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Times the comic made you think

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Ever go reading through the comics and stop to think about what you've read? Whether it made you look at anything a new way or just made yo go "huh, neat", I thought i would open a thread about the parts of the comics that brought out these feelings in us.

For my first topic it might help to watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2Tp8JopdIc especially in regards to the fighting yourself bit.

For those of you without the time or inclination to watch, and my pity too you, but i will summarize what i need. At a point they mention the concept of something in a person changing so drastically, that if they could meet their former selves afterwards, they could could stand themselves. This clip talked about it in the form of brainwashing, but i had a weird parallel moment when reading Sonic the comic online #261, In Memory.

For those who haven't read the Fleetly comic, Sonic is a larger jerk there then in Archie overall. He gets better, eventually, but he's still a twit, at least in my opinion. Near the end of the physical comic run, the character Johny Lightfoot was killed by Chaos, and this forced some changes in perspective in Sonic. Now we skip ahead to 261.

In this story, Sonic and Tails are admiring the hard work put into the creation of a statue of Johny. While Sonic quips about it, a time-space rift/gate/thing open and spills forth Sonic and Johny from a past adventure. Realizing whats going on and trying to avoid disrupting the timeline, Current Sonic and tails attempt to get the past interlopers back on their way when Johny notices the statue. After asking about it, and being told its for someone else, Past Sonic starts deriding Johny, saying any statue about him would be about him being a "professional sidekick" at which point he and Present Sonic literally come to blows. Johny gets close enough to see a plaque on the statue, but the state is destroyed by the two warring Sonics. As they move on, Johny recovers the plaque, realizing it's his memorial and why the Present Sonic is so pissed. The fight winds down, Johny tells Present Sonic not to fret, its okay with him and he leaves, why Tails and Sonic discuss what this means.

 It's the fight that gets too me. It regards too the earlier youtube clip. We all assume that if we met a version of ourselves so different, that it would be inherently worse. Yet the reason here that Sonic and his past self can't get along is because he become a better person (or Mobian). Just some food for thought. Thoughts and other ideas below.

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