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Geoffrey St John

A rabbit in a robot world Mobian Mystery Dungeon: Bunnie's story

Bunnie's path   8 votes

  1. 1. What should Bunnie do next?

    • Join Beauregard's Dark Egg Legion chapter
    • Return to Mobotropolis
    • Stay with the legion for a while to spy on them.

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"Ah think ah would like tah hear about the papertrail" said Bunnie. This caused a smile to appear on Tech's face. "That is my favorite kind! In that setting it allows use to send recorded messages but they appear as readable files to any ordinary system. Until they are reverted by going through the digital papertrail again, the cobtents are completely unattainable." Explained Tech which caused Bunnie to recall the strange file Nicole obtained shortly after her last visit to the sandblast city.

"Does mah uncle know how to use that feature?" Asked Bunnie which caused Tech to nod. "Only me and him know how to use it" said Tech. Bunnie began to think that file could have been a message for her from her uncle. Matilda approached Bunnie and asked "What do you wish to do now?"


So my dear readers the choice falls to you once more.

What shall Bunnie do next?

Ask her uncle about the message?

Ask Tech about the other features?

Or talk to one of the other two in the room?

Voting closes in three weeks.

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Ask her uncle about the message

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It would be piontless to vote anything else, so let's go talk to her uncle

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Apologies for the very long delay in this story. But now the tale shall continue.




"Matlida, Ah think Ah'd like to see the Grandmaster. Ah need to ask him something" said Bunnie. Matilda nodded and looked to Tech.

"Understood! I am on it!. "Grandmaster Rabbot! Come in Grandmaster!" Said Tech while using the radio.

"Tech, what are you contacting me for?" Said a voice over the radio.

"Apologies Grandmaster, the new rabbot is requesting an audience" said Tech which caused the line to go silent.

"I will see them tomorrow morning. Things are too busy right now. Instructed Matilda to arrange a bed for her in the elife barracks." Said the voice.

"Matilda is present, Grandmaster. She heard your orders and will do as you command. Sorry for bothering you sir" said Tech as the radio went silent.

"Thank yah Tech. Ah will come see yah again soon" said Bunnie as both Tech and Matilda saluted each other which Bunnie mimicked


Matilda lead Bunnie to her Barracks and set up a bed for her. "The Grandmaster is a busy man and it is a miracle he has agreed to see you so short notice. For now let's get some sleep" said Matilda as she entered her room which was next to Bunnie's.



So now dear readers the choices return. What will Bunnie do next?

Will she get some sleep and wait to see her uncle?

Will she talk to Matilda?

Or will she sneak out of the barracks and do some recon.


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You mean year's delay :P

Sneak out of the barracks to do some recon

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I totally did not see that there was a second page... 

Talk with Matilda looks to be a good option.

Edited by Thire

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I now have a path to take with this story so let us continue on. I hope you enjoy this new event.


Bunnie looked at her room but felt like she couldn't sleep yet. "Matilda? Can ah talk to yah?" asked Bunnie as she reached the entrance to Matilda's room.


It was silent for a moment until Matilda broke the silence by saying "Come in" Bunnie entered the room and saw a pretty simple room. It was pretty much the same as Bunnie's room is with one small difference, a fist shaped hole in the floor by the bed. Matilda just stared at Bunnie waiting for her to say something.


"Matilda, how long have yah worked with mah uncle?" Asked Bunnie. Matilda pat on her bed to invite Bunnie to sit down next to her which Bunnie promptly did.


"How long? Ever since he started this legion, no maybe a bit before that since he was our leader when we got derobotisized. Why are you asking me this anyway?" Asked Matilda.


"Ah, uh.... ah don't know really. Ah guess ah just want to know why people follow him so loyally. Yeah he is mah uncle and ah love him but is that enough?" Asked Bunnie.


Matilda heard Bunnie's doubts. "We each have our own choices to make. You have made many choices already and one of them lead you here. Tell me what lead you to come here and claim those limbs" said Matilda.


"Why did ah come here? To get these limbs. For years ah fought alongside the freedom fighters. Ah felt strong and ah think ah made a difference. But back then ah had been partly robotisized so ah had weapons as part of mah body. But then by an accident in battle ah had my original limbs restored. Ah was happy and so was mah husband Antoine. Not long after that, on mah first mission after getting mah limbs back, something happened... mah husband got caught in the blast of an exploding robot. Ah was devastated and felt so powerless. That was when ah decided to come here so ah can be useful again" said Bunnie.


Matilda listened to Bunnie and reacted in a way that shocked Bunnie. She stood up and punched another hole into the floor.

"What on Mobius is wrong with you! You had your whole body back, you were with the one you cared about the most! And you threw it all away because you felt weak!? That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! Do you know why there is a hole in my floor? Because I can't have what you threw away! My brother is out there fighting for what he believes in. Trying to find a way to make me whole again. He is the one I care about the most but I can't be with him because it is too dangerous for us both. Every day apart from him hurts but the hope that one day we can be a family again is what keeps me going. The grandmaster feels the same way and he is doing what he can to guide us to that future. I can't understand why he would agree to curse you with limbs like these but I trust in him and his leadership. But I don't want to talk about this anymore" said Matilda.



And now dear readers it is time for a new choice. What will you have Bunnie do next?

Will she agree to end the conversation there and go to bed?

Will she ask Matilda about her brother(at this point Bunnie would not know she is Mighty's sister)

Or will she tell Matilda what she thinks Beauregard's reasons were.

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