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    -Brother got me into watching the NBA; love watching the Miami Heat. Also enjoy watching the Florida Gators play collegiate football!
  1. Sonic Boom (Cartoon)

    Yeah pretty much lol Knuckles is one of my all time favorite characters, partly because of the way he looks; his features and proportions are just visually appealing. Iizuka and the creators of this show just took a giant s*** on that, which is apparent just by his sillohoutte. I'm praying those character designs stay out of the comics and video games (of course I wouldn't be surprised if they did become the "new look", given that we're talking about Iizuka). I know they've just shown shadows, but Iizuka's "great ideas", plus the writer from My Little Pony, plus an animation studio whom hasn't even done a cartoon thats been popular, and plus the fact its on Cartoon Network (I personally besides Adventure Time haven't enjoyed a cartoon on that channel since Johnny Bravo, Ed, Edd & Eddy, Dexters Lab, etc. stopped airing; even with those, the newer episodes weren't all that great) equals a disaster waiting to happen. And I'm sure all of the collectibles based on the games will go away to make room for toys based on the show, which was exactly what happened with Sonic X. The last time I was nervous about sillohouttes Sega showed was for Lost World & they ended up being the Deadly Six...which ill leave it at that. This is just my opinion, I respect everyone else's. Sega has found a way to somewhat try to ruin the Sonic series at the peak of its popularity by trying to cash in on the series, and I just hope that this show isn't the beginning of making the series more "kid friendly" And doing just that. Just look at what Namco did to PAC Man, and that started with PAC Mans Ghostly Adventures being put on DisneyXD.
  2. Introduction Thread

    @midnightskye Ah, a Kirby fan! :D don't run into many people who care much for Nintendo around here. Welcome! This may be an odd questionto ask you, but which of the Kirby games are your favorite?
  3. Sonic Boom (Cartoon)

    SO...Apparently there is quite the rumor that a brand-new Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon is being made right now. It does not sound like it is a successor to any previous cartoon series (sorry, probably no to a continuation of SatAM or Underground). Here's a link to TSSZ, with all of the info: http://www.tssznews.com/2013/06/15/sega-launching-new-sonic-boom-cartoon/ Now, before clicking, just know that it has NOTHING to do with My Little Pony (thank god). The reasoning behind them using an image of that show is due to the fact that the writer who talked about the new Sonic series also worked on MLP (as well as apparently South Park). So, after reading the article, what does everyone think? It seems like a legitimate source; I mean, it isn't a 100% sure thing, but there's probably a 90% chance that this is real. I personally wouldn't be totally against a new Sonic cartoon. It would be a way for Sonic to get more exposure, and introduce a younger audience to Sonic. Plus, cartoons like Adventure Time have proven that a cartoon can appeal to older teens/adults just as much to kids. I'm a bit worried after Sonic X however. The show itself was great, but the 4Kids U.S. version seemed "dumbed" down quite a bit. And on top of that, nearly all Sonic merchandise was for the cartoon show; and being aimed at a younger audience, much of the Sonic X merchandise was more toy than collectible (There was virtually no merchandise for Heroes, Shadow, Sonic 06 and every other spin-off because all merch. were toys based on Sonic X, not the video games). The 4Kids version of Sonic X just seemed to make people consider Sonic was exclusively for a younger audience, and I hope that a new cartoon series would be handled differently than Sonic X. And please know, I liked Sonic X when I was younger, still have an interest in it and want to watch the original version (with subtitles obviously). I don't mean to bash it, my point being more towards the fact that the show took away focus from the video games in multiple ways.
  4. It errors? What exactly happens? I've gotten all 242 stars, so I might be able to help you, if you still have the game :D
  5. Sonic in the Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS

    Lol I was being sarcastic XD I know about Master Cheif; I own an Xbox 360 and am a huge Halo fan. By saying that Master Cheif has a better chance than Frieza, I was saying that since there's a 0 percent chance Master Chief will be in Smash Bros, there's even an less than zero percent chance (that's right, it's possible) that Frieza will be in it. BTW saw Olimar. Everyone seems to be missing the new level that goes along with his screenshots. Definitely a Pikmin stage, and if you look closely, you can see the ship that Alph, Brittany and Charlie crash-land in during the beginning of Pikmin 3 (obviously meaning the stage will be taken from the third Pikmin game). Plus I noticed Olimar just has the five Pikmin that he had in Brawl, not the new Rock or Flying Pikmin. So are the two new types a part of the stage (like in the background?), or is there a second, unlockable character from the Pikmin series that uses the two new Pikmin???
  6. Sonic in the Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS

    Yeah...Highly doubt he'll be in there...I think Master Chief has a better chance than him.
  7. Sonic in the Super Smash Bros WiiU/3DS

    Who is "Frieza"???
  8. General Trash

    Just ignore him, attention is what he wants; he'll be gone soon enough
  9. General Trash

    You know a person's a Poopty troll when: They have to tell people that they are actually a troll Very well! you're request of getting banned will very soon be fulfilled, so don't worry. If that's what you would like, then it shall be a win-win situation. Just next time try, think of something better ;)
  10. So, I get on this website and here how much Nintendo and Mario suck and are bland/boring. I go to Mario Party Legacy to vote on a Smash Bros. poll, and have to here how much Sonic sucks and how his games are crap. Am I the only one who loves both? And I grew up in the 90's, the height of those 2 companies "rivalry"!

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    2. Glider4


      haha. well I spose thats what you would expect. Though I can say that I'm not a Sonic Fanboy. I really don't own many Sonic games. Rayman pwns all XD

    3. Glider4


      Good to know I'm not the only rayman fan here. Rayman 2 was the first non educational game I played. Rayman 3 is by far one of my favorite platformers. It's just so funny and the levels are so alive

    4. Delicious echidna

      Delicious echidna

      totally right :3 along with max payne 2 (until i changed My pc, but soon...), it was always on my rig :3

  11. @neo metal sonic Using my iPhone and don't know how to reply to a specific person on here XD I mean, Galaxy 2 sold really well, got very high reviews (don't think it got lower than a 9 out of 10) and was a huge hit amongst Mario fans. However, it goes to show that everyone has different opinions; its fine that Mario simply isn't your thing. If its not interesting then that's cool; like I said, everyone has different tastes in games. =)
  12. Yeah, like I said, Modern Warfare 1 and 2 were great games, and black ops 2 is decent. My brother, who is a huge COD fan, traded in World at War, Black Ops and barely plays MW3. It just seems like everyone bought Modern Warfare because it was actually a great game, and now everyone buys any new COD game just because all of their friends buy it because of the name. The people who headed Modern Warfare 1 and 2's development are making Titanfall. Now THAT looks like it could be the game to finally beat and de-throne COD.
  13. Lol no I was just kidding about getting "riled up" :D And I can see that about Mario; with Sonic, Sega seems to always come up with something new, be it generally well accepted or not. The Mario Galaxy team has done a good job with keeping things fresh (even Galaxy 2, while a direct sequel, still felt new). New SMB, while I like, does seem to play it safe. I personally like that, but I can see why others do not. I really enjoy Colors still to this day, the bosses were very cool, just was disappointed at the difficulty level of the them I guess. Esp. the Nega Wisp Armor. It was such an awesome-looking boss, and Eggman was finally the final boss after how long of him being absent from a Sonic games' finale. But even on the first try, it seemed to be over so quickly due to the low difficulty level. Still a great game, and in my opinion the closest to having whatever the Genesis games that made them so great, if that makes sense. Of course lol :D That's a big if, but I would gladly do so :D
  14. Am i seriously like the only person on here who actually likes Mario? I mean, I know this is a Sonic website, but the series revolutionized video games twice over, something that as I much as I hate to admit, Sonic never did. The video game that would basically turn video games into an industry is Super Mario Bros. and the very first game that allowed players to control a character in a 3D space is Super Mario 64. And if you consider every game the same, try Mario Galaxy. Or Mario and Luigi: Bowser Inside Story. Or Mario Sunshine. Or Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. And Mario Kart 8 certainly doesn't look the same as any other MK game. And if you want to talk easy bosses, play Sonic Colors. ........ Alright, glad to get that out! XD lol. Enough venting, as I said before, you both have a different opinion, so lets just agree to disagree. This topic is about Sonic, after all; I tried to make a topic where we could avoid having discussions about how everyone thinks Mario and Nintendo sucks, as that gets me riled up XD No one will answer my COD question...
  15. Introduction Thread

    Hello there! My name is Th3AntiGuardian, though my real name is Robert H. (go by Bobby). I came up with my user name whenever Finitevus (my favorite character in the Sonic comics) was referred to being essentially the opposite of Knuckles (the Guardian). Anyway, I'm 20 and have lived in central Ohio all of my life. I was introduced to Sonic back when I was about 3 in 1996; my parents had a Sega Genesis, and beside playing Mickey's Magical Quest, we would play games like Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Mean Bean Machine and so on (my very first game was Sonic 3). I've grown up with Sonic games, and have collected/read the comics for over 8 years without missing a single issue. I've also been collecting video game merchandise(mainly Sonic), probably some of my nicest pieces being my First 4 Figures statues (I have Classic Super Sonic, Classic Metal Sonic, Classic Knuckles and Modern Sonic). I also love video game music and collect/ listen to CDs like Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Smash Bros, Bioshock and obviously alot of Sonic, my favorite being the Sonic Generations soundtrack. Beside Sonic, I also greatly enjoy nearly all Nintendo games (many I'm sure already know that lol) like Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pikmin, Metroid and so on (I'm living proof that even if you grew up in the 90s, you didn't have to pick between Sega or Nintendo. I went from a Genesis, to an N64, to a Dreamcast, and then finally back to Nintendo for Gamecube, Wii and Wii U). On top of that, I love Left 4 Dead, Halo, Gears of War, Resident Evil (specifically RE5) and especially Bioshock! Some of my non-video game interests include collegiate football, NBA basketball, and especially sketching (I'm hoping to become a professional artist and work for the Sonic comics) Here's my DeviantArt, though there's quite a bit of stuff on there that is quite old and I'm not as proud of as I used to be. I know I have a VERY long way to go before I can even come close to fulfilling my dream: http://th3antiguardian.deviantart.com/gallery/ That's about it for me! Great topic, looking forward to reading everyone's intros :) Oh and my all-time favorite character (video game or other wise) is Knuckles the Echidna! Although, my top 5 would include Omega, Silver, Metal Sonic and Eggman with Knuckles (in that order, from least favorite to most). My Xbox Live gamertag is Knuckles93, so send me a friend invite if you'd like; I'm not on a whole lot, but it would be great to have another Sonic fan on my friends list :) And if anyone has a 3DS or wii U, let me know; if you'd like, I'd be more than open to exchange friend codes with anyone! My Mii name on Wii U is Knuckles93 as well. Speaking of which, it would be kind of nice to have a thread somewhere, where everyone can exchange Wiiu or 3DS friend codes, steam IDs, Xbox gamertags and PSN IDs. Just a thought :D