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  1. Danny Felixe added a post in a topic Mega Man (Comic Series)   

    It's a good thing they did, because I didn't understand half the things going on with Mega Man, so I looked back through the Mega Man comics before the crossover
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  2. Danny Felixe added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    Still wont tell me much of what will happen. If there is a picture of a deroboticised Sally, then I can guess what happens to her, otherwise I don't know.
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  3. Danny Felixe added a post in a topic Sonic X (Comic Series)   

    I guess that makes sense too
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  4. Danny Felixe added a post in a topic Which was your favourite Sonic Universe arc so far? (If you read it)   

    3: Treasure Team Tango - Bean and his bomb are my reason. He looked so sad when his bomb went out

    2: Tie between Chaotix Quest and Scourge - So emotional in the Chaotix Quest and Scourge really has me worried, two plans for one Scourge and Dr Finnevitus

    1: Silver Saga -Those prelates were AWESOME. Just wished I could see a Sonic one and a Tails one. Big surprise was seeing Blockbuster (or the alternate version of Bark) talk.
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  5. Danny Felixe added a post in a topic Sonic Universe (Comic Series)   

    I heard somewhere that SU issue 50 was going to show the ending of Sonic Underground but was then changed to Metal Sonic.

    Blaze appeared in SU issue 1 with Shadow and Marine the raccoon. Hope Marine annoys sonmeone to the point where they go crazy. She would get on very well with Bean in my opinion.

    As for Bean and Bark. It seems to have been ages since I last saw them along with Nack. Makes me wonder what their up to. Hmm...
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  6. Danny Felixe added a post in a topic Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)   

    It has plagued me to find out what has happened to Sally and to discover the true evil behind the Tails Doll. I want to find out now! Why does it have to take so long for the issues to come out :(
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  7. Danny Felixe added a post in a topic The Differences between the American Archie comics and British Fleetway comics   

    Main differences I can think of is Super Sonic, who is my favourite villain in the comics, the lack of freedom fighters (I can only think of seven who have been freedom fighters at all) and the fact that Sonic has no love life like he does in Archie comics.

    I do wish I could see more of evil Super Sonic.
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  8. Danny Felixe added a post in a topic Sonic X (Comic Series)   

    For a good comparison, you could read the issue where they appear together. Don't remember which one it was, but it was interesting to see them together.

    For me, Robotnik has the edge for being able to fully roboticise most of a planet, whereas in Eggman's old world he only partially roboticised some of the Mobians including Sonic and the freedom fighters. If Robotnik and Eggman were in a fight without Shadowbots or Swatbots to help, I would say Robotnik would win
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  9. Danny Felixe added a post in a topic Comics - When worlds collide   

    Enjoying crossover. Only major annoyance was when I visited a wiki page a couple of weeks ago to find out the date STH 249 was out, I found the whole storyline on the website so I found out all about Vector, Espio and Charmy's derobotization before the comic had even gotten out. Could be more action with Sonic which I started reading the comics to see, but otherwise I guess things are okay.
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  10. Danny Felixe added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    Yesterday, Icame on to this beloved website to find I wasn't allowed on it. I had been on several times previously and brought my knowledge of sonic from almost nothing to lots. I went on this website all the time and was so annoyed when I saw the notice. But I realized that it was worth it to see all the sonic comics so now I have. I would really suggest doing it. You can see so much on here and the sign up is so easy. This website has done so much for you to view the comics for free. Give back something by registering to the site. :)
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