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  1. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!   

    Possibly but didn't both Shadow and Lyric appear in the comics? Which kinds of puts things at odds with the 'game-exclusive' rule that you mentioned? I don't keep up with the show too much but I know I have seen this around before the latest episodes. If this is one of those "Different time, Different place" stories before the Boom!verse comic was established then my mistake. I admit I don't keep up with the Boom!verse as well as I do the main series though I do remember this being similar to the situation of Shadow being controlled from Shattered Crystal.

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  2. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!   

    True but a slight difference there would be that some people wouldn't be expecting much from Perci anyway. Given how much she is played down in the Boom!Verse. At the very least she would have been able to fight as a background character as opposed to cowering in the background and making quips about being useless. Haha
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  3. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!   

    What about characters like Perci? She made an appearance both in the game and the TV show. That, and her design is a little bit more memorable than Fastidious Beaver. She'd seem more interesting than the other characters they threw in with Sticks.
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  4. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    Every time you see shoddy anatomy for one of his characters, take a drink XD
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  5. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Ian Flynn want to write for the Sonic games   

    It would certainly be interesting if Flynn did end up writing the plot for one of the games in the future. Doesn't mean it would be good, since Video Games and comics are two very different mediums, but interesting for sure. I hadn't really cared much for the plot of a Sonic game since Unleashed, with a slight exception with Lost World, since while it wasn't the deepest of plots (Kinda mediocre actually) the interaction between sonic, Tails, and Eggman in that game was pretty entertaining. 
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  6. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    Now that...That would actually be hilarious as hell. I imagine you'd probably be able to make a few good drinking games from Pender's work. XD
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  7. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!   

    Sticks had a few good lines across the span of the comics but her 'sidekicks' were utterly useless. Maybe it's because I don't really follow Boom but I found the two of them to be boring and a waste of space. If they were going to bring other characters from the Boom!verse (aside from Boom!Sonic or the other members of the main cast in order to avoid confusion from character doubles) then they really should have had Sticks bring along someone else. Sticks, speaking of, was enjoyable to some extent though I felt the comics focused on her more than what they should have. Aside from the wall-breaking humor she didn't really represent the Boom!verse all that well.
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  8. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (2019 Movie)   

    If they could make a whole game to that quality, or at least the same feeling that the intro gave off, that would be amazing. 
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  9. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Wii U/3DS)   

    Ooooh. Looks like this could be fun. I'll probably just get it as a rental for the Wii U whenever friends come over. These titles always are most enjoyable with friends as a party game. 
    What version are you guys leaning towards?
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  10. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (3ds)   

    Sadly even if SEGA picks themselves off the ground for this game and it does turn out good, it's likely to sell poorly simply because it's Sonic Boom. With the reputation the franchise has after Rise of Lyric most people probably won't want to give this game so much as a chance. The trailer for this game didn't exactly fill me with confidence either...Just left me wondering why this game is even going to exist.
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  11. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Games that had an impact on you   

    In recent years the game that left the most impact on me will have to be Assassin's Creed 2.

    It's what got me into the series, drove me to cosplay as Ezio (which is how I met a ton of friends in the Assassin's creed guild) and got into the art of Parkour.
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  12. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!   

    Agreed. Additionally the main comics already have their form of "comedic forth wall breaking character" in Bean the Duck, who I actually find much more enjoyable actually. It's probably how he's written and comes off as a little less hyperactive than Sticks, though he's by no means passive. That said, I would love to see a meeting between Sticks and Bean (more as a brief off panel or something of that nature) where maybe he calls her a try hard or they complain that the other is trying to rip off or copy their gig. 

    I will admit though that I did get a small giggle from her interaction with Main verse Sonic and Knuckles in that one issue.
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  13. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Weird and funny comic moments   

    Funny comic moments? Without a doubt Bean's Logic in the battle between Team Hooligan and the Chaotix and how everyone just stops for a moment, thinks it through and then is immediately ashamed. That was just golden.
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  14. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Shard's Fate?   

    I'm hoping they did keep him after the reboot however I did read this on the Mobius encylopedia which has me thinking he may not.

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  15. Crescent-Wings added a post in a topic Sonic and Tails age in Archie Comic (post-Super Genesis wave)   

    To be honest, I kinda prefer them rectoning Charmy's age after the genesis wave compared to how the writers caused Charmy to lose some of his sanity to "amend" the fact they had made him much older than he was supposed to be. Even Flyn admitted he wished he hadn't gone about it the way he had.
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