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  1. Bah finals coming up too many... ugh... lazy... must not procrastinate... XO

    1. BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      I didn't study for any of my finals, not even for high school! I also slept 90% of my classes away and still passed! Lucky or smart? You decide!

    2. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      Whoa! I think the only subject I could do that for is maths. But I wouldn't do that well and my maths teacher would be pretty grumpy with me if I did

    3. Lena Stan Account

      Lena Stan Account

      My finals are TOO NEAR and everyday we have A GOD DarnED TEST.

  2. What web browser do you use

    Chrome all day everyday I would never use another browser again unless I was forced to then it would be firefox. :D
  3. What operating system do you use

    Windows 7 was my favorite then I got use to Windows 8 and I don't want to let go. Only thing I hate about it is when something opens up in a Full Screen Windows 8 Window but I have manged to set everything to not do that so I have no more problems. :D
  4. What viewer (Adobe, Soda, etc.) do you use?

    When watching comics on my computer I just use C.B.R viewer on my phone I use a app called Perfect Viewer :)
  5. Sonic Boom (The game)

    Redesigns are ok as long as they don't overwrite the main look in the future. I can't wait to see how this game is going to be :D
  6. Ken Penders Topic...

    Sucks how this all happened I going to miss some of these guys. :( Oh well I like how its going so far as I am not a very picky reader and very few things disappoint me :D
  7. Bah I swear I am going to throw my router out the window D:<. I keep on getting disconnected from the internet constantly (usually near dusk at especially at night) as something is interfering with the range now and then. Q_Q I tried to get the company to help me solve my problem but apparently there is someone else router keeps coming on the same channel or whatever its called and is interfering with my routers range and there is nothing I can do about it but try to change the channel t...

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    2. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      So... Many... Words! O_O

      Anyway, I've noticed that electronics haven't been working well for anyone recently but they don't last too long it seems. So hope your problem is sorted soon

    3. BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      BrayPlays (Formerly CyDra)

      So many words! Cy Dra can't words! Anyhoo, I had the same problem, so I had my provider provide me with a new router and everything was peachy!

    4. Snowflake


      I know right, I didn't notice how much is was until I posted it... Wish I could write that much on my essays XP

  8. Finally finish reading all the Mega Man comics and all the Sonic comics and now I am at the point were there is nothing to do but wait for the next one to come out Q_Q.

    1. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      You done both Archie and Freeway? When I finished them both I watched the cartoons

    2. Skye Prower

      Skye Prower

      Then you could play all the games! ;-p

  9. Last to post wins v3.0

    Well then speed king I will be taking back my victory now thanks for holding it for me. :3
  10. Last to post wins v3.0

    Likewise you've lost to Snowflake the Glaceon. >:3
  11. Last to post wins v3.0

    Yes we can take you on. >:3
  12. Last to post wins v3.0

    Freeze my way to the lead! >:3
  13. Top 3 best Sonic games by your opinion.

    My Top three are Sonic Adventure Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Unleashed
  14. Ban the above poster

    Banned for being poison type. >:3
  15. Last to post wins v3.0

    Your free trial of winning has expired but mine is still going. :3