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    fandoms: Assassin's Creed, Sonic, BBC Sherlock, LOZ, Pokemon, (+plenty other fandoms)

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Hey there. You can call me Crescent.

At the moment I'm currently in university and am working my way towards a bachelor of arts. I'm hoping to one day become a writer whether that be as an author or writing the plots of games, shows, movies, whatever. I don't mind I just want to share stories.

Aside from writing and roleplaying, I'm also into quite a few other things such as Parkour. I'm currently going to the gym in order to strengthen up to learn the sport as well as some form of martial arts.

I'm also a cosplayer among other things. I do various photoshoots which I then upload to my DA account where I also post the Digital Art that I've drawn in the past. There is a lot to go over so I'm going to cut it short here and just write the rest under interests. Feel free to message me whenever!