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  1. EXE added a post in a topic 30 Years Later   

    ((I wonder if it would be appropriate for Silver to show up in Sonic's era- but thirty years ahead of 'modern' Sonic's time-))
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  2. EXE added a post in a topic Websites you visit daily   

    WELL THEN. Some of these I'll actually have to keep off here, 'cause... well, reasons.
    DeviantART, mostly for roleplaying purposes- I actually have like eleven accounts on there, just for RPing- ones for:

    and like four more
    Tumblr- this one's another I have a lot on- that is, a lot of blogs. Read below the cut- I mean, click open the spoilers if you wanna see the URLs of my blogs there : P

    Youtube- technically, I get on this via my Wii U gamepad. My old computer lagged a ton when I used YouTube on that, and I don't want to risk it on this one. et cetera, et cetera.
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  3. EXE added a post in a topic Casino Night Club   

    Exe crossed his arms as he stepped into the casino, looking from SWAT-bot to swat bot, unimpressed. Of course, the dark-blue hedgehog wore a pair of mobian-model sunglasses so to conceal his... 'optical condition', as any respectful person could call it. 'I wonder if these punks would be fooled by fake rings...' he thought. 'Gaia knows I'm not shelling out legit power rings for a crack at that tournament, if I can help it.'
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  4. EXE added a post in a topic WC Character Vault   

    ((Well, since the 'updated' version of Sonic.exe [the original author has done some new stuff with the character, and the creepypasta's 'canon'] is VASTLY different from whatever description people would get off the original 'pasta and others inspired by it alone, I figure I should just put up a full character sheet of him-))

    Anyways, that was really, really long. I'm probably complaining at myself for making it too long as you read this. If you have any questions about the character that this doesn't answer, don't hesitate to PM me about it. I love gushing about character design, and I get my information from a primary source [where the Sonic.exe fandom is concerned].
    Also, note to the moderators/administrators- if available, I'd kinda like to claim Silver to RP as well- I've only had any extent of experience with Games-canon Silver [only knowing the basics of Archie!Silver's story arc], but he is my favorite canon Sonic character, if one doesn't count the comics [in which case that favorite would be a Sonic Universe-exclusive, to this date].
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  5. EXE added a post in a topic Realm of Introduction   

    Well, you'd be surprised at how that wouldn't be the case with him- I'm actually friends with the writer of Sonic.exe, and since writing the original story of the character, he's actually changed quite a bit about his design- most notably that he [sonic.exe] is mortified by the idea of killing others, and refrains from doing so. Granted, it's in favor of other 'methods' of being an antagonist to people, but the character isn't some mobian version of Jeff the Killer. And too, I play an AU version of that updated design- I just haven't found the place/format to explain all that information about him just yet [and I have been taking some time to look].
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  6. EXE added a post in a topic Realm of Introduction   

    ((Gonna use the guy himself, Sonic.exe-))
    Sonic.exe, or just 'X', as he preferred, laid in a heap against one of the walls of the Gaia temple. There was a noticeable imprint on his face from where he'd been kicked by his robotic opponent, and a bigger blow to his psyche for the fact he had, in fact, taken a beating from what was basically a puddle of mercury. He looked up in a daze just as Neo Metal Sonic was jetting out of the place, making an exit to the temple with the purple chaos emerald.
    "Gah... Stupid frickin' robot..." he muttered, struggling for a moment to get to his feet, then stumbling a bit in place. "...My face isn't supposed to be flat in front, you jerk..." he continued, hardly even knowing what he himself was rambling on about. For a moment, he just stared at nothing in particular, his eyes askew from being knocked into a wall, but then they came back to face forward, and he shook his head.
    "And to think I was going to hand that thing off to Sonic and his friends... Whatever." he spat, brushing himself off and stumbling on his way out of the place. Better lost in the forest than stuck in a dusty old temple.
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  7. EXE added a post in a topic Casino Night Club   

    A good distance from the nightclub itself, Eclipse sat out of sight, counting up a decent amount of rings with the Dark Arms around him. Blurk had practically been asleep on his job of keeping his armor active on Eclipse, since the latter was taking no chances out among the people of Mobius.
    "Hm... forty-nine... fifty.... This better be enough to enter that stupid tournament they're holding." he muttered to himself. Normally, he wouldn't bother going near a place like this, but if there was a chaos emerald in it for him, he was willing to be civil.... for now.
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