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  1. Are we allowed to sell comic collections on this site?

    I have my entire collection up for sale if anyone is interested. Here is the link to the webstore listing:
  2. So... This is my first topic here, and I only find it fitting that it's a major topic.
    Anyone who has read or owns Sonic The Hedgehog Issue 250 has probably noticed a teaser for events to come after Worlds Collide:

    While the Mega Man one is obvious... it looks like things aren't gonna go well for Sonic. What are your thoughts?
  3. Am I the only one that thinks the art in the cross over comic are lacking (story's awesome though)? I mean, in the beginning it was pretty good. I liked it.

    But, my opinion, Tracy Yardley's not the best when it comes to Megaman. He makes Rock look blocky and awkward. Jamal did a good and he must have a MAJOR hand cramp. But this is a HUGE crossover! Get Ben Bates, he's amazing when it comes to action scenes.

    Better than having Steven. He's good, but I'm glad someone else finally got a turn.

  4. On this topic, you can share your favorite crossovers involving the Sonic franchises. And now, my favorite crossovers with Sonic franchises are Super Smash Bros. franchises including Mega Man, Pac-Man, and Metal Gear franchises, Spyro the Dragon franchises, and Transformers franchises. So, what are your favorite crossovers with the Sonic franchises? ^_^