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Top 10 Anime series

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Hey there gentlepeople, Cheery here, starting this new section off strong with a rather big topic!


Like I said, countdowns can be about anything. I decided this topic specifically because it's everchanging, and a rather big topic too. So... let's start the countdown!


11. Trinity Seven - Actually a rather predictable anime, but... was still pretty fun. All of the characters from the trinity have some way that make them interesting to the viewers, with special mentions going to Yui and the ninja Levi, who is awesome. Yeah, I could use another season of this. Doubt it will come anytime soon though. After all, the anime only finished a few months ago.


10. No Game No Life - At first I wasn't too excited about the anime. Give it a few more episodes and boom, went the complete opposite way! They weren't just playing games: they were playing games that were over the top and unpredictable. I like that. Good characters, great thought out story.


9. Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? - A rather short anime, but still awesome. It actually has the same premise of No Game No Life (having these kind of games, though less complicated), just a bit more 'sane'. It's only 10 episodes long, and has some appealable characters and provides an overall fun time. Give it a shot!


8. Black Bullet - One of those anime where I expected it to be some kind of shooter anime, but it wasn't really. The title screams shooter, the opening screams shooter, yet it was only a fragrance of the anime. It's more like this post-apocalyptic anime, with superpowered loli characters and their 'bosses'. Yeah, supernatural might be the best way to describe this genre. And I wouldn't have want it any other way.


7. Ao no Exorcist - This anime is just great. I could go on and talk about how great the story and characters are, but I suppose it's better if you watch it yourself. I would even argue it's better than the following two animes, though they have one big advantage. You see, after I was done with this one, I was pleased enough. It was a great anime, and I left it at that. All of the following anime made me so sad when it ended, I just wanted to watch it again and again. Of course, I didn't, but you get the point.


6. Zero no Tsukaima - The most recent anime I finished also makes it really high up on my list. This is one of those animes that get better with every season. The first was okay, the second was good, the third was great and the final fantastic. The anime got some really great characters, and the story is good too. However, there is one major point that might be the deciding factor for people: the fanservice. This anime won't hold back when it comes to fanservice, and it contains a lot. Like, I might even be able to make an entire movie out of all the fanservice scenes. If you can look past the fanservice, please, do watch this anime! You will surely not regret it.


5. Shakugan no Shana (III) - I specifically put III behind it. The first season was alright, but it didn't hook me at all. The second season was good, but the first half felt like an identity crisis. Like, it felt like some kind of High School Romance anime, while I doubt that was the genre the franchise was aiming for in the first place. Fortunately the final season just kicks the previous seasons out of the competition and finishes the anime off well. The only real flaw with the final season is that it introduced WAY too many characters, with not too much (or just no) backstory. I can't tell you how many, but I suppose 25 characters is a fair guess. And believe me, that's A LOT considering they got very few development. But that really is the only flaw I can come up with.


4. Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica - Know that anime where you have expectations, and then just throws all of your expectations out of the window? That's Madoka Magica in a nutshell. You might expect some cutesy magic girl anime, but you will be proved so wrong. Soo wrong. This is probably one of the deepest animes I have watched so far, while still having a good story with great characters. Yeah, Madoka Magica has NO bad characters. Well, I would argue that Kyubey is a massive a**hole, but he is well developed. Kyoko is by far my favorite character in the anime.


3. Magi: the Labyrinth and Kingdom of Magic - An anime I have only finished not so long ago, but one that has impressed me a lot. The first season was great, but the second season was even better. Good action, story and characters. I can't wait to see what else this anime has in stock in future seasons (because, considering it's popularity, the chance of another season is pretty big).


2. To aru Kagaku no Railgun S - The spin-off anime of the anime with my signature girl in it! Got that? Okay, good. You know these spin-offs that become more popular than their main series? Persona is a good example. Well, Railgun technically does the same. The first season was good, but couldn't compare to the second anime. The original anime tackled the Sister's Arc, and so did Railgun. But it improved on it so massively, that it just made the entire anime. We get to see the situation through the viewpoint of the main heroine Misaka Mikoto, and one of the greatest fights in anime ever, between her and the villainous team ITEM. At first I was expecting the anime to be some kind of Gundam one, due to the opening. And I'm so glad the anime proved me wrong. If you want to watch this, I would recommend watching it like this: Index > Railgun > Index 2 > Railgun 2. Or just Index first, and then Railgun.


Honorable mentions: Sword Art Online II, Log Horizon, To Aru Majutsu no Index


1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - People who have known me for longer should have expecting nothing else than Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood to take the top spot. And rightfully so. In this world, there really isn't anything that can be described as perfect when it comes to fictional media. But Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood comes pretty close. The original was good too, but the ending didn't really satisfy me. The feeling of having literally every character be important to the plot, while at the same time giving all of them development is impressive. And I didn't even mention the amount of feels I received throughout the entire anime. The action was there, and the story kept engaging me. Almost every episode had a cliffhanger, and I have no shame to admit that I couldn't stop watching. Overall, my favorite anime ever, which I doubt will ever be topped.


And that is the first official top 10 on here. Hopefully you get an idea what this section is about, and I'm looking forward to all of your lists!

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Wow some great shows there Shadow :3 Here are some of mine:


10. Cuticle Tantei Inaba: Basically just random humor and a little plot. But it has interesting little plot and TONS of random moments (I almost died laughing) It has only 12 episodes which is why I wish they would make second season. But it is really good and great for those who don't want to think of anything while watching anime! This is certainly great anime for those people such as myself!


9.Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood: While I liked the original Fullmetal Alchemist this one took everything it had done and did it even better. It has got great plot, awesome characters, good fighting scenes and tons of feels in each episode.


8. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica: Bored of those ordinary predictable Mahou Shoujo/Magical Girl series? Watch Madoka Magica it's certainly not ordinary and it DEFINITELY isn't predictable! I found myself more than twice during these 12 episodes just staring at the screen blankly or thinking: "what just happened..?" Great Characters, EEEEEEEEEEVIIIIIIL Villain and awesome story!


7. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: Great series for those who looooove gore and horror. (more horror probably) This anime in also unpredictable, scary, and is definitely worth watching. It has 4 seasons... But my advice: watch only the 3 first ones the fourth one is just.... WHAT????? It's not even horror anymore but those who dare to watch it till the end I salute you! The other 3 otherwise.. If you want the full story you should watch them.


6. Black Butler: A bit darker series but definitely worth watching especially the third season which follows manga's story exactly. It has got 3 seasons and about 8 OVA episodes so far. There are supernatural elements in it, humor of course and of course a bit gory parts. Great characters, though the plot does not follow manga (except season 3) it's still fun to watch, though be prepared when watching season 2 (fan service a lot)


5. Sonic X: Good show. It has got Adventure, humor, great loveable characters, pretty good story if you ask me (mixes games stories too) and good voice acting (obviously I'm talking about the original Japanese version) and the music.. It is awesome! Also this was the first anime ever to make me cry. Some really Awesome and memorable moments..


4. Durarara: I really don't know how to describe this one.. I guess you got to see it to believe it. So.. Let's say take every day life, mix with supernatural elements, humor and then think about it a 1 000 times better and there you have it. Right now it has got 2 seasons. (ongoing still)


3. Ghost Hunt: What can I say this is well made horror anime. I was actually frightened by some of the ghosts here so great job! It ain't easy to make me feel scared or disturbed. Good characters, plot is basically: Exorcising evil spirits in different ways, in different surroundings.. and character development of course. And you're never safe from the attack of feels.


2. Angel Beats: One heck of a feel trip. The story is amazing, and the characters are all so cool in their own way, it's sad, it's funny, it has got action and it is just great.


1. Digimon: Oh yes the very first Digimon season.. It is awesome! The story is just wonderful, characters are memorable, DEFINITELY has got some great moments and feelings... This one is my childhood anime and it is still close to my heart. I love Digimon and Pokemon series both but this one is just so sweet and amazing I can't even... Yes it IS worth watching!

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Here's mine no particular order.

1.Dragon Ball Series

2.Pokemon Series

3.Space Dany

4.Gurren Lagenn


6.Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

7.Case Closed

8.Black Bullet

9.Trinity Seven

10.No game No life

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10: Dragonball Z

09: Naruto

08: Hellsing

07: Yugioh

06: Digimon(Adventure one)

05: Pokemon

04: Bakuman

03: Romeo X Juliet

02: Sword Art Online

01: Deathnote

(And just because I got the habit 11:Final fantasy Unlimited)

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Soooo... I recently finished both seasons of Magi. And I absolutely fell in love with it. For that reason, Trinity Seven is now a honorable mention, while spot 9 to 3 move down one spot. A la:


3. Magi: the Labyrinth and Kingdom of Magic - An anime I have only finished not so long ago, but one that has impressed me a lot. The first season was great, but the second season was even better. Good action, story and characters. I can't wait to see what else this anime has in stock in future seasons (because, considering it's popularity, the chance of another season is pretty big).

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