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  1. LargoDELLZ added a post in a topic What do you want in a STH game?   

    For me personally, I would want a 3D Sonic game that in terms of gameplay would be like the Adventure style of gameplay that combines the good elements of Adventure 1 and Adventure 2's gameplay. Its story's tone more akin to Sonic Unleashed where it's lighthearted, but the stakes are still high and Eggman is still a threat to Sonic's world with whatever plan he has up his sleeve. A Chao Garden as extra content when players are done with the main game would be cool and a nice break from the action and such. 
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  2. LargoDELLZ added a post in a topic Sonic Runners (2015, Smartphone)   

    While it sucks that Sonic Runners has closed down for good, it was pretty fun before the 2.0 update which ruined the game for most people and had dedicated players jump ship. I was planning on doing one last run before it shut down, but it was too late... I would say goodbye, but there is someone over on Sonic Retro that's reviving the game with his own custom server. It's seems pretty cool and I'll be looking foward to see how it turns out.
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  3. LargoDELLZ added a post in a topic What's SEGA's opinion on Sonic R?   

    I'm not so sure where to put this or if it should get its own topic due to how small it is. But anyways, in the recent episode of Ian Flynn's Bumblekast podcast, he said that he had gotten notes from Sega of Japan that had said that Sonic R was canon to the games. So it seems that Sega acknowledges the game as part of the official canon. Here's a link to the video to see for yourselves.
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  4. LargoDELLZ added a post in a topic Sonic Runners (2015, Smartphone)   

    I doubt that Sonic Runners will be another mobile game that plays like Sonic Dash because that would be redundant. It might be another racing title like the Sonic and All-Stars Racing series or a modern interpretation of Sonic R which I wouldn't mind seeing return.
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  5. LargoDELLZ added a post in a topic Your Top 3 Sonic Games Bosses   

    My top 3 Sonic Boss Fights:
    1. Final Hazard - Sonic Adventure 2. Mostly because of the build up leading to it and Live and Learn playing in the background.
    2. Metal Overlord - Sonic Heroes. I didn't enjoy the first half of the fight, but the second half is intense and the song What I'm Made Of made the fight epic.
    3. Solaris - Sonic The Hedgehog(2006). Even though this game sucked, the final boss was probably one of the best parts of that game. The music set the tone and is one of the things besides the soundtrack that I come back to every now and then.
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  6. LargoDELLZ added a post in a topic Sonic X   

    I remember watching every episode of Sonic X when it first aired and I loved it. I re-watched it about 2 years ago and I still think it's good. Chris can be annoying at times, but I didn't mind him too much nor did I mind the Metearex Saga in Season 3, overall it's still a good show and I recommend any Sonic fan who hasn't seen it to watch it. (The Japanese version and not the 4Kids version)
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  7. LargoDELLZ added a post in a topic Top 3 best Sonic games by your opinion.   

    1. Sonic 3 and Knuckles- My favorite Sonic game of all time. The mix between speed and platforming is great and I love discovering hidden paths to find extra goodies. The level design is perfect and the music is awesome.

    2. Sonic Generations- This is a fantastic game, and one that I go back to every now and then. Both Classic and Modern Sonic's levels are fun to play. I love the skill customization and like Sonic 3, the level design is top notch and the music is great.

    3. Sonic The Hedgehog(1991)- The game that got me into the Sonic series. The game is loads of fun with the exception of Labyrinth Zone, I don't like that Zone, but the rest of the game is pure platforming goodness and will always have a special place in my heart.
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