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  1. Top Ten/Favourite Characters

    So, I had been thinking about asking this for a while, but now that I've finally remembered to actually do it, I can now ask what's your favourite characters and why? It can be a top ten, or just any random number (I've actually got a top eleven :P ). I'd list mine here, long with reasons, but I'll do that when I've got more time on my hands.
  2. I swear, as soon as I get back from France, I'm going full steam ahead in read STC once and for all.  I've seen too many people talk about it for me to continue being oblivious.

    1. Danny Felixe

      Danny Felixe

      Quite the challenge. Good luck ;)

    2. Chapmic


      Quite the challenge indeed, as some side stories are out of order in comparison to the main plot. For example, you can have a main story where sonic get stuck in the special zone for a couple issues, and yet have a Tails story where he's still on Mobius, without any "This story takes place before..." like Archie did. My STC chronological edit wasn't easy to make, as the timeline i found to help me didn't take account of this. Issues 97 to 99 were a nightmare with the overlapping stories.

    3. HyperMetal50


      I'll take a look at the timeline.  Chronological reading is always something I get more enjoyment out of.

  3. Sonic Universe (Comic Series)

    Yeah, it's been a long while since I was legitimately surprised by a turn of events in the comic.  The Shamar story did have one, but it wasn't a game changer, just a fun new form of the status quo.  It's probably one of my few complaints about Dozen (aside from the frequently off looking panels Adam Bryce Thomas brings us), with the whole thing playing out rather predictably.  It's not a deal breaker, it's just lacking in fun twists and turns. Sidenote: Archie needs to get on the blower to Google about this preview mess up.
  4. Future issues of Sonic the hedghog

    Another big appearance from Eclipse would make me happy.  After the events of Total Eclipse, I'm really excited what direction he'll take.  I'd say Mighty and Ray, but they're confirmed to be reappearing in March with Knuckles.  I'd also be very happy if we saw some more emphasis on Metal Sonic's character, considering the little snippets of sentience we've seen dotted throughout his appearances.
  5. Archie may be selling the rights

    That was just him guessing.  A former writer Archie's Sonic book that has  had nothing to do with their business for years (except for the reboot) saying that the company possibly being sold is not fact, but some small speculation that may (likely even) not even be true.  Besides, Penders has been known for bringing a bit of scaremongering to Sonic fans.
  6. Ken Penders Topic...

    Yeah, I can agree on that front, but it doesn't halt the fact that he's been deliberately vague just to get on Sonic fans' nerves.  He may have the right to that money and Archie may not be a likeable company, but that doesn't stop the man from being so unbearably irritating.
  7. Ken Penders Topic...

    I want to point out what others have said elsewhere, that it hasn't got anything to do with Sonic, but actually something about new reprints of other comics from this 90's Impulse line.  I think we can breath easy with this one.  And even if it were to do with Sonic, I highly doubt he'd have enough evidence to really win. 
  8. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    For the moment I'm on the fence on whether this is lesser than Worlds Collide.  Act 1 was better (despite Shoening's hit and miss art) and I loved the surprise of Gemerl guest starring in this event.  The Battles stuff has been fun (really liked the Mega Man/Deadly 3 fight) and the preview for the next one look even better.  However this second act has been kind of drab.  Just simple battling with very uninteresting artwork that doesn't jazz it up at any time.  Not to mention some have pointed out how much less humorous this is compared to the last one.  To an extent Worlds Unite isn't quite as good, but at times it can be better.  I don't know, I guess I'll just hold out hope Tyson Hesse's third act can turn this whole thing around and blow my mind.
  9. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    Every now and again a moment in a story completely blindsides me and Gemerl is one of those moments.  Terrific he's finally here.
  10. Sonic Boom (Comic Series)

    Man, I am loving that Diana Skelly cover.  Really compliments how the crossover is over and it's time to get back to business.  Weird really, since this is first time a Boom cover was better than STH and SU's :P
  11. Sonic the Hedgehog (Comic Series)

    Really interested in the premise of the back-up story.  Maybe Metal gets a bit more character development.  After all...
  12. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    Sounds like a lot of the same, but still, it should be a fun three months to enjoy.  What I'm hoping is that we can see more video game comics being made (depending on the sale success of course).  The finale seems a little too obvious, but at least the stakes sound a little higher, so I'm not too disheartened by the familiarity.  Although I am a little bummed Ristar and Vectorman never made the cut.
  13. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    That bald variant is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen...
  14. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    Well, I don't think a lawyer would fit well with where this crossover is going.  Besides, he's make this 12 part epic a 1 part funny by taking the villains to court :P
  15. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    Looks sort of what a Mega Tyrantrum would look like :P
  16. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    But what about Beat, VectorMan, Aiai and Ristar?  On an0ther note, what the flip is that thing in the background? O_O
  17. Sonic Runners (2015, Smartphone)

    That, err, was quicker than I thought.  Kind of surprised it was this early for it.  Hopefully it can fair better that Sonic Boom.
  18. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    I know, I was just spitballing some names.  Sadly I don't know many other Capcom ones.
  19. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    Probably something from Monster Hunter, maybe Aiai from Super Monkey Ball, VectorMan (which I'm really hoping for) Vyse from Skies of Arcadia and maybe Opa Opa from Fantasy Zone.
  20. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    Oh, that would be Capcom.  Same for Red Arremer.
  21. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    I only just looked up Okami and my god, its visuals are true art!  Plus the concept of some fire wolf goddess is just awesome :P    No surprise NiGHTS is here, although I've never seen Red Arremer and Tyris before.  Guess Worlds Unite will be a sort of retro games history lesson.
  22. Sonic Universe (Comic Series)

    That variant would make the greatest game box art...  But yeah, I think putting the WU covers in the WU thread is the best option, considering this almost separate enough to being a mini-series.
  23. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    Wait, so if Ifrit is A-OK to use, then does this mean Sega's finally loosened the leash on Nega?
  24. Sonic & Mega Man: WORLDS UNITE?!

    A commercial failure?  Not by a long shot in my opinion.  The primary reason they're making this is how Worlds Collide was such a rip roaring success.  I know the time gap between these two isn't much, but that won't stop fans flocking like birds to read Worlds Unite be it good or bad.
  25. Ken Penders Topic...

    Whoever sued first doesn't change that fact that Penders is not exactly the nicest guy in the world.  I admit Sega and Archie made some pretty bad reactions to what he did, but he fails to get my sympathy after hearing all the stories from his Archie day and beyond.  An example?  Well for starters he says he has never read any of the comic under Ian Flynn's pen.  A reason for this is probably because he think fans shouldn't write for the comic.  Oh, and he adamantly claims to have never played a single Sonic game, explaining why his stories were some of the most un-Sonic-ish stories I've ever read.