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  1. Cloudwrath11 added a post in a topic Dr. Light's Lab   

    cloud walked through the street aimlessly. "aww man. now i'm gonna have to get another job...... how else will i afford repairs and other things for myself?" cloud thought as he walked down the street. he walked until he passed a house that had a van in front of it. he turned and looked at the house and it looked like the army invaded it. "Hey! are you guys alright in there?" cloud yelled as he started to run towards the house.
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  2. Cloudwrath11 added a post in a topic Realm of Introduction   

    "damn it" Cloud said. “That metal sonic was fast alright i wasn't expecting him to be that powerful. then when i slipped on that rock he hit me full blast with that dark hyper drive attack, now THAT hurt. i'll have to play it smart but first…” He thought.  "computer, do a damage assessment"  “i'll have to try and reach for his foot so i can get copy data from him, but i need to know what i can do first.” "assessment complete: major damage sustained in the chest area. traversal is available. power core damaged. unable to access wrath form. activation of other forms not recommended. resuming combat in current condition not recommended without external power boost." “well that's just great so i'll have to snatch the chaos emerald before he does but i'll need his super speed to do it” he started to crawl towards metal sonic. “Just a little closer…” he thought. He grabbed metal sonic’s foot and obtained his copy data. “Back away inferior being!” metal sonic said as he kicked cloud away from him. “Ah! Super speed activate!” he said and started to dash towards the emerald. Metal sonic was surprised for a second but gave chase after cloud. Cloud leaped and grabbed the emerald  and immediately started charging to turn into one of his forms. “Now i just need to keep him busy while i charge…. I might damage my power core even more but i have no choice..” cloud slowed down back to normal speed and took out his sabre. “Metal sonic will wonder why i'm using a close range weapon instead of my cannon and that will make him hesitate a little.” he thought. At that moment metal sonic rushed cloud. For every two hits that cloud blocked metal sonic got one hit in. “if this keeps going i won't be able to walk out of here.” cloud thought. “I have an idea though! But its risky…” at that moment metal sonic jumped high in the air and started to spin dash to cloud. Cloud took his sabre and cut a circle in the floor around him and blocked the spin dash. The force of the impact made the cut circle of the floor collapse. “What the hell was i thinking!?!?!” cloud thought as he fell multiple stories down. Metal sonic tried to hit cloud in midair but kept missing because of the floor collapsing because a hole was put in it. “Come on i need that form before i hit the ground!” cloud yelled as he dodged metal sonic as he was trying to push him into one of the walls. “Form fully charged ready for activation.” cloud’s internal computer simply stated. “Yes! Angel form activate!” cloud yelled. He immediately began to change. blue wings came out of his back, his sabre and arm cannon fused into a pulse bow, and his appearance changed to look a little more angelic. Metal sonic saw this and started to go crazy. “Dark hyperdrive activate.” metal sonic said and started to float in midair matching clouds altitude. “Bring it on!” cloud yelled as he rushed metal sonic. He fired energy arrows at metal sonic. Metal sonic dodged most of the arrows except for one in his hand. Metal sonic started to fight in close quarters which would have stopped a regular bow but clouds bow still functioned as a powered down sabre. Metal sonic tried to punch cloud but he knocked it out of the way with his bow. Cloud kicked metal sonic back across the room. “Heaven’s fury!” he said as he launched a gold arrow back up towards the main floor. Metal sonic watched the arrow in confusion as it sailed up and then started to curve down. The second it started to go back down it split into a million of the gold arrows which sailed back down towards them. At that moment cloud rushed metal sonic and started to punch and kick him as he maneuvered him towards the falling golden arrows. Metal sonic tried to fight back but was constantly shot with arrows from above. “30 seconds until form overload.” clouds internal computer stated. “Its time to use full power then! Angelic justice!” cloud yelled. His bow turned into energy and was absorbed by his wings which shined a blinding mixture of white and blue. then cloud rushed metal sonic cutting metal sonic with his wings which cut off one of his arms. Cloud turned around and rushed metal sonic again, but metal sonic was ready and before cloud cut him he kicked him in the face and stole the emerald. “Winged angel from overload. Powering down form. Returning to original form. Warning! Power core overload! Shutting down all systems for core repair.” his computer stated. Cloud changed back and started to fall again because he didn't have wings anymore. At that moment metal sonic saw him falling and shot him with a dark hyperdrive burst and then floated there in place. Cloud looked at himself. His left arm and right leg was gone and his body armor was gone revealing his core. As he fell his systems shut down and the last thing he saw was metal sonic flying away with the emerald.
    here is the finished version......
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  3. Cloudwrath11 added a post in a topic Redesigns of Official Characters.   

    i think tails looks pretty cool in the first picture. 
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  4. Cloudwrath11 added a post in a topic WC Character Vault   

    kk skye it takes ten minutes for the chip to recharge. what he needs to activate his forms is a little bit of time to charge up his energy and centralize it into his new form that usually takes from 2 to 5 minutes depending on if someone is actively trying to attack him. i said how long they last exactly ten minutes each but afterwards it takes 20 minutes until he can go into another form, except for the wrath form because it damages his solar power core when he uses it so he shuts down after that form. his weaknesses would be since he is of the light and electric types, he would be weak to anything dark or ground related. (ground attacks nullified in angel mode but dark does double damage, the opposite for tech mode, and half for each in wrath mode.)
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  5. Cloudwrath11 added a post in a topic WC Character Vault   

    need more players? well i guess ill make my own then.....
    Name: Cloud
    Age: unknown when first activation occurred: Data corruption
    Planet: Earth 20XX
    Birthplace: Creation area unknown: Data corruption
    Residence: constantly moves around, hasn't found a place to stay
    IQ: 150
    Occupation: varies, hasn't found a steady job yet
    Gender: boy
    Element: Light/Electric
    Powers: Limited precognition (can sense things before they happen, completely random)
    Weapons: Basic arm cannon, beam sabre (can change into a light or electric beam) Limited special copy chip (he can store other weapons but he can only use them for about 5 minutes at a time. his "special" part of the chip allows him to fuse abilities together or with his beam sabre for a very short amount of time of 2 minutes. it has to be recharged for a set amount of time before it can be used again. while his chip is recharging he can't use other copied abilities just his beam cannon and sabre.)
    Form: Winged angel form, Technological form, and Wrath form
    Form info: Winged angel - he changes his appearance acquiring wings that he can fly with and losing his cannon, beam sabre, and copy chip trading it instead for a energy bow and arrow that can home in on enemies. special attack: shoots an arrow at a cloud and it rains down lower energy arrows. final attack: he loses his bow and arrow and he gains "super wings" that he uses to ram the enemy with, during this he loses his homing ability so he can miss and he is semi invulnerable so certain attacks can hurt him. he can only stay in this mode for 10 min. but using his final will change him back to his original form after it is completed or runs out of energy.
    Technological form- he changes his appearance to a more robotic aura with a mask over his face. he loses his cannon, beam sabre, and copy chip but gains a precise energy sniper rifle and raises his IQ. Special attack: he locks on to his opponents and shoots them in rapid succession. Final attack: he converts his energy into one mega blast from his rifle that damages everything in its path, it hits hard but the beam moves a little slow. same time rules apply.
    Wrath form- he changes his appearance into a person with knights armor on. he loses his copy chip and cannon but he gains another beam sabre that when it slash's it can send an arc of energy that can cut enemies, he also gains super speed. Special attack: temporarily gains the abilities of one of the before forms but only one at a time without losing his current weapons. Final attack: gains even faster speed and spins his swords creating a energy tornado, moves slow but sucks enemies in. when this form is over he powers down from power loss unlike the other forms.
    Personality: generally helpful and kind but is worried by the fact that he doesn't know who created him. no one seems to trust him for whatever reason. tends to stutter a little when he is around a girl (robotic of course). easy going he tries to do whatever he thinks is right and always helps out his friends.
    Fighting style: he is often quick and he thinks about what to do next constantly, he never stops moving unless the situation calls for it.
    tada! if you have any problems plz tell me.
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  6. Cloudwrath11 added a post in a topic Old Pokemon RP (OOC)   

    hopefully i will be able to join now dylan
    Name: Cloud Stephenson
    Age: 15
    focus: gym battles mostly with the occasional contest with a friend.
    Description: cloud is a skinny and kinda short person. he has brown hair and hazel green eyes. he wears a black jacket with blue headphones and a white shirt underneath. he has black shoes and blue jeans. (basically the colors for my character are blue/black).
    Personality: he is a guy that refuses to give up and doesn't like it when someone shows him up because they might be stronger than him. he is generally a nice person but puts in sarcastic comments from time to time. he doesn't trust people when he meets them and not always is an open book. he is also an amazing strategist when it comes to pokemon battles and other things that requires thinking. his main weakness is that whenever he is separated from his pokemon his is prone to nervous breakdowns.
    Background: cloud had a peaceful childhood with his parents and sister in the unova region until an event that changed his life happened when he was 12. he believes a mysterious force took away his family and he has from then searched for his family and the strange being. lost and alone he has wandered around and lost trust in others. then when he was traveling he found an abandoned pokemon baby just hatched crying and alone, feeling sympathy on this pokemon he picked it up and has been raising it ever since. this pokemon was his growlithe. he is currently traveling to ganlo to start on a pokemon journey to have a better chance of finding his family.
    Pokemon Team: (max of 6)
    species: growlithe
    type: fire
    level: 1
    ability: flash fire
    Moves: tackle
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  7. Cloudwrath11 added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    well thats because we have already seen a certain amount of the comic without their parents, sally not so much 
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  8. Cloudwrath11 added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    i can see where your coming from but we all just love the old characters too much for them to just disappear, i just don't see this going down quietly at all. there's just no possible way
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  9. Cloudwrath11 added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    well honestly they might start doing mini adaptations secretly possibly as a 25th anniversary treat or maybe do another universe change to adapt to putting them in without messing with the flow of the story. the problem of changing the universe is that it would be the 4th time they have done it ( i combine both genesis waves together because its easier to think of it that way ) 
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  10. Cloudwrath11 added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    honestly lost world is too much of a platformer game than it is a sonic game to me if they could tweak it a little it would be fine to me. the sonic adventure storyline makes enough sense and i thought the games were awesome so if they decide to make another i wouldn't have a problem.
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