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  1. JoeBlow added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    I'm still new here so tell me if I am out of line, but does anyone else wish that Archie didn't press the "reset" button and redo the story of the entire series? It feels cheap - like they didn't have any other ideas to do with the older storyline. There are probably other forms addressing this, but I feel, well, betrayed by an old friend... :(
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  2. JoeBlow added a post in a topic Sonic X (Comic Series)   

    Wish they could bring these back... My childhoon right here with the tv show.
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  3. JoeBlow added a post in a topic What kind of sonic the hedgehog comic ark would you like to see   

    Honestly, I personally think one about Nicoles backround would be very interesting, especially with Archie loving to do the future arcs, etc.. It would be great to get know more about her and her character's backround! Yeah, I'm a fan :)
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  4. JoeBlow added a post in a topic PS4 or Xbox One. Which did you buy? (or did you buy a Wii U)   

    PS4 - Just say'n! Love the graphics and games! <3
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