continue to be so. GLHF. 

  4. I suppose your right. *sigh*

    ,,,, can we still get a story that at least features Bean and Omega getting some dialogue together?

  5. Saddest thing? That's all non-cannon now.........

    On the flipside, however, it could mean that, like Eggman's dozen, we could get a new version of it sometime, if Flynn ever runs out of ideas or needs a break. they could just be fighting over a Chaos Emerald or some other Deus ex Machina. I for one would like to see it come back in the new continuity. Any thoughts on that?

  6. honestly, just putting Fleetway back up would be nice. Though I agree with thee updating of the news page and reviews. Though not by me, I can't afford new games for a while.

  7. On the topic of Tango, Anyone wanna say their favorite part? Cuz I have to go with Beans monologue. Cracks me up a bit. Though I really feel the story missed having some banter between bean and Omega.

  8. Interesting. Didn't know all the background info on it. Sorry to offend. I didn't know, and it didn't bother me. Ignorance is bliss (or will get you killed). As the recent election just proved, politics screw with everything. One of the big reasons I like Flynn is he can work with the system while pissing a minimum of people off. And he's an awesome writer.

  9. Thanks, I can never remember. I don't have a hard copy of it. But I still  stand by my other comments as well. I really did enjoy love and loss.

  10. It's true for every group. Easiest to focus on the loud, nosey twits because the draw attention. Its the verbal/written equivalent of wearing bright red on a dark green background. And it's easy to ignore the background with attention drawing foreground. It's human nature. That and also remembering the painful, scarring bits of life and forgetting the good that came from the same spot.

  11. Gonna have to go with the Guardians knock off for least favorite via most cringe inducing. Favorite major story probably a toss up between Eggman Empire, Journey to the East, and SU #3. And secret Freedom Fighters. The forced wedding between Sally and "Patches" didn't bother me so much, partially because it focused on a weak point in the Kingdom acorn, how the monarchy works. Remember no one knew about the Patches-Antionne swap until Sonic pieced the little fact about the scar with everything else. It might not be Sally's most flattering story, but it does work within the comic cannon and stands up to logic.

    Side note: favorite side stories come from #144 and... can't remember where it is, but the first time we see holo-Nicole.

  12. Have to agree with Lord Prowler, and just wait and see. They do have a LOT of games to go through first, and hopefully plenty of time to fill out the roster and development of characters.

    We won't gain anything by worrying, so just enjoy it while its here.

  13. Perhaps we could get not Shard?

    I mentioned above how I thought Ian could bring Shard to the new continuity, but we could do that, not call him Shard, and we'd technically be in the clear. We already have not-A.D.A.M. in the form of Phage, who just needs a little more time and development to fill those shoes. Just call him (or is it technically 'it' " Neo or something, have it get to the same level of conversation and cognitive skills as Shard over an arc or two, and we Shard fans could fell fulfilled without Ian having to risk major reprisals. Having him and Omega talk to each other could be fun.

    Any thoughts on my thoughts?

  14. Actually, interesting note for that page? Check the moon.

    Done? Yeah, way to keep up continuity Ian! For those not getting what I mean, in Sonic Adventure 2, Eggman fires a warning shot at the moon from the ARK, leaving it damaged, which is never fixed in the games. Yet in all the games after, it still looks whole. It's nice to see that Ian didn't forget that little bit.

    Sorry, its the little things that perk me up.

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  15. How can we make this possible? Do we need to kidnap some Sega execs? I'm down with that if that's what it takes. But yeah, I agree with the other points: They need to do some MAJOR bug fixing/beta testing for the next game, and just hammer out the gameplay. I also agree with the JRPG comment for story telling purposes. Maybe we could get a split, like with Mario/paper Mario. Have one set focus on the classic Sonic gameplay (go fast, smash robots), and another on the story. Actually, could we get a Telltale Sonic game, with Flynn helping write? Work in the Freedom fighters that way?

    Sega could, witht this in mind, increase their fanbase, and make more money! Everyone wins!

  16. Feel better for venting? It can be Therapeutic.

    Have to go with the porn (SO MUCH PORN). Gets in the way of looking for fun things. Like epic fight works!

    Not much against shippers, only the outrageously out there ones. (You know who you are.) Cant say too much against, as I am a ShardXNicole (He will return!)

    I suppose some Fan Characters, but they generally don't get in the way of anything, and seem easy enough to avoid.

    But i'm a huge fan of twisted/goofy spinoffs. see http://exterminatusnow.co.uk/.

    Also, not a boom fan. Needed a bit more character. And more brainpower from knuckles.

    And lastly, I HATE....... the fact underground doesn't get more love.

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  17. Gonna have to go and point out the non-Shadow-and-Silver plot though, which makes up a lot of the plot. I feel it was kinda like looking through fan fiction: a couple of gems amid of sea of garbage and mediocrity. The bugs certainly didn't help. And at least until boom it help a certain rule about soundtracks in place.

  18. Felt like trying to start a Discussion.

    OK, I was a big fan of Shard the Metal-Sonic, and was greatly depressed at his ending/ not appearing in the rebooted cannon. But then I noticed that during the Flurrie arc, we are treated ot the reminder that Neo-Metal sonic had already happened and had shown signs of personality growth, and that generally Sonic Heroes had happened. Why I bring this up is that at the end of Heroes, Neo-Metal is left in the care of Team Dark, who report to G.U.N, who are always looking for new ways to defend themselves, beat Eggman, and otherwise up their arsenal. Would it be too much to hope that Neo-Metal got taken back to G.U.N., opened up and experimented on, and perhaps could be showing up in a future arc, perhaps as the new Shard? I've got more, but I wanna hear some feedback first.

  19. True, but it still inspired this.

    Could we get a reboot but have Ian Flynn write at least some of it? Can that be part of the petition?

    Still, we would need to start with our sadly under-developed characters, and then build from there! Heck it could be a tie-in to the comics reboot! As much as I like Antione, I'm afraid I wouldn't like him so much without his comic relief/ coward roots. Seeing how he's gotten here is half the joy. Besides, if we get another series/season, can we please have the hooligans, or at least Bean? Pretty please?