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  1. Sonic Star added a post in a topic Ken Penders Topic...   

    Gotta loooove that bad pun! Diva-isnous? Really? I couldn't even tell that was honestly a pun until someone pointed it out to me!

    This guy just sinks lower and lower. First, he tore the comics apart in a legal dispute that, while giving us an incredible reboot I don't think anyone could be against, took away some beloved characters. I for one, really loved Lara-Su as a character. Now? He's just torn what I love about her to shreds. (And for the record, she was MUCH better while Ian was writing her. Now? He'll never be able to write her like she should be again.)

    That's not even touching what else he's done to the other characters I knew from the comics... Dimitri and Lien-Da... *shutters* Ugh...

    Oh yeah. And he lives in the early 90's, too. Anybody else catching that?
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  2. Sonic Star added a post in a topic Favorite One-Shot Character?   

    Nah; she's not really a one-shot character. She's been in other off-panels before, and she originated from at least two episodes of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. The off panels just keep her alive. xD

    My favorite one-shot character, though; has to be Chip from Unleashed. Yeah, there's a lot of more unfortunate characters that have less screen-time than Chip,

    The comics are using Chip while they can, though. So. At least I get to see him again for a little while. ;u;
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  3. Sonic Star added a post in a topic Which was your favourite Sonic Universe arc so far? (If you read it)   

    There's a lot of arcs I enjoyed! But my favorite I think goes to the Silver Saga. I remember being on the edge of my seat when I read that one, and it definitely left me guessing! The Prelates were so cool, too! Wish we could've seen Sonic as one... Runner-up favorites go to Scrambled/Eggman Arc and the 30 Years Later arc for sure.

    Favorite issue as a whole goes to the Transformed comic. THAT COMIC AS A WHOLE WAS BEAUTIFUL. And if I was asked to say why I'd have to re-read it, and I'd leave you guys an essay. Don't wanna do that, so. Yeah. Just the Transformed issue. <3
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  4. Sonic Star added a post in a topic Sonic X   

    I like portions of Sonic X. It's a really interesting show and so Chris can get pretty annoying, but he's pretty realistic when you look at how some people would be when they have someone who can be their friend literally fall out of the sky one night when they've spent the majority of their life without anyone that ISN'T hired to look after him or family.

    You'd cling to them, too. But my main problem with him is in Season 3, he didn't grow up at all.

    But funny thing is, Season 3's my favorite overall since it had much more story and definitely showed the show's potential.

    After that, I can definitely see how you guys want a Season 4. That's be awesome! But... I doubt it. Oh well.
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  5. Sonic Star added a post in a topic Introduction Thread   

    Yo! My name's Sonic, and it's probably obvious that it's an alias, but I'd prefer to be called just that. I'm 18 years old, and I live in the USA! So unfortunately that's the only language I speak. xD Sorry. Sonic's a series that I love with all of my heart -- and the comics are my second-favorite continuity. First and foremost being the games that started it all!

    I'm not the type to have a job, and I haven't fallen into society's drilling that I've GOT to have one yet, so hopefully I'll keep the massive amount of spare time I have that way! And even though, again -- I have a lot of time on my hands, I'm frequently busy with things in real-life and online. But oh well. I love life anyway!

    I'm aromatic, but I don't really see how saying sexuality things matters. //shrugs.

    Roleplaying's my main hobby, but my others are art, fanfiction and making AMVs. All they are are hobbies and I have no real intent to take them up as a profession or anything -- especially I'm nothing but an amateur at all three. But maybe I'll show my work around here sometime. Who knows!

    I'm glad this site exists for many reasons -- the comics are a massive blessing for me since I don't and can't get every issue imaginable, and I want to stay up to date. The other reason is that the art gallery of official art is a joy to go through and see every single piece of artwork from any game ever. It's just awesome! This site provides a lot of awesome things so I'm glad to join. I'm excited to try and be part of the community on this forum!

    So, hello! And I'll see you guys sometime later around here! ^^
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  6. Sonic Star added a post in a topic Regarding the comics   

    Gotta come clean -- I signed up to keep browsing the comics. It was free and lowers the traffic, so it helps, right? Especially since I can't get every single issue and I do wanna stay up to date.

    But even without that, this looks like an awesome community so far -- so I'm proud to be here with or without 'em!

    Hope to see you guys around the board soon!
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